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  • Hi Peter, today Friday the 6th May 2016, I did not receive your trading signals for today and also did not see them on the Forum, is anything wrong? Regards Joh
    Hi Peter, thank you very much for the trades am not sure how to say thank you or give you likes on the new format when one is no FB fan, tricky! Also this forum does not accept me to get emails sigh as they want me use a new email address i do not use :) - then with this forum i cannot send private messages where did they go? Thanks again Peter
    Hello Peter,

    Just stoping by to thank you for your effort and knowledge sharing.
    This Friday 10th was the first time I use you FNG on the NFP and I managed to gain 26 pips, with no effort or sweat at all.
    It worked flawlessly... :) (Even though I use a slow connection, old laptop and kind of slow broker too, it took some good 10 seconds to execute my order)
    Nevertheless, I endedup positive on the trade thanks to you and Felix! ;)
    I´ll keep following your post Peter.
    Thank you! And God Bless YOU!!!
    Hi Peter
    because that I get the following announcement "overlapped value fond" and not let me build the FNG?
    thank you,
    Oscar perez
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