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Review for HugosWay.com

Bellevue,WA., USA,
Mar 20, 2019,
Registered user

Hugosway.com Did Not treat me properly(26) Trades that I did Not Place were on my Account.

I am "wishing"that is was a Misunderstanding..But..Hugosway.com Did not do good by Me. I am a Retail Forex Trader the Kind that is Up all Night Trading Acc#2132598981. I trade Blessings EA>.01 Lots.. I also have Harmonic_7 Software..I use the Knight Fire Tool/Script to Enter the trades.. I Need Leverage, as I Hedge Trades..I was Entering my trades in Groups of 3 to balance Previous Trades Entered.. You Know how Yours WATCHES the Platform in REAL Time for HOURS, then Yours See's all the Moves.. Only Way to Trade.. I Entered 3>1lot Trades for the GBP/USD Pair from a SCRIPT..the damned Platform Kept on Adding Trades Until I Feared a MARGIN CALL, so what did I do. .Cutt off the Platform,and Began to Delete those Extra Live trades..All happened very Fast.. I Submitted EVERY TRADE NUMBER to Support..Those ONLY BULLS****ED ME..before the Mishap I had a Bal of 1117.00 After (26) trades were Deleted Bal_983.00, is a 134.00 Loss!! It Happened FAST, Had I not Locked the Platform,I would have No Account at all.. I Explained Everything, Recorded EVERY TRADE.. Now Mind Yours these trades were ENTERED with a Script, not by an EA..Blessings was Trading Both Ways,but ONLY>.01 Lots.. I have Every Trade..Will Enclose Info Here, Because when Yours is Chatting those are BULL*****ING!! Trade number's as Follows(991418605, 91418646, 91418656, 91618667, 91418679, 91418692, 91418698, 91418710, 91418705, 91418732, 01418751, 91418754, 91418770, 91418775, 91418784, 91418791, 91418797, 01418804, 91418813, 91418823, 91418831, 91418836, 91419065, 91419067, 91418842) These are All the Trades_total Lost is 134.00. You Know how when Yours is Awake Trading All Night, Yours Looks at Your Account Balance Often Every Time Yours Earn's.. Yours Looks at the Account Balance.. Had I Not taken Immediate Action, It would have been a "MARGIN CALL" an Oh S*** Moment!! Please recover my Funds.. I had a bal after Loss of 983.00 I Kept on trading Until I had a balance of_1017.5c+ The 134.00 Restored to me, is an Account balance of_1,151.00.No One that Stays Awake All Night Trading wants to be "SCAMMED!!" That was my EARNINGS for the Night/Day.. In Person/Via Chat, those were Not Good at All!! Account Number is Included, and (26 trade#'s Also Included) I DID NOT DO THAT S***, IF I DID, I WOULD TAKE THE LOSS, THOSE EMPLOYEE's New it. Said Mr.Mason reviewed those Trades.. BULLS*** as HELL!! All my Sincere Love, jimmy:) James A. Pegues Jr..Forex is How I Earn my Living..I am SERIOUS About It.. Never Cheat the Broker, that is the Mean's by Which Yours Earn's a LIVING!!