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Big waves in the prop trading world lately, right?

Hey everyone, we've seen some changes happening, like with Eightcap and others. But don't you worry! At Traders With Edge, we've always got a plan B (and C, D, E... ). We're all about keeping things smooth for you, so you can focus on what you do best: trading.

Stick with us, and let's ride these waves together! ‍♂️


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Did you know? Our 1 Phase (Turtle) Accounts just got more affordable! Whether you're eyeing a $25,000 account or aiming for the $500,000 account, there's a deal for you. Plus, enjoy increased daily and maximum drawdown limits and more leverage. Don't miss out—trade smarter today!

Check out here https://shorturl.at/AELMU


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Win a $25,000 trading account with our giveaway!

Watch our video interview with The Trading Place.
Leave a valuable comment.

Winner announced Feb 23, 2024!


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