Real-time Advanced Forex Charts

Real-time advanced forex charts with easy to apply technical analysis and convenient side panels including:

  • major currencies, precious metals, oil, bitcoin, or indices tickers
  • currency details including relevant economic news.

Fibonacci levels, Elliott Waves, or trendlines - drawing panel offers a full scale of tools and ease of your technical analysis saving and sharing.


Why you should use Real-time Advanced Forex Charts?

Real-time advanced Forex Charts allow you to better understand the current situation for a particular currency pair in terms of technical analysis.

For this particular tool, all data are taken from which is a free to use charting tool that allows you to customize and select charts from almost every asset in the world.

It’s a great option whenever you don't want to login to your MetaTrader account or use your brokerage account.

How to use it?

To use it just select the currency you are interested in the “Watchlist” tab and choose the appropriate time frame from the tool menu in the top left corner.

Our preselected filters for Side Panel Options:

  • Majors, Oil, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin Ticker Panel
  • Symbol Details and News Headlines Panel
  • Indices Ticker Panel
  • No Side Panel

Customize it by selecting the option you want and click the “Apply options” button.

Now you have a simple to use charting tool that allows you to quickly grasp what’s happening in the market.

If you want to learn more about other tools, visit our Forex Tools section to further advance your trading.

Additionally, further reading is always available in our blog/trading resources section or looked-up using the search feature.

Keep in mind that this information should also be used in addition to other tools and types of analysis such as:

  • Fundamental
  • Sentiment
  • Technical

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Now you should be ready to start using the Real-time Advanced Forex Charts and combine it with Forex Day Trading Strategies.