FPA FAQ and Knowledge Base TOC

Table of Contents for the Forex Peace Army FAQ and Knowledge Base

FPA FAQ and Knowledge Base

Get answers to most FPA related questions right here. Where needed, these pages have contact forms which will get your message to the right people to get you an answer more efficiently.

Table of Contents

 Reviews Questions

Hey dude, where's my review?  How to leave a review?  Do advertisers get special treatment in the reviews?  Why does the FPA moderate reviews?  and more!

Forums Questions

How to create a forums account?  What are the rules?  Can the FPA recommend a broker for me?  How can I change my username? and more!

Performance Testing Questions

What makes the FPA's tests better than others?  Does the FPA recommend companies based on tests?  How do I know test information is real?  and more!

Company Representative Questions

What can the FPA do for my company?  How do I get my company listed in the FPA's reviews?  Does the FPA charge companies to resolve complaints? and more!

Forex Education Questions

Where can I learn how to trade forex for free?  How do I trade the FPA's Daily News Signals?  Where can I ask questions about the signals and analysis in Shoulders of Giants?  and more!

Scam and Problem Thread Questions

I've been scammed!  What are the first steps?  How can the FPA help me?  Does the FPA charge traders to file complaints?  and more!

Everything Else

Are you a regulator or law enforcement officer looking for info from scam victims?  Copyright issues?  and more!

FPA Advertising Rates and Ad Department Contact - CLICK HERE


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