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    Default Spam from a UWCFX affiliate

    Quote Originally Posted by Pueo View Post
    Has anyone heard of the london close system? (

    They're claiming to win 90% of trades, is this possible? At first I would have thought it's a scam but it's run by forexmentor which has a good reputation.

    Anybody here trading it?
    In fact that's not so hard with a 1:10 Risk Reward Ratio.

    As a matter of fact it's arguable easy.

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    Default SPAM from a USCFX Affiliate New Year - New Promotion

    UWC wishes all clients a prosperous 2011 with a new promotion that can make financial opportunities grow.

    OKPAY and UWC launched a joint promotion for the period of until 31 January 2011 as an incentive for all OKPAY clients to join our EU regulated forex broker.

    OKPAY account holders have the opportunity to register and open a trading account with UWC, and get instantly eligible for the promotional package. After becoming registered and verified UWC trading account holders, a gift bonus amount of no less than $100 will be instantly deposited into new clients’ trading accounts. This is how UWC rewards all new clients during the promotional period.

    The $100 gift bonus that we offer all OKPAY clients as new UWC trading account holders is non-withdrawable, but the profit can be withdrawn any time after minimum 5 lots have been traded. Apart from this, OKPAY clients can also apply for a UWC Quick Card completely free of charge during our promotion.

    All our clients who would like to take part in the promotion but do not have an OKPAY account yet, are more than welcome to sign up with OKPAY until 31 January 2011. After registration, clients will receive a coupon code from OKPAY through which they can receive their $100 bonus and the free UWC Quick Card.

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    All the best

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    Default New Year's rally on $ 100 deposit before 31 January!

    Companies OKPAY and United World Capital Ltd invite you to join the campaign to be held from 7 to 31 January 2011 to get a gift bonus of $ 100 USD! All you need to do - is to register with United World Capital Ltd and receive $ 100 in your trading account.
    Link to register

    United World Capital ltd.

    Can you imagine a better offer? You open a trading account, which already has $ 100! Despite the fact that the bonus amount is not subject to withdrawal from the account, you can withdraw all of the profits after the total volume of transactions reaches the 5 lots.

    Furthermore, you receive a card UWC Quick Card (analog OKPAY Debit Card) is absolutely besplatno.Kartochka UWC Quick Card - this card is a registered MasterCard, serving more than 100 countries, which can be used to quickly withdraw money without the risk of overdraft. You can use it to withdraw money from your account OKPAY.

    To receive your gift bonus of $ 100 dollars and your card UWC Quick Card Sign up for United World Capital, clicking on the link

    United World Capital ltd.

    Further, registering on the site OKPAY

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    and a link like this:
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    pass the verification (confirmation of personal data) in a private office.
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    Who: [email protected]
    Topic: OKPAY BONUS
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    -Vashkod promotions: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX

    or that it had not been steamed with the mail activate code in a private office.

    After this $ 100 bonus will be credited to your schet.Udachi.

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