i am not a happy camper

  1. Bramsfx


    For all traders, please be careful with the prudent FX broker, because the wuthdrawal trader is not paid, and now the CS chat is also not possible. broker link prudent-fx.com
  2. Inyang

    Bitcoin investment club is pure scammed.

    I don't know how they got my mobile contact, they have been disturbing my line to come and invest in their company in Nigeria, Please, run away from this group of internet fraudster.
  3. Inyang

    I have been scammed by TMT-global

    I was lured into getting into a long term investment with TMT-Global through someone I met online who sweet-talk me into risking my hard-earned money into their Platform not knowing they were co-ordinated group of scammers from Mainland China, few days after a transaction was successfully...
  4. C

    Hi, newbie here, need help identifying if this pamm trade history is legit or a fraud

    Hi, Can anyone explain the attached imaged? a. open and close times are the same, but price is different. b. trade was closed on the same day yet there are swap charges.
  5. M

    Admire Traders on Telegram scam

    First post. A heads up on a Telegram signals group called "Admire Trader's" - link https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEHTTeaugxU9vF4A-Q They have the above public group, and 2 private subscription signal groups - "Admire Paid (long term)" and "Admire Paid (Short term)". They offer potential customers...
  6. S

    Knights service group tinder scam

    I have read a few accounts of the same situations and many said to start a new thread about the issues I met someone one tinder, Xia Qiaolan who claimed to be a Chinese business owner. After speaking for a few weeks all day and every day the discussion eventually turned to investment. I...
  7. T

    I am being scammed by Valley Tech spec company limited

    they first which i should of realised the bank accounts they got me to transfer weer of personal names , but the money di appear on the their platform and used MT5, I mad even with their high fees of $50 per unit of trade , I got up to $29,000 which was double my deposit. Then the scam was...
  8. B

    A1forex platform is scam

    Hi Friends, No idea where should I write this review. Please be aware that A1forex is the number one fraud. So now I want to make this new to go to everyone. I am been cheated by this company. It is encouraging fraud brokers. Please public this to let the public know about this which court will...
  9. tradeexpress

    Exness rejecting Withdrawal if you don't trade sufficient volume

    I'm an IB of Exness since many years but now going to stop working with them as the terms of Withdrawal changed. It's very unfortunate to release these kind of impractical rules. Now clients cannot withdraw fund with freedom like before. Please beware of this condition before depositing any...
  10. rvitalisimoes

    scam sell robots

    they dont sell nothing... just send crap and nex move its tell you must pay more 150$ on top of the 400$ for the techinal fix the issue.. stay away from this guys!!
  11. hatemfek

    Exness is Scam BE CAREFUL

    exness is scam becareful they only want to stole all you money..my acount no 24211925 and I trade gold on it and on 11th of August there was big moves on Gold and I was open 5 buy position on it and suddenly I lost the connection with the server I chec everything and try to contact them or try...
  12. H

    howtopay.com, cameron mckean scam

    i transferred money through the fintech companies howtopay and macropay, the money disappeared and now howtopay is on liquidation and there is no one to talk to. macropay indemnify and take no responsibility for my money. don't do business with them or you will regret it. they did it to someone...
  13. F

    Dan Legg named in Daily Mail scammers article - please be aware of Daniel Legg

    Daily Mail article on FX / Forex trading Scammers - https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/beatthescammers/article-8522169/Beware-bedroom-traders-boasting-fortunes-currency-bets.html Daniel Legg is part of the same broker affiliate / sham “fx” course scam ring as James Watts and Ashley Richards...
  14. M


    ForexTrade1 is a BIG SCAM. Their telegram group and facebook showed amazing results and signals but when i paid 2500 USD for their copy trade services, they put some trading bot on my account that was losing all trades and my money. i tried contacting their support and phone numbers but no one...
  15. S

    72option.com Scam

    Hi Guys, i have made a detailed review 2 months back regarding 72option.com when i got scammed with large amount money. i haven't posted a thread about it yet until now. Anyway 72option did not respond to my emails and they blocked me from entering there sight. They are few people were in...
  16. S


    Has anyone got information on how l complain about a scammer. Margo Austin
  17. K

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers wit

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers within 8 minutes after transferring money into blockchain account wallet they stole it from the account and said I transferred it out,they are a...
  18. M

    Illona c balashova and her company cryptobitza are scam and they dont send the profits and keep on asking to pay more money for fees

    I invested with 200 and upgraded to 500$ and she said 20% commission 10% for her and 10% for the company and I had to pay her and she kept on asking for fees to wire the money to my account and I ended up paying almost 3500$ just for fees and it's never ending she lies all the time
  19. ManzilFX

    Andrew Forex Free Services or Andrew.Forex is a Scammer, Stay Away folks

    Hello All, I am documenting my trading journey to help new traders. I was lucky to make 10K+ blindly trading gold (XAUUSD) and decided to invest this "free money" into my retail education and training. Along the way came recovering from a blown account, dealing with fake signal providers...
  20. AFJ3985

    Exness a bad experience

    I have used exness for trial basis with some minimum deposit, they made me struggled for a refund of only 40$ that I didnt get . Talked to their customer representatives several times to check if there is any genuine issue but didnt get any useful info . So left exness and started trading on IG...