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SEOUL, Korea, Republic of,
Dec 7, 2019,
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AgimatTradingSystem is immoral.

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2019.11.30 I'm paid Agimat FX. But I did not receive a licence and software.
2019.12.02 I sent a mail not to buy. But Agimat-trading-system charged me.

This is email :
Order id : 628332163(247589)
I sent a mail saying cancel my purchase. You read it. I don't receive program and don't want to use it.
Why did you charge me?

2019.12.06 I received a mail.

We have sent you a ton of time emails about your issue.
You kindly “should” check your spam folder, too.
After purchase you have “NOT” registered your license, meaning you have “NOT” read the email you’ve got after purchase.

If you are not able, for what reason ever, to read your email then please provide your MT4 ID via replying “THIS” email.

Then we finally can issue a license for you.

Regarding refund policy:



There is no refund in the e-mail, only to register the MT4 id. I want to cancel the payment. The Agimat-Trading-System tries to extort my money just by paying.
I received no service from Agiamt-Trading-System.
I can apply for a software purchase and cancel it without receiving it.
That is common sense.

Nov 17, 2019 - No Rating https://www.myfxbook.com/members/fxtechgroup/agimat-fx-2020-trading-system/3394386

Eurusd on November 4 is -41%. Is there no stop loss? Is this right now?
If true, isn't it dangerous?

Also, when I comment a question on Facebook, he immediately delete it. This is evidence that the Agimat developer is not truly true to the user and does not communicate. Eventually I posted to the FPA. If he wants to communicate and truly explains the trading results of November 4th, I will purchase this EA as my first EA.

Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 20, 2019 Why do you say there is no SL? Trading without SL is insane. Of course we are using SL. Remember, EU is a big swing with huge pips on TP, of course SL has also some pips, the trade need space to move. When trading big swings you NEED to expect pullbacks. This is Forex and not a straight up game. Forex requires "patience". Big swing will run several weeks. Professional traders understand this.

Btw. this trade has nothing todo with the Agimat EA, EU is a plain manual trade and NOT done by an EA.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Dec 24, 2019:
You have purchased the license and we have delivered the license. We have re-sent the license activation many times.

You purchase something, and we charge you for this, very normal process.