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  1. Ariff Azraei

    DAILY MARKET NEWS - 01-06-2023

    No gain, much pain. Real estate investors have witnessed a substantial reduction in their involvement in the US housing market, with an average 50% decline in investor home purchases during the initial quarter of 2023. This decline is unprecedented in US history and can be attributed to the...
  2. The Trading Pit

    Reserve your free spot now for our upcoming live webinar!

    We are excited to invite you to our upcoming live webinar, where trading expert Mr. David Floyd will be hosting the second part of our highly popular webinar series, and it will provide you with the tools and strategies you need to elevate your trading game. Key Takeaways: •How to identify...
  3. A

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  4. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, MAY 26 - 02, 2023

    Fundamentals The major event of this week is official acknowledge of Germany recession. Although, it is not correct to call about "recession" because this is non-cyclical economy decreasing and in reality this "recession" is started a year ago, as well as in the US, by the way. But, now it is...
  5. Ariff Azraei

    DAILY MARKET NEWS - 26-05-2023

    Purple is yet to be seen. Democratic US President Joe Biden and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy are reportedly close to reaching a two-year deal to increase the government's debt ceiling while placing limits on spending. This deal would involve higher funding for the military and veterans while...
  6. _elabin

    USDCHF Technical Analysis - Forex, Based on Gann Theory

    USDCHF Technical Analysis - Forex, Based on Gann Theory | Elabin Detailed USDCHF forecast as well as a US Dollar - Swiss Franc technical analysis based on Gann Theory *** USDCHF Bullish Trend Pivot Date: 2023-04-13 (41 days ago) Last Update: 2023-05-24...
  7. The Trading Pit

    Webinar Alert!

    REMINDER Busy but eager to excel in Forex News Trading? Learn from Tim Grüger, CEO & Founder of, in our webinar on June 6th, 6:00 pm GMT+2! Don't miss out, register now #thetradingpit #ttpwebinars #forex #forextrader #forexprofit #forexmarket #forexnews...
  8. Ariff Azraei

    DAILY MARKET NEWS - 23-05-2023

    The last minute’s here. Wall Street banks are expressing concern about the potential impact on the market due to the ongoing standoff over raising the U.S. debt ceiling, despite stocks continuing to rise. While equity investors remain confident that lawmakers will reach a deal before the June 1...
  9. syamfx2020

    EURNZD could see a bounce back to above 1.74 this week

    Following a sharp drop to a fresh 2-month low of 1.7170 on Friday last week, the EURNZD pair staged a rebound and was traded above 1.7230 during the European session on Monday. However, the pair retreats back to below 1.72 later in the session as the upside momentum was limited. The traders...
  10. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 22 - 26, 2023

    Fundamentals Despite that we've got some important data this week, such as US Retail Sales, China economy growth, unemployment statistics etc., but, no doubts debt ceil and Friday's J Powell and J. Yellen speeches have become the major events of this week. Despite that debt ceil already...
  11. newbieforexx

    I saw the RoboForex's webinar meeting have 10$ welcome bonus for free

    Hello, I saw on RoboForex's page on Fb have a new meeting via Zoom and they give new customer 10$ for free. Have anyone join the meeting?
  12. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Risk Management

    This illustrated article explains 12 different ways to manage risk associated with forex trading. Here is the link to the article:
  13. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 15 - 19, 2023

    Fundamentals This week we've got a lot of important data that we have to combine correctly. Because if you look at it separately you do not see the whole picture that now stands in economy. Besides, with cross-country view on US and China together, the major tendencies could be seen better...
  14. Ariff Azraei

    DAILY MARKET NEWS - 12-05-2023

    The Fed's latest data reveals a staggering $17.6 billion increase in revolving credit in March, marking the largest monthly surge in a year and one of the biggest on record. This credit surge is largely attributed to ever-increasing household credit card debt. In fact, the total credit card debt...
  15. Ariff Azraei

    DAILY MARKET NEWS - 10-05-2023

    China is currently experiencing a new surge of COVID-19 infections, especially among individuals who have returned from public holiday travels, including traders and bankers. While some sources have reported that colleagues have tested positive for the virus, the impact on trading volumes is not...
  16. Henryfx

    Problem Stay away from this scam education and Bot signals group:

    This scam group will lure you from a free group with all their “excellent “ Bot signals in Forex and Crypto then when you paid them 30usd fees to join their Paid group that name The Hub, you will get all terrible signals from their Bot, after I tried to complain in polite way, they blocked me...
  17. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 08 - 12, 2023

    Fundamentals This week we've got a lot of data, including two central banks meeting and job statistics on Friday. If it is more or less clear with the job report, J. Powell speech raises many questions. Even not about the content of speech but about possible confidence loss in what he is doing...
  18. Bulletproof Traders

    End-of-day market overview - 05.05.23

    End-of-day market overview - 05.05.23
  19. Zforex

    DAILY ANALAYSIS 05.05.2023

    EURUSD EUR/USD has been consolidating above the 1.1000 level on Friday after a recovery in the Asian session. The upcoming catalyst for the pair will be the April Nonfarm Payrolls data from the US, with investors also monitoring news related to the banking crisis. The long-term outlook appears...
  20. Zforex

    Daily Analysis

    "FED may pause next meeting. Mixed European markets ahead of ECB decision" Global markets had a mixed performance on Thursday as investors assessed the recent interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve and looked ahead to the European Central Bank's policy decision later in the day. US futures...