i am not a happy camper

  1. D

    Northern Hedge Fund, address in Helsinki Finland, is another scam

    Helsinki Finland had recently Wiseling Oy case, unregulated investment company that claimed to be in Helsinki, Finland, but no operations were there, They offered different instruments, forex included. Now Wiseling is in the media as a total scam. Another scam copany emerged just recently that...
  2. The Punisher

    East-Century Scam

    The same scammers running Business Choice Partners and Aga Trader have setup a new website to further scam innocent investors. They are using the same IP for the new website that they also used for Business Choice Partners and Aga Traders. Stay far away from East-Century unless you never want...
  3. S

    Thetradersdomain stole my money and disable my account!!!

    This situation happened a few days ago, when i decided to withdraw my money they rejected few times then they simply didn't pay me, disabled my account so i could not get access anymore to my mt5 account and back office. That's criminal! I start to look on the internet for ways to complain...
  4. C

    Me estafaron traders domain

    Pedí el retiro de mis ganancias y rechazaron mi retiro. I asked to withdraw my winnings and they refused my withdrawal.
  5. motorcek

    Populusfx / clearinggold brokers scam story

    First hello to everyone and i will write a shorty scam story, hoping that someone can doge a bullets with this guys. First it started with me creating Tinder account just for fun since i really never use this ****. So after a few days i got in contact with a Hong Kong girl saying she lives in...
  6. The Punisher

    Ethbtcforex Scam

    ETHBTCFOREX is being ran by the same scammers as Allbright Financial FX (allbrightfinancialfx.com). Some users on FPA have already mentioned this company but there is a not a separate thread for ETHBTCFOREX therefore this is a warning for all investors to stay away or lose your money. Below...
  7. IncognitoFX

    FX Enablers | Telegram SCAM ALERT | Theft and fraud

    Today I would like to introduce you to another Telegram scam channel: FX Enablers FxEnablers (VIP) FxEnablers (Gold VIP) FxEnablers Crypto VIP Admin @FxEnablersadmin Those Telegram channels send copied signals from other channels. The operators of the original signal channels are informed...
  8. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Trading Theory™

    Trading Theory™ is a SCAMMER!!! He steals signals and doesn't know what he is doing.....DO NOT BUY!!!! t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEb0VvkCYaMu8R33uQ
  9. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Legend fx signals

    Legend fx signals is a SCAMMER!!!! His signals are stolen. DO NOT BUY!!!......See his link below t.me/forexlegendfxx
  10. T

    OSA Token SCAM

    Hi guys, I would like to share with you short summary my worst experience trying to retrieve my ICO token FROM OSA Decentralized Token. People in charge are Support Team is @Harriet_c Technical team is Senior Technical Advisor @chris_OSA_Token CEO OSA Token @AlexIsaiev You can follow them...
  11. IncognitoFX


    Be warned of the activities of the Telegram channel "GOLD US30 OIL SIGNALS". In the channel free signals are offered, but also an investment plan. Do not invest, you will never see the money again. t.me/goldoilus30signals Admin: @nasdaqslayer After the amount has been transferred, you will...
  12. Beautifuldisaster

    Cannot withdraw from SGX

    Hi. I need your advice guys regarding my situation. I am trying to withdraw all my money from SGX but they won’t send it, not before I pay a huge amount of what they call “personal income tax”. Is this legit? Do I really have to pay 33000 to be able to withdraw my money? Any advise would be much...
  13. The Punisher

    SCForex & Hong Kong South China International Scam

    Typical song and dance for these scammers. I was contacted by someone on Wechat who claims to own a couple clothing companies in Hong Kong but the economy is bad so this person claims their "uncle" is guiding them on trading Forex. This person is claiming to make $25K plus a day based upon...
  14. M

    CTP Copy Trade Profit scam

    CTP a signal provider took my 75 pounds for a months worth of signals ( VIP) package . On 29/12/2020 they sent out a message saying that if you don't join their broker you will not receive any more signals even though I paid for a full months worth of signals on the 07/12/ 2020. They have...
  15. M

    beforex capital scammers!

    Hello, don't use beforex capital, they are scammers!! They are reported in consob website (italian institution).
  16. A

    Possibly being scammed by Shiftholdings

    Hi I have signed up to https://shift-holdings.com and have deposited a good amount over the past few weeks, they gave me a Bonus of around $4000 when I started. Now I tried to withdraw last Friday but was unable to do so, my broker said that I had to pay the bonus credit first to be able to...
  17. J

    I lost my money with www.clearsave.io fund manager Jessica Barnes

    lost my money with this scam broker www.clearsave.io they will ask you to start with a credit card than ask for more money after showing you a profit to your ac ,they will call you trying to get you to deposit more money after showing a profit in your ac but that is you try to withdraw ,you get...
  18. The Punisher

    UK Trade Online (Potential Scam)

    UK Trade Online is using Wechat and WhatsApp accounts to try and lure investors from Malaysia, Indonesia and other SE Asian countries to sign up for trading. When I pressed this individual for why they use Wechat to contact individuals they explained marketing should occur across all digital...
  19. B

    CJMtrading_fx - Instagram - avoid big scammers !

    Hi there, i actually became aware of this company through a celeb i follow on Instagram @jasonweekender. I didn't know that much about Forex but was looking for ways of making money online and I kept seeing adverts come up on my Instagram. I figured if celebs (there was more than one) were...
  20. Amy_2020

    AlForexTrade Scam Alert

    Hi, I just want to share my own experience and if anybody has experienced the same thing. Account Manager's name is Pieter A Wouter of Al Forex Trade. I already invested $785 in all, hoping I could get back my capital, I keep on sending like a fool because he said it is necessary in order for...