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Beyond Gold and Silver. Exploring other precious metals. Beyond Gold and Silver. Exploring other precious metals.

Precious and base metals are traded on the world’s largest exchanges. Gold (XAU) and silver (XAG) are the most popular instruments. It’s not surprising that the majority of novice traders trade these two metals primarily, missing out on excellent opportunities to trade other metals.


Make Your Trading Truly Worthwhile Make Your Trading Truly Worthwhile

Back when the FPA was new, there was one unique bit of Felix’s philosophy that really struck me. What caught my attention was that he talked about always donating 10% of his trading profits to a worthy cause. He said that when he did this, new opportunities opened up, and when he didn’t do this, good opportunities were few and far between. This helped to resolve a deep ethical dilemma I have had with the whole concept of forex trading.


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