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Gooik, Belgium,
Oct 22, 2019,
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Very professional company

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I am currently in the final Verification stage. My trading style improved a lot thanks to FTMO. I went through different challenges where I learned a lot . The trading objectives are very acceptable, but to meet the trading objectives I especially learned to trade in a very diciplined way - this was my missing link : Focus, Risk/Reward, no overexposure, no revenge, respect the trend, always stop loss, etc... FTMO has a very clear website and client area with advanced tools and statistics. I can recommend FTMO to any trader who is interested to improve his trading and who is finally looking to get funded.

Mar 12, 2019 - No Rating I successfully completed the Challenge and I will start soon with my verification process. Up to now I had a fantastic experience with FTMO and a look forward to become a FTMO funded trader. FTMO is offering the best profit split available on the market.

First of all about the trading itself, during the challenge(s) you learn to be very focussed and diciplined, and to apply a very strickt money and risk management while trading. This is the most important requirement to meet the trading objectives.

In general, communication, website and reporting are very clear and straightforward. The customer service is excellent and quick.

I would recommend FTMO to any traders looking to get funded.