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Yishun, Singapore,
Sep 3, 2019,
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A reliable and honest forex broker

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Initially, when I read so many good reviews regarding Blueberry Markets broker performance, I am rather skeptical about the good ratings. Yet, I realize that the number of feedback are quite significant and do not confined to the same continent (Australia). Somehow, this broker crossed my path when I was shortlisting some Australian forex brokers as a backup to my current broker which was in the process of migrating their overseas clients from ASIC regulated accounts in Australia to CIMA regulated accounts in Cayman islands.

3 brokers were shortlisted: Axis Trader, Global Prime and Blueberry Markets. At the end of the day, I have chosen Blueberry Markets as my 2nd forex brokers in Australia based on the following reasons:

1) I was served by a senior sales executive for opening a demo trading account on 29th May 2019. I have a lot queries especially regarding the differences between ECN and non-ECN accounts. He would take great patience to answer and clarify all my doubts through email and by phone. The service I received from other brokers in Australia, Singapore, London and Cyprus pale in comparison to the one I receive from him based on demo trading account criteria.

2) His customer-oriented service remains consistent when I switch to live trading on 9th July 2019. He seems to know how to draw a fine line as to when to render me good support when I need the most and when to leave me alone when I no longer need his help. One point worth commending is that he often offers very flexible and practical solution/suggestions regarding how to get the most profit by taking the initiative to absorb the administrative cost associated with fund remittance or by suggesting broker to broker fund transfer if such an options are available with the other brokers.

When I request his help to open multiple currencies trading accounts for example, he would get it done efficiently within 10 mins although there is a time lag of a few hours due to the difference in time zone between Singapore and Australia. While other account managers/sales executives from other brokers try to complicate matters, he only simplifies it so that you can focus on your trading instead of getting frustrated dealing with all the unnecessary administrative work. His good follow-up skills ensure that all the loose-end are well taken care of and you don’t have to waste time entertaining it.

Thanks to his excellent support and recommendation of using low spread ECN Professional trading account , my USD and SGD denominated accounts have been growing steadily with positive returns since I started trading live in July.

3) Recently, I have tried withdrawing funds using credit card method. I am pleasantly surprise to learn that the fund was transfer to my account the following day as per what their website claim. Another point worth highlighting is that funds deposit takes less than a minute using credit card method. Trade execution is normally fast and the spread is observed to be low most of the time except during the initial few hours when Australian market trading hour starts.

Frankly speaking, I have worked with a number of forex brokers from different parts of the world and it is rare to have one who has excelled with high score in every aspect you would consider very important (customer service, reliability, ease of fund deposit/withdrawal ….etc.). Although you can never find one broker that is perfect, this broker is second to none. I am convinced that this is a broker that really wants you to succeed.

If you are skeptical about my review, you are welcome to give their demo account a try and assess how excellent their service are.
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Reply by Blueberry_Markets submitted Apr 24, 2020:
I can’t even begin to explain how much your review meant to us. Thank you so very much, patguay! We will continue to delight you as much as we can!

Hanna A. | CS Lead | Blueberry Markets