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  1. ciheg30

    Looking for brokers who offer high leverage for UK clients

    Hi there, this is my first post but I am not new to FPA. I often spend my time reading the reviews and checking forum debates etc. My question is this, I'm from the UK and due to ESMA rules, brokers in the UK can only offer 1:30 leverage on major FX pairs. Can anyone in this forum recommend...
  2. syamfx2020


    Moving ahead to the new week investors and traders will likely monitor PMI surveys, geopolitical headlines, ECB, RBA, BOC rates, US non-farm payrolls. A series of manufacturing surveys released today, The UK, Germany, Eurozone Manufacturing surveys released today. AUDUSD climbed to a 4-month...
  3. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY #2, June 01 - 05, 2020

    Fundamentals This week we do not have any new information for gold market. It mostly shows reaction on geopolitical tensions and US-China piking, while positive "back to life" mood keeps it in tight range. Thus I think we could take a look at GBP as there are few important moments that we need...
  4. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, June 01 - 05, 2020

    Fundamentals This week is not as overload with the news and driving factors as previous one. In fact, in passed five days there are only two major topics - EU supportive measures and rising US-China tensions on multiple objects, including Covid spreading, HK protests and long lasting mutual...
  5. S

    Services Offered iPayTotal - A Solution To Enhance Your Forex Business

    Are you a forex broker looking for a forex merchant account to send or receive payments from your clients? Then count yourself lucky for stumbling on this post. As you may already know, operating and maintaining a forex merchant account has several risks like lack of regulation, exchange rate...
  6. LeonRocky

    Best places to learn Forex.

    What are peoples best places to learn Forex trading FPA Forums Team Note: This thread is in Beginners Bootcamp, a folder that specifically prohibits commercial recommendations. Please confine answers to free resources. Enforced by Spam Cat.
  7. syamfx2020

    The pound rebounded from the short term support

    GBPUSD recovered from the early losses against the US dollar after buyers found short term support near the 1.2160 area. Overall the movement remained bullish throughout the Asian session, at the time writing the pair trading near 1.2270. Meantime, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that...
  8. A

    Scam alert - Fake financial regulator website

    apparently there are scammer created a fake financial regulatory website - scammer use the name as "Financial Commission", this could be mistaken as Belize's real financial regulator - the scammer website also has company name & address in HK & UK (HK) CR No. ...
  9. S

    Services Offered Earn by Storing Your Cryptos in IBANwallets - FREE $10 for Signup

    Today, the crypto industry is gradually submerging our traditional banking system. Since its inception, we have seen a steady global acceptance because of the numerous potentials in it. We have seen policies and governments giving their unwavering support to digital currency. The potentials in...
  10. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 25 - 29, 2020

    Fundamentals Situation on markets becomes too confusing as more and more inputs to fundamental model come. In general factors could be distributed in groups - recovery after limitations, vaccine development that is common to all markets and group "other events", such as new US-China tensions...
  11. syamfx2020


    On Monday, FedEx (FDX) and Microsoft (MSFT) announced a multi-year collaboration that will combine FedEx’s logistics capabilities with Microsoft’s cloud technology. The shares of FedEx jumped 10.85% on Monday after the announcement. “FedEx has been reimagining the supply chain since our first...
  12. syamfx2020


    Moderna, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRNA), an American biotechnology company, working on developing a vaccine, announced on Monday that the early results from the vaccine were promising from its first human trial. The company said it is launching a large clinical trial in July to determine whether the...
  13. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY #2, GBP/USD May 18 - 22, 2020

    Fundamentals While the Gold market has hit our 1750 target on Friday and fundamental background mostly stands the same - all new details you could find in our recent EUR research, I though that we could update our view on GBP. Besides, daily videos should be enough to update Gold market and...
  14. T

    Forex mentor pro

    Hi I’m hoping to start trading but looking for a decent good price forex trading coach. I’ve come across Forex mentor pro. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them please? Thanks
  15. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 18 - 22, 2020

    Fundamentals World indeed gradually is coming back to life as pre-pandemic tensions are returning as well. This week we've got many IQ GDP releases, including UK GDP that let to estimate approximate picture of epidemic impact on global economy, also we've got Fed statement on US economy...
  16. S

    Services Offered Waw Forex Signals – 5 Years In The Market!

    Investment in the forex niche means different things to different people. Some have been able to make massive profits and gains while others lose big time and get added to the list of losers which nearly goes upto 90% in comparison to people in profits. One of the things that guarantee success...
  17. syamfx2020


    After seven weeks of lockdown UK gradually lifts lockdown & returns to work. As of Wednesday, the UK recorded 33,186 deaths from COVID-19. Recently a new antibody test has been approved in the UK – the government expects this could be the key to easing the complete lockdown. On Wednesday, the UK...
  18. M

    Made $8,910 in April 2020 trading FTMO account

    I wanted to share a video I made of me passing the FTMO challenge/verification, then trading a real money account and finally showing the funds deposited into my account.
  19. syamfx2020

    Australian dollar retreated from two weeks high

    Australian dollar retreated from two weeks high 0.6560 to 0.6535 after the rumours about China expected to announce tariff on some Australian agriculture products. The Important levels to watch for this week: Support: 0.6490 and 0.6440 Resistance: 0.6575 and 0.6650
  20. Sive Morten

    Forex FOREX PRO WEEKLY, May 11 - 15, 2020

    Fundamentals No doubts the central moment of this week was NFP report on Friday and ADP report on Wed. Market reaction was moderate as everybody mostly was prepared to negative numbers, but these numbers are yet to be analyzed with scrutiny. Still, there are some other events that are important...