Opinion on 2 Trading books?


I downloaded an Audiobook app for my iPad last night as I have to go out of town for an appt next week and wanted something to listen to during the 4+HR ride. I assumed it would just be all those old "Classics" that are available on Librivox, but this app actually has quite a good collection of recent audiobooks, non-fiction and fiction, at better prices than other apps I've had. It also offers the first one for FREE! I searched to see if any of the trading books on my Wishlist were there, and found one that's on my Amazon list, and another I've heard about, but it wasn't considered a "Must have".
My Question: Which one do you all recommend?
Kathy Lien's Little Book of Currency Trading
Mark Douglas's Trading in the Zone

I'd set-up a poll, but this is just an informal recommendation for someone still new to trading! (BUT, who's excited and having a BLAST learning something so completely outside of my 30yrs of Medical training, work & research!)
PS the app is by audiobooks.com