Forex Peace Army Executive Team

Forex Peace Army Executive Team

Dmitri Chavkerov – Forex Peace Army CEO

Dmitri Chavkerov - Forex Peace Army CEO

I’m Dmitri Chavkerov, I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia, immigrating to the US when I was a teenager. I started trading stocks in 2002, and forex in 2004. In 2005, after being scammed by several forex companies, I started a website, which eventually became (FPA).

Thanks to an amazing team that eventually joined the FPA, I stopped actively managing it in 2008. Over the years, it became almost a tradition that some companies that don’t like their reviews on FPA, create hate websites against FPA and me personally, remixing truth, and spreading all kinds of lies. That’s why I asked Bill K, one of FPA’s key executives, to write up FPA/Dmitri Chavkerov history and address some of these truth remixes and lies.

Please come back to see The history of Forex Peace Army and Dmitri Chavkerov by Bill K. (coming soon).

Konstantin Kravchenko – Forex Peace Army Development

Konstantin Kravchenko - Forex Peace Army Development

My parents named me Konstantin which means faithful, firm, confident and I am trying to live my life accordingly.

I spent first 29 years of my life in Russia. I used to be a scientist, and although last 15 years I am enjoying other activities, you can still find and read my Ph.D thesis “Inverse Problem for Differential Operators with non-Local Boundary Conditions” and other articles.

I met Dmitri in 2007 and was amazed with his project, its values, principles, and incredible traders response. I was so excited with forex trading, search engine marketing, web technologies that I instantly joined the team and seldom look back.

Currently I overlook Forex Peace Army day-to-day operations, and strategic development. If you submit proposal how to make our site better, it will be forwarded to me and seriously considered; and if you are a bad guy launching yet another DDoS attack – please know that you may be hurting my sleep hours and therefore I will do my best to mitigate your attack fast and effectively.

Bill K. – Forex Peace Army Reviews & Forums

Bill K. - Forex Peace Army Editor in Chief
Photo by Wilson Afonso / CC BY

I go by Bill K. It’s not my real name. The reason I chose to operate under a pen name and to not show my picture is simple. I’m in charge of the FPA’s Forums, Reviews, and Performance Testing. The majority of the “take down information about what our company did to our clients or we’ll come after you AND your family” threats over the years have been directed at me. Unlike many of my FPA colleagues, I’m a natural born American citizen. Due to threats against my family, that’s the limit of personal information I’m willing to publicly share.

I started working for the FPA part time back in December 2007. Since I was assisting with moderating the forums, I took the username AsstModerator. I guess everyone liked how I did the job. A few months later, I got promoted to full time running the forums. Then I made the mistake of asking some questions about review moderation. The next thing I knew, I was in charge of the reviews and upgrading the review moderation process.

The biggest complaints I deal with are usually the reviews. Many people automatically assume that if they like a company, this proves all negative reviews are fake, and if they hate a company, this proves all positive reviews are fake. The truth is that any company with more than a very small number of clients will eventually have at least a few unhappy clients. All but the most dedicated scammers will usually have at least a few happy clients. I’ve been continuously upgrading methods of review moderation since 2008. I’m currently working with the programmers on the next big step in detecting and filtering out fake reviews. No system is perfect, but I do my best to keep everything as fair and even-handed as possible.

Romas Jurevicius – Forex Peace Army Marketing

Romas Jurevicius - Forex Peace Army Advertising

Back in 2007 I found Forex for the first time and got instantly hooked, was reading all I could find online, bought and watched many many forex courses. Just like many of you, I also got screwed over several times by bad forex products. One day I ended up on forexpeacearmy and really liked the website.My name is Romas and I am from Lithuania, a small but beautiful country.

One thing led to another and a few years later, in 2012 I started working for the FPA. My first job was to find good sellers willing to offer reduced prices of free items for the freebies and discounts offers here on FPA.

Currently I am in charge of the banner and advertising sales, arranging partnerships with forex companies, and representing the FPA at forex trade shows.

When I’m not working on FPA projects, I like to spend my time sailing. This has been my passion since childhood.

Author Profile

AsstModerator FPA

AsstModerator FPA

Bill started off as the Assistant Moderator to the FPA's forums in December 2007. Not long after, he was promoted to being the forums administrator. Even with the promotion, he kept the same username, which led to some very amusing conversations with people who didn't know that Bill and AsstModerator were the same person.

Being blamed for everything people disagreed with in the forums wasn't enough punishment for Bill. A few months after becoming the forums admin, he started making suggestions to improve the moderation of the FPA's reviews. Now Bill is the person who gets blamed for everything people get blamed for in the forums and reviews.


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