i am not a happy camper

  1. C

    Pocket Option scam they manipulated the platform for OTC trading so i would loose even though the trade had clearly won

    I got scammed by pocket option they manipulated the OTC market loosing my trades when they had clearly won
  2. Rryan

    Terrain Capital Markets scam

    I was unable to withdraw fund and was accused of illegal scalp trading. Avoid this broker
  3. F

    Fraud action from ENCLAVEFX Broker

    I had a live account with ENClavefx broker with www.enclavefx.com website link I funded my account with 2500$ and started trading I made profit on my account and my balance reached 11500$ after few days when I had open orders on my account , my trading was blocked my client area blocked my...
  4. F

    Business Choice Partners Limited, BCPGLTDLC, knight service group, East Century Group, Select Global- Names and Bank accounts used by the scammers

    I transferred funds to these accounts. these accounts have been provided by Business Choice Partners Limited, BCPGLTDLC, knight service group, East Century Group, Select Global List of benefiaries: Liêm Nguyễn, Zhang Jiayang, Xỉa Xíu, Guanshengyuan CO, Zheng Meilian, Atfx limited...
  5. A

    Bad experience working with FTMO prop firm

    I had a bad experience with ftmo. About 2 months ago, I sent an email to ftmo and asked them about working with Iranian customers. They said our services are not limited to any particular country and we accept customers from anywhere. I opened an account with them and entered the challenge...
  6. The Punisher

    Comhar Capital Scam (www.comharcapitalmkt.com)

    Victims are contacted on Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, IG, Facebook, Linked In and dating websites and romance is used to lure them in. Eventually scammers talk about investing in Forex and Crypto and victims are told to go to the website below to invest but once funds are transferred a...
  7. Y

    Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

    Any Smart Tips you can advise how to detect scammers? Thanks.
  8. D

    Forex Broker: Topology-fx.com legit or scam

    Hello I have registered with a Broker Called at "topology-fx.com" . Ownered by a company called Topology Financial Services Limited. They have a website, and the company is based in UK. As anyone using this broker ? since I registered with them, I searched the Internet then found out that...
  9. S

    JuneBowes Scam broker

    I was mislead into believing JuneBowes was a registered broker. From Sept to Oct 2021, I deposited $35,000 in crypto and wire transfers. Oct 18th, the so called analyst at the broker stopped responding to my requests to withdraw. November 2021, the MT5 was disconnected and the JuneBowes...
  10. O

    I got scammed by BSV Global Investing Limited

    I recently figured out that I got "Pig Slaughtered" by a "girl" I met on a dating app. I'm pretty deep in debt because of this, and I really don't know what to do at this point. I used wire transfers to Coinbase and MT5. Is there any resources out there I can look at to help resolve this?
  11. K

    Glluck scammer via HKG

    Glluck romance scammer 2021 via HKG: Anybody experience HK girl Lida (Xiong Ruoshui) scam via Glluck...
  12. D

    Scammers ACY, stole $2387 from me

    Hello to all traders! ACY company stole $2,387 from me. In January, I replenished my account with $ 5250, made a profit of $ 2387. I ordered the withdrawal of all funds, my account was blocked, the profit was canceled, only my invested funds were withdrawn.All my transactions were sentinels, no...
  13. P

    Scammers pictures

    The person behind these pictures is a scammer. Do not let them lure you into -investment. Here’s their phone number +852 5324 0118
  14. D

    Scammers Beware

    I was robbed of my life’s fortune by my username. This was when I made it my life’s goal to expose scammers. I have compiled a list of 200,000 individuals who are directly responsible for scamming good people out of their money. It has taken me many years to do this. I know the real names and...
  15. R

    HA! I told you having an email address would pay off!

    Clay Tousey. <admin@ias.ac.ir> 13 October 2021 at 12:53 Be careful with this message. Similar messages were used to steal people's personal information. Unless you trust the sender, don't click links or reply with personal information. Reply-To: claytousey@vipmail.hu...
  16. L

    Forex glluck scam

    A girl named Jenny I met on a dating site introduced me to forex trading and gave me signals that made me a lot of money (If it was ever actually profit made or just made to look ot like it.) I deposited the money usdt and it was great and things were well, she was very intelligent and almost...
  17. S

    Dogfex.com scam

    Hi everyone. I am here to warn that dogfex.com could be a scam. I don't know how many ppl already fell as victims but hope it stops here. I was approached and asked to invest YNF which is a pre listed coin and was told that able to sell it before it go on other selling platform, during the...
  18. The Punisher

    Yunma Tianlong Scam (Director Exposed - MKJ Global, East-Century, ETHBTCforex, Allbright, Aglance and several others)

    There are enough threads on FPA about scam brokers being ran by Yunma Tianlong that it's time to have a designated thread about this company. I am not aware of an actual fake broker by the name of Yunma however Yunma Tianlong is listed as a Director and/or Secretary Company for all of the scam...
  19. F

    Nordhill SFX scam

    Hi, Has there been anyone else who was affected by this? I used to receive some monthly updates with how they've been trying to get some legal teams involved. But my last one was in January, when they asked me for documents showing what was in my account and proof of transfers etc. I sent them...
  20. D

    Northern Hedge Fund, address in Helsinki Finland, is another scam

    Helsinki Finland had recently Wiseling Oy case, unregulated investment company that claimed to be in Helsinki, Finland, but no operations were there, They offered different instruments, forex included. Now Wiseling is in the media as a total scam. Another scam copany emerged just recently that...