Bill K. aka AsstModerator (not his real name - he gets most of the death threats directed at the FPA) joined the FPA's team as the Assistant Moderator of the FPA's forums. Soon after, he was promoted to forums admin position. A few months later, he made the mistake of suggesting some improvements in review moderation. He's been in charge of the FPA's Forums and Reviews ever since.


First Bribe Attempt of 2020 First Bribe Attempt of 2020

  New Year New Bribery Attempt   The Forex Peace Army does not accept bribes. I was hoping to make it all the way to February before something like this happened. The Bribe Offer The message below was sent on January 18, 2020. Since it came in from a Gmail account, I have no idea …

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2019  Year In Review 2019 Year In Review

2019 at the Forex Peace Army   Hello Troops, I know the year isn’t over yet.  I should send this out around New Years Day, but I wanted to brag about something happening now. December 11th marks the completion of my 12th year of service here at the Forex Peace Army.  I suppose I can …

Forex Peace Army


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FPA Forums Software Upgrade Complete – We are now on XenForo
2013 Highlights at Forex Peace Army

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AsstModerator FPA

AsstModerator FPA

Bill started off as the Assistant Moderator to the FPA's forums in December 2007. Not long after, he was promoted to being the forums administrator. Even with the promotion, he kept the same username, which led to some very amusing conversations with people who didn't know that Bill and AsstModerator were the same person.

Being blamed for everything people disagreed with in the forums wasn't enough punishment for Bill. A few months after becoming the forums admin, he started making suggestions to improve the moderation of the FPA's reviews. Now Bill is the person who gets blamed for everything people get blamed for in the forums and reviews.