1. Broncki

    Problem I need help and advice.

    Hi. I was stupid and I risked all my savings (over $14k) with super trading offer. ‍♂️ Guy called Kevin Marcelo contacted me and offered help with trading investment via fb. Started with $500, so it was okay. I opened account on platform recommended by him. He was my account manager. Profits was...
  2. J

    Problem Need advice

    Has anyone heard of UpdatedFxtrade? Trying to see if they are a legit trading platform
  3. K

    HI Whats your best piece of advice to get trading

    HI Whats your best piece of advice to get trading from new trader to profit trader? thanks in advance
  4. iCorn

    Need expert advice on chart

    hello there . Has anyone ever encountered this kind of chart before ? Which sort of falling / rising drastically forming like a U shape on M1 view . Please advised me on this as quite often when I’m doing trading I had this issue . Thank you very much .
  5. S

    Brokerage issue - need some advice

    Hi Guys, I would appreciate if any of you are able to provide me with some advice please. I have a trading account with one of the brokerage firms. In this account there was about US$5k deposited in it. I gave access to a third party and he was trading on my behalf. This said 3rd party...
  6. O

    Discuss How do you advice to learn technical analysis rather than fundamental in trading ?

    Is it worthy to spend 10K money to learn technical analysis or Buy any Buy Sell Signal Software
  7. T

    Hello...I'm new to the Forum, Can someone offer me some honest advice?!

    Hi there I'm Taff and have signed up here to get an insight into ForEx Trading. As well as general study I am after some advice regarding ForEx Trading as a supplementary income. I'll give you a bit of background and options I am considering and hope some of you out there can offer some good...
  8. ElaineMDG

    Opinion on 2 Trading books?

    I downloaded an Audiobook app for my iPad last night as I have to go out of town for an appt next week and wanted something to listen to during the 4+HR ride. I assumed it would just be all those old "Classics" that are available on Librivox, but this app actually has quite a good collection of...
  9. R

    Start up questions (I guess are useful for any beginner)

    Hello all, My name is Rens and I'm totally new to trading of any kind. There are a few things I know and way more things I feel I need to know (as I think any beginner should). About this thread: Before beginning my post I want to warn that this is going to be a long one. However I'd...
  10. RonaladSantos

    Beginner - Need any advice or tips for a newbie

    Hi guys! Good day! I am new here and I really enjoyed reading through and being part of this forum. Any advice or useful tips as a newbie will be awesome.