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Feb 11, 2019,
Registered user

Hugosway customer service is terrible they will not refund your funds even once mt4 platform freezes you have to wait and your account will go in the negative because you can't close it and they will not refund you your funds and this do to them updating mt4 and they do it quite often so if your account is active while they are updating mt4 they will not refund you your money because you cannot stop it in the system starts completely over maybe three hours or four hours before your trade starts so whatever chart you're on if you're on the hour chart it will go back 3 hours and start you over again
Reply by hugosway submitted Feb 13, 2019:
Hi Unique,

I have tried to find your name in the system but cannot, What you have stated is untrue at Hugo's way our policy is if there is every a technical error we will always refund the client to break even or honor their take profit which ever is more beneficial to the client.

Sometimes technical errors happen, sometimes its our server problem and sometimes its an external liquidity provider such as Bitfinex, its unfortunate and unavoidable but what sets us apart is how we resolve these issues for our clients after the fact.

I would be happy to personally review any issues you had if you can email me robert@hugosway.com