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Manila, Philippines,
Jul 12, 2019,
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One of the best brokers around

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Let me start by saying I have been trading for about 5 years now and I have been with a lot of brokers mostly in the US.

I had that worry that brokers outside the US would either be a scam or manipulated. Until I finally decided to research for brokers and found the great ones to be in either UK or Australia. And that's when I found Blueberry Markets and took the plunge and signed up.

What sets Blueberry Markets from the other brokers I've been with is how you can fund your account - they accept VISA/Mastercard and it was fast like how you do online shopping! Well, they do have the traditional bank transfer too.

Ben Clay called me up to help me setup my account and even catered my request that my leverage be set at 1:50 (their account portal's minimum is 1:100). That said, their account portal is their weakpoint as it does not have all the bells and whistles of other big brokers. Like I cannot create a sub-account of my own and move money within those sub-accounts. But I believe given time - that may change.

The best thing about them is the execution - important if you have a lot of EAs running.

I have deployed the exact EA to Blueberry Markets account in MT4. The same EA is running in my old US Broker (let's call them broker A). My VPS server is located in New Jersey and both MT4's for Broker A and Blueberry sits in the same VPS server. Ping of Broker A is 62ms, Ping of Blueberry is 168ms. Both EA bought EURGBP with .03 lots with Broker O executing it a bit earlier (split second) with just a 1 point difference in price. However, I was dismayed when the EA both exited the positions (at a lost unfortunately). Blueberry exited the whole .03 BUT...Broker O exited only .02 leaving .01 lot behind to suffer a greater losses. Connections for both brokers has been checked and I have not found any anomaly.

And another bad thing about Broker O - since they are in the US, my EAs cannot have Long and Short positions at the same time on the same instrument stating "Hedging is not allowed" error. BlueBerry Markets allows hedging!

So after 5 months with Blueberry - I can happily say I have already doubled my initial deposit so I would be staying with them. Though I can't comment yet on the speed/efficiency of withdrawals but will update this review accordingly when that time comes.