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  1. DailyForexAnalysis

    USDJPY Daily Technical Analysis

    USDJPY might start an uptrend soon... 500+ pips up
  2. DailyForexAnalysis

    GBPUSD Daily Technical Analysis

    GBPUSD has strong possibility of uptrend...
  3. DailyForexAnalysis

    USDCHF Daily Technical Analysis

    There is a nice opportunity of uptrend (around 150 pips) in USDCHF already confirm with trend strength
  4. DailyForexAnalysis

    EURUSD Daily Technical Analysis

    EURUSD market is currently a bit ranging, however, for long term analysis, it is strong down trend!
  5. S

    AUD/NZD at support

    AUDNZD is continuously going down and currently, the pair is approaching the strong support at 1.0380/1.04 and currently trading oversold as well. If the pair holds and trade above 1.0380/1.04 we may expect an upside move to 1.0480 & 1.05. In case the daily market closes below 1.0380, the setup...
  6. luckyanand12

    Daily technical & fundamental analysis for multi-forex pairs

    I used to post my analysis in which I have moved here. You can go to that thread for older posts.
  7. ForexInfoBook

    Forex InfoBook : GOLD Technical Analysis : 01-05 July 2019

    Forex InfoBook's last week’s recommendation to short GOLD above 1432 yielded gains of over 300 pips to traders. This Gold weekly trading analysis is valid for the trading period between 01 to 05 July 2019 [published on 30 June 2019]. As mentioned in our analysis earlier, GOLD breaking above...
  8. ForexInfoBook

    Forex Blogs ForexInfoBook : Technical Analysis, Broker Reviews & more

    Forex InfoBook provides traders with accurate technical analysis, trading signals, trading strategies and broker reviews by data mining the Foreign Exchange Markets. The Forex market is the largest in terms of trading volume and offers maximum liquidity. It easy to enter and exit a position in...
  9. AtlantisCapitalGroup

    Views of Atlantis on financial markets

    In this discussion, we will regularly write our views on currency pairs, stock indices or even commodities. Check it out and give us your opinion too. We are very passionate about markets, so there will be a lot to talk about!
  10. Day_Trade_Ideas

    Technical Analysis Reports

    Gold makes a breakout above the March high at 1353/56 but topped exactly here the high for 2018, in January at 1365/66. Silver tests strong resistance at 1665/75 but tops exactly at the March high of 1686. Both remain in a sideways trend for now after rejecting the upper boundaries of the 3...
  11. Lewis Glasgow

    Harmonic Trading by Lewis Glasgow

    Welcome traders! Here you will find detailed analysis across various financial markets such as currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies. My approach to the market is primarily based on technical analysis, using harmonic price patterns with a main focus on market confluence to depict my...
  12. Jarratt Davis

    Fibonacci Retracement: How To Use It (Part IV)

    Fibonacci is an extremely popular tool used among analysts of financial markets. The concept of the Fibonacci indicator is to measure price and determine points from which the market will react and start buying or selling. This is considered one of the more reliable tools for Forex trading...
  13. Jarratt Davis

    Pivot Points: How and When to Use Them (Part III)

    Pivot points are key levels that traders use all over the world. In simple terms, they help traders determine which way the price will move during the upcoming session. These levels are calculated by using data from the previous session to provide average prices from which to expect reactions...
  14. Jarratt Davis

    How to Use and Draw Trend Lines (Part II)

    Today I will be discussing trend lines - an effective support and resistance tool that I keep a close eye on. Traders diligently monitor these levels, as they do with horizontal support and resistance levels. Simple trend lines (also known as ‘diagonal support’ and ‘resistance levels’) offer...
  15. Jarratt Davis

    Horizontal Support and Resistance Levels (Part I)

    There are tons of things that I could write regarding the different ways to trade and what trading methods suits your personality. My goal is to show you how to merge everything together to help give you an edge in your trading. However, I will start by discussing the most effective tools in my...
  16. J

    Daily Chart Technical Analysis Trade Journal

    Hey guys. Feel free to follow on my trade journal. Strictly 2:1 risk and reward on trading. On larger account like 5k usd and above. Do only risk 1 percent of the account. I believe by the end of the year at least u will have 15-20% increment depending on the market situation. Whether it is...
  17. Alex P - AAA Trade

    Daily Technical Analysis from AAATrade

    AUD/USD Market Scenario 1: Long positions above 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7275 & 0.7299 Market Scenario 2: Short positions below 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7206 & 0.7161 Comment: Aussie during yesterday’s session broke through its recent high at 0.7250 against US Dollar and closed the day at...
  18. Flexianalysis

    Daily market Analysis by flexi analysis

    Technical analysis, fundamental analysis and market forecasts
  19. Vistabrokers

    Technical and Market Analysis by Vistabrokers

    Vistabrokers CIF Ltd is an International Investment and Brokerage Company. Here you can find our daily technical and market analysis.
  20. I

    Video reports of Forex Dance Floor from Invest Diva

    Dear Forex Peace Army Forex Traders: In this thread, I will post our weekly video reports to give you tips on how to make money as a bunch of currency pairs dance the week away on the Forex dance floor. Invest Diva provides non-bias Online Education Course and daily updates for all traders...