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Review for BlueberryMarkets.com

South Africa, South Africa,
Aug 12, 2019,
Registered user

Definitely different from any other trading company

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I can not go into detail of what Blueberry market did for me as I am sure it can not be done for everyone. But I was upset about something that happened which was stated in the terms and conditions, but I did not expect it. When I reported this, Ben Clay went out of his way to fix my problem. I am so very greatful and now I give Blueberry markets a 5 star rating without any hesitation as they clearly stand out head and shoulders above other trading companies. Will support you guys as long as I possibly can. Thank you!
Reply by Blueberry_Markets submitted Apr 29, 2020:
Thank you, ElizeVenter! We will support you as well as long as you're with us. :)

Hanna A. | CS Lead | Blueberry Markets

Review for ForexTime.com

South Africa,
Apr 26, 2019,
Registered user

Don't believe their "BONUS" trick. Because that is all it is, a TRICK to make you deposit money. Then they take the bonus back.

Stay away. They give you a 30% "BONUS" when you deposit money, only to take it away again if you do not trade enough according to them. Then its not a "BONUS", its a bloody loan and nothing else.

I am very dissappointed and would not recommend them to anyone. They are only in this for themselves but will make you believe they are the best out there. I think they are the worst.
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Reply by ForexTime (FXTM) submitted May 2, 2019:
Dear ElizeVenter, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your experience with FXTM. We want to assure you that it is not our intention to disappoint our clients and as with all our promotions, we clearly label the terms and conditions of which you must read and agree to before entering the promotion.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our official customer support team. Alternatively, get in touch with your personal Account Service manager.

Thank you, your FXTM Team.

Review for ForexSignals.com

Pretoria, South Africa,
Mar 11, 2019,
Registered user

No entering for your "FREE" week without giving them your credit card details.....mmmmmm.

I smell scam all over this. I wanted to get my "FREE" week without giving banking details, but they just will not give that to you. Why? Why do they need my banking details if your first seven days are REALLY free? If I then do not pay they can just take me off?

I asked several times, but you can not enter if they do not have your banking details. What if I cancel day 7 but they still deduct that amount from my bank? I would lost that money and be stranded.

Come on guys, if the first week is really free without any obligation, treat it as such.

This make me really suspect you of a huge scam. I would stay away!!
Reply by ForexSignals.com submitted Mar 15, 2019:
We require payment details should you wish to continue after the FREE 7-Day Trial. In which case we would automatically charge you on the 8th day.

All of this is made very clear and is in plain English on the checkout page.

If you do not wish to continue as a paid member you can simply cancel your subscription and you will not be charged a cent.

Again, this is all made crystal clear on the checkout page and is on accordance to the terms with PayPal and Stripe (the payment systems we use and two of the largest trusted payment systems in the world).

This process of offering a 7-Day free trial that requires payment details first is not dissimilar to most subscription based businesses online. It's merely a way of making your experience seamless from trial to a full-member (should you wish to continue - which is optional). It also prevents abuse and disruption within the trading room from those who are serious about trading and those who are not.

To date, we have provided thousands of free 7-Day trials in exactly the same way as outlined above.

To suggest we're a scam because of this is illogical and simply false.

Should you have any further doubts beyond this response, please get in contact with PayPal or Stripe so they can confirm what we have outlined here as confirmation.