1. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss serves up online trading on the ATP Tour

    BDSwiss sponsors the MercedesCup until 2022 BDSwiss is delighted to announce an agreement to sponsor the MercedesCup, an ATP tour tennis tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, from 7-13 June 2021. The contest is expected to feature several of the world’s best players, as a curtain-raiser for the...
  2. Kelly Yeung

    9 Practical Forex Trading Strategies (Part 2) | 90% of Traders Stop at No.9

    5. Try to determine the ideal profit target for each trade You have probably wondered before about how to determine the ideal profit target for each trade. The first step to doing this is to avoid imposing external expectations on the market. Yes, leave that to the amateur traders, and check...
  3. Kelly Yeung

    9 Practical Forex Trading Strategies: No.2 Will Shock You! (Part 1)

    Despite what many people think, one of the most critical components of a trading strategy is setting profit targets. Your entry prices primarily determine the profits (or losses) you make; closing prices play a lesser role. Therefore, you should always set a suitable winning target for your...
  4. Kelly Yeung

    3 Things To Note in Trading Gold CFDs in 2021 : Beginner's Guide

    Gold is one of the most critical minerals on Earth since prehistoric times. Gold’s value is derived from the fact that its supply is limited, and it takes a lot of effort to mine the metal, giving it intrinsic value. Gold played a critical role in the evolution of societies from barter trade to...
  5. syamfx2020

    Watch for a breakout: Dow Jones and Euro

    DowJones and EURUSD slightly rebounded from the weekly lows. Any break below these levels would open doors towards the new lows. Key technical levels to watch EURO: 1.1980/40 and 1.2080/1.21 DOW: 33700/300 and 34000/200
  6. Amina El Mehdi

    Best trading strategies

    Let`s make a list of the best trading strategies which you`ve been using in person.
  7. syamfx2020

    Forex pair to watch this week: AUDCAD

    The Currency pair formed inverted head and shoulder on 4hr. So if the pair holds above 0.9520 we may see a pullback to 0.9590 then 0.9630/60. On the flip side break below 0.9520, the next level to watch 0.95/0.9480.
  8. syamfx2020

    Coursera shares commence trading on NYSE

    The American education platform Coursera (NYSE: COUR) stock rose more than 30% on its first day of trading on the NYSE. The IPO expected range was $30 to 33. $COUR opened for trading at $39 (18% ⬆️ ) and closed at 45$ (36%⬆️). Coursera works with more than 200 universities and other...
  9. cTrader

    $10 Million via Copy Trading? Easy!

    cTrader Copy Strategy Beats World Copy Trading Record We all know that copy trading is becoming more and more popular in the new era, but a truly one-of-a-kind event for cTrader Copy and the copy trading world generally, has taken place several days back. Just one single copy strategy has seen...
  10. X

    Trading Strategy

    Hiii i have a strategy that i have been trading since last year .I would like to hear opinions about it Am looking to manage funds for clients Demo results : Live results :
  11. V

    The Learning Objectives & Trading targets

    Trading targets and Learning objectives are two interesting and inter-linked concepts in Forex trading. Newbies and novice traders mostly believe that trading targets are set as destination to reach at the end of a certain period. They set trading targets and then try to achieve those targets...
  12. S

    Forex trading is long time career to sustain daily life?

    Hi, I always have this question in my mind and many of them having too. I always thinking professional full time Forex trader do really make money?, How much they make?, Is Forex trading is a really way to be rich? I know some here some will say Yes or some say No. peoples do Jobs, Offline...
  13. syamfx2020

    Gulf Brokers Winning Best FX Broker Asia at Forex Expo in Dubai 2020

    Gulf Brokers has thus fruitified its exceptional results in terms of a number of accounts opened (5,000+), the volume of trades (USD 24+ bn)*, and 700 % growth in a number of clients this year in YoY comparison. The Forex Expo is an event for forex professionals to learn and explore in FX...
  14. Chris_447

    Services Offered Experienced trader providing free subscription & daily signal. Check out the trading and profit performance!

    Hey guys, just found out this trader is offering free subscription for copy trade and he is actively trading everyday. Win rate is 25.78 %. Check out his floating trade lots here: Chris, FOLLOWME
  15. Chris_447

    BLACK SWAN EVENT: Understand the Recent Gold Price' Plunge From the Data of 60,000 Trading Orders

    Black Swan Event A Black Swan is an unpredictable event and mostly out of the norm. It usually causes a domino effect (negative) in the market, sometimes even a catastrophe. In general, a Black Swan event has to fulfil these three conditions: it happens unintentionally; it creates a...
  16. M

    Forex Affiliate Links This group will change your LIFE (your trading life, anyway).

    Up 16 pips on an AUDCAD trade I placed earlier today as I post this. About three months ago, I was turned onto a group of educators that have perfected a curriculum designed to teach people how to identify and take advantage of institutional moves and how they manipulate the markets. While the...
  17. syamfx2020

    GBP/USD: technical levels to watch this week

    GBP/USD trading near the supply zone 1.3390-1.3420. The key technical levels to watch: Resistance: 1.3400/10 and 1.3483 (September high) Support: 1.3340/20 and 1.3280
  18. Chris_447


    Hello, I'm new here! Looking forward to learn more about forex :)
  19. cTrader

    cTrader Web 4.0 New Level of Trading Experience

    Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Web 4.0 version, marking a whole new level of trading experience for cTrader web version users on Windows and Mac devices. This version grants, among other features: The addition of Active Charts in conjunction with an increased range of...
  20. R

    which pairs are you trading on afterUS elections?

    which pairs are you trading on afterUS elections? any suggestions i have inclination towards EURUSD is it safe to pace bets on them?