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Northeast USA, USA,
Sep 5, 2017,
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So far so good, we'll see how it goes.

Just started using them. I forget how I found them. Was researching alternatives to Oanda, which I've used since 1999 (!). I'm in the northeast USA. Though I think all the reviews except the hilarious one by Kahlid in USA ("really Malaysia!") are all fake spam reviews by, I gotta say, so far so good.

I created my account in seconds (including a live MT4 trading account), zapped some bitcoin their way, and within minutes I'd bought dollar/yen. I made twenty bucks quickly and just as a test, I put in a withdrawal request for the whole amount (my deposit of like $26 worth of bitcoin plus the $20 worth of bitcoin that I'd profited) and lo-and-behold, the bitcoin reached my Jaxx wallet within a very short time!

Maybe around 20 minutes or so? I don't remember, but it was fast.

So ... they seem ok so far. I have no idea if they're crooks & will end up stealing my money or fu*king me over in other ways. We'll see.

I just got sick of using a USA-based broker (Oanda) with their 50:1 leverage and $20 withdrawal fees etc.

I'll update this review if I can as time goes on. Oh, and please stop spamming fake reviews here. It's very obvious they're not written by Americans! LOL

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Jun 20, 2017,
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Been with Oanda since 1999. No issues.

Been with Oanda since 1999. There are a lot of obvious fake "reviews" here saying "Oanda no good - now use GOOD broker! It is <insert spam url here> and I velly velly HAPPY!!!!!!"

Or real reviews from people who have some obscure, weird gripe about the way Oanda does things or their spreads or whatever.

I just click-click-click and dump some money into my account via a debit card. Easy peasy japaneesy. Withdrawals are just as easy.

So go ahead & fool around with some other fx broker that's spammed here or go with one that's been in the game since at least '99 (I think they're acutually older than that) and just trade without drama. I'm done. Bye.