i am not a happy camper

  1. Rastakid

    Problem XM scam

    I highly NOT recommend XM As i started with their $30 and made $363 out of it and tried to withdraw it. And out of sudden they took all my money. And now they are saying i was against their rules and regulations. Sorry to hear this btw this is useless time on xm And the support team is being...
  2. F

    Problem UltraCap Trading prop firm is a scam Beware

    I gave UltraCap access to my Facebook Group for promotional services and they end up hijacking my Facebook group account without fulfilling their own part of the bargain showing a red flag to use the group to scam traders.
  3. fxabhi

    Problem SCAMMER OCTAfx

    Octa fx scamming people not adding my deposit money and from last 7 days they are saying it will be added soon ..they don't have a customer care
  4. A

    Problem Alpari huge swap amount!!!

    Hi Guys See alpari broker swap in the attached pic. Lot size is: 0.3 and its Wednesday to Thursday (triple swap), swap amount is more than 42 $ And compare to another broker, here lot size is 1 and Thursday to Friday and the swap amount is 17 & So if in this other broker I had a 0.3 size...
  5. E

    Info Bróker FBS

    Tuve una muy mala experiencia con este corredor. Obtuve ganancias y me bloquearon la cuenta y me pidieron datos por temas supuestamente de lavado de dinero. Solo hice un depósito de 100 usd, obtuve 340 usd en ganancias, las ganancias lo borraron. Este corredor es un problema
  6. sh12zz

    Info Romance scam behind $228m Chinese money laundering ring

  7. sh12zz

    Info 95 arrested in Myanmar scam operation raids

  8. Maximus789

    Info Ryan Gold Killer - SCAM ALERT

    I joined a telegram group called Ryan Gold Killer -group username - t.me/goldkillerryan0 They had investment plans which I enquired about via the admin account telegram user @RyanGoldKillero They had different levels of investment, so I went for the lowest available, but soon after they kept on...
  9. sh12zz

    Info Crackdown operation results in arrest of 84 individuals involved in fraud and money laundering, involving HK$118 million

  10. Jp1976

    Problem Fraud

    This Broker is a third Grade Bas***d broker, they recieve calls only when we are depositing, For withdrawal you call them 100 times they don't pick up and alway say bul**** you will recieve your money. It's been 1 month since I have placed an withdrawal but these people don't have courtesy to...
  11. T


    My account 16240022. Although 518 USDT(Tether) was paid through TRC20 payment system (XM TRC20 ADRESS: TRNAaNbVWaLeb9z8uNsQuN1HmKdHEzSGrZ )2 day ago, this amount was not reflected in my accounts, contacted support, although it was said that a refund mail would be sent within 24 hours...
  12. C

    scam brokers

    Which brokers do you view as fraudulent, and what are the reasons behind your opinion?
  13. J

    Info BJF Boris Fresenko Canada - Software is SCAM!

    ATTENTION! Absolute scam! I haven't found a single profitable system yet. BJF cannot offer a money-back guarantee either, otherwise everything would have to be paid back. If systems are demonstrably faulty and unusable, there is also no money back. Before new software can be developed, money...
  14. L

    Discuss Trading currency pair problems

    I have usd account. If i buy usd/jpy with 1 standard lot size, is it that the trading system exchange usd amount from my usd account to amount of jpy first, and then it buy usd/jpy using that jpy amount to buy usd? It involves 2 times exchange, first it convert usd from account to jpy, and...
  15. K

    Problem Maxfxtraders.com Scammers

    Maxfxtraders.com is a scam site don't invest here you will loose money stay away
  16. T

    Problem Is Wallet app legit? They want more money.

    I met a man on Facebook,and we talked on WhatsApp,and then he tell me want to help me make money,and he teach me download the Wallet app and sent the money to Asxcoinwallet.com ,he helped me earned some money and then he tell me deposit more money,I’m scared it and then I withdraw all my money...
  17. M

    MT5 SCAM

    Avoid anything to do with Oanda Capital , MT5, and Gary B. Westgate a broker in Hong Kong +852 9626 6458, and an accomplice Mulan Wang in Singapore +852 6427 4472 ( both numbers may be fake ) They have scammed me out of about 153,000 from my MT5 trading account which I asked to be returned...
  18. B

    Scam, pig butchering and organized crime

    Hi everybody Just imagine I was in touch with someone who would have worked (could say would have been enslaved) several monthes in the scamming industry. Imagine this person is currently writing a story with details about what he went through. Imagine I have nearly all details… working 16...
  19. Sjz7777

    KibIt.vip scam

    I have meet this lady from Australia she introduced me to this platform and keep on telling me add more and more she also gave me 3000 usdt from binance but only for her transaction it’s showing processing when I try to withdraw its keep on telling volume of transaction meeting there is a...