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London, United Kingdom,
Jul 25, 2019,
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SCAM long game

Service use: Other

Length of use: 6-12 Months

After being shown the potential profits from a friends account, i was introduced to the account Manager. He seemed very knowledgable and claimed he used to be a Forex ~trader and that the real way of making money in these days, is crypto trading.
They draw you in by many means, allowing you to make substantial withdrawals after ascertaining your future deposits by asking you many questions about your investments and financial stability. Plus showing you amazing profits.
They draw up a believable investment plan for you and regularly call you to update you and to get you to borrow money to put into your trading account which they manage.
They also encourage you to open a Coinbase account to make deposits easier and then for you to buy bitcoin and transfer it to Cryptoallday to hold in your wallet, which they will sell soon after and claim to put it into your trading account. They don't they probably put it into their account.
After a few months they send you screenshots of an amazing opportunity in the market and claim that many clients are signing up to get more profits and you should do the same. After which they show some profit and then go completely silent about this and talk about the next one.
Then to finish you off they bring in a so called super trader who claims to super charge your account and make over 30% on you account and will try everything to help you take out bank loans, credit card and to cash in your pension. I did two out of the three.
Then to change your life for the worse they will prevent you from making any withdrawals for the month while they trade your account upwards, which they are not doing as their trading account is fake and no trades have or will ever be placed. Then you get a load of messages and phone calls claiming a MARGIN CALL and that your account is in danger of being wiped out .
They then claim it is your fault that the trade went wrong because you were greedy in making them trade with more risk to make more money which is ironic as it is them that suggested increasing the risk to make more money.
For me they tried to see if i could put 25K in and they would put 25K of the companies money to trade back your losses. I call B******* on that as they are just trying to get the last drop of money out of you. They have no heart or soul.
Avoid them at all costs.