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United States, USA,
Sep 13, 2019,
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Not Many Options for US Residents

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I trade crypto and gold. Being that I am in US I do not have many options and the brokers are limited. I have not had enough issues that make me completely leave this broker. There has been slippage and compared to some of the others the spreads are crazy but I just factor that into my trading style. I would definitely stay away from scalping as the spreads are already very large and jump up pretty quick during volitility and stop loss hunting. I have had no issues with deposits and withdraws have been quick for me which is why I am still giving them a chance. Customer service is not that responsive in solution but they will respond quickly with what seems like scripted responses due to hearing the same concerns multiple times.

Due to the fast deposits and withdraws I would recommend them and as long as you can adjust your trading style to consider what issues they have then this is a great broker to trade with. There seems to be issues with most offshore brokers so you work with what you can.