i am not a happy camper

  1. C

    Forex romance scam

    A beautiful blonde girl got in touch with me through a dating app and told me she made alot of money trading forex. Asked me to switch to watsapp. She said she uses GLLUCK limited as her broker. Trades on this app called MT4. She forged a relationship with me within some time of meeting me...
  2. S

    Dogfex.com scam

    Hi everyone. I am here to warn that dogfex.com could be a scam. I don't know how many ppl already fell as victims but hope it stops here. I was approached and asked to invest YNF which is a pre listed coin and was told that able to sell it before it go on other selling platform, during the...
  3. The Punisher

    Yunma Tianlong Scam (Director Exposed - MKJ Global, East-Century, ETHBTCforex, Allbright, Aglance and several others)

    There are enough threads on FPA about scam brokers being ran by Yunma Tianlong that it's time to have a designated thread about this company. I am not aware of an actual fake broker by the name of Yunma however Yunma Tianlong is listed as a Director and/or Secretary Company for all of the scam...
  4. igotboned

    suntan capital ltd working with Chen Meiyan major scam

    same as other sites. met her on asiancupid. played the long game. I sent money to invest with her... found this site and did a withdrawal of my initial deposit and was told i was suspected of money laundering. that i needed to send 10k to prove im liquid, than they would release my funds. they...
  5. The Punisher

    Fortistrad Scam (aka Fortic Enterprise and Fortis Enterprise)

    From the same scammers running East-Century, Lead Deer, Aga Traders and Business Choice Partners they have now set-up yet another fake broker known as Fortistrad (aka Fortic Enterprise and Fortis Enterprise). The new scam broker is using a bank account from a bank called Metropolitan Commercial...
  6. The Punisher

    Scammers Published Handbook (aka Kill Pig Plate 杀猪盘)

    There is a published handbook in China for how these scams work and the handbook is actually used by most of the scam companies reported on FPA. Please take a few minutes to read these articles and they show step by step what the individuals are taught for scamming your money (the articles are...
  7. MaEvi


    I am a member of trading signal company called ToolsTrades. This company has signed me with a broker called TradersPros and they scam people of their hard earned money. I invested 1207.13 Euros with them and managed to get the account to 7393 Euros and now I am unable to withdraw from that...
  8. F

    Nordhill SFX scam

    Hi, Has there been anyone else who was affected by this? I used to receive some monthly updates with how they've been trying to get some legal teams involved. But my last one was in January, when they asked me for documents showing what was in my account and proof of transfers etc. I sent them...
  9. ManzilFX

    G7FX NV £3K Mentorship exposed as another Scam to make more money

    If you haven't seen my review on G7FX, please check it out here. Proven NV and G7FX as a scammer with evidence - https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/g7fx-nv-nirav-neerav-vadera-exposed-as-a-scammer-fake-guru.69009/ Please also check out reviews by BennyFlippin and Kevmc on FPA...
  10. D

    Northern Hedge Fund, address in Helsinki Finland, is another scam

    Helsinki Finland had recently Wiseling Oy case, unregulated investment company that claimed to be in Helsinki, Finland, but no operations were there, They offered different instruments, forex included. Now Wiseling is in the media as a total scam. Another scam copany emerged just recently that...
  11. motorcek

    Populusfx / clearinggold brokers scam story

    First hello to everyone and i will write a shorty scam story, hoping that someone can doge a bullets with this guys. First it started with me creating Tinder account just for fun since i really never use this ****. So after a few days i got in contact with a Hong Kong girl saying she lives in...
  12. The Punisher

    Ethbtcforex Scam

    ETHBTCFOREX is being ran by the same scammers as Allbright Financial FX (allbrightfinancialfx.com). Some users on FPA have already mentioned this company but there is a not a separate thread for ETHBTCFOREX therefore this is a warning for all investors to stay away or lose your money. Below...
  13. IncognitoFX

    FX Enablers | Telegram SCAM ALERT | Theft and fraud

    Today I would like to introduce you to another Telegram scam channel: FX Enablers FxEnablers (VIP) FxEnablers (Gold VIP) FxEnablers Crypto VIP Admin @FxEnablersadmin Those Telegram channels send copied signals from other channels. The operators of the original signal channels are informed...
  14. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Trading Theory™

    Trading Theory™ is a SCAMMER!!! He steals signals and doesn't know what he is doing.....DO NOT BUY!!!! t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEb0VvkCYaMu8R33uQ
  15. Peter Duncan

    Scammed by Legend fx signals

    Legend fx signals is a SCAMMER!!!! His signals are stolen. DO NOT BUY!!!......See his link below t.me/forexlegendfxx
  16. T

    OSA Token SCAM

    Hi guys, I would like to share with you short summary my worst experience trying to retrieve my ICO token FROM OSA Decentralized Token. People in charge are Support Team is @Harriet_c Technical team is Senior Technical Advisor @chris_OSA_Token CEO OSA Token @AlexIsaiev You can follow them...
  17. IncognitoFX


    Be warned of the activities of the Telegram channel "GOLD US30 OIL SIGNALS". In the channel free signals are offered, but also an investment plan. Do not invest, you will never see the money again. t.me/goldoilus30signals Admin: @nasdaqslayer After the amount has been transferred, you will...
  18. Beautifuldisaster

    Cannot withdraw from SGX

    Hi. I need your advice guys regarding my situation. I am trying to withdraw all my money from SGX but they won’t send it, not before I pay a huge amount of what they call “personal income tax”. Is this legit? Do I really have to pay 33000 to be able to withdraw my money? Any advise would be much...
  19. M

    CTP Copy Trade Profit scam

    CTP a signal provider took my 75 pounds for a months worth of signals ( VIP) package . On 29/12/2020 they sent out a message saying that if you don't join their broker you will not receive any more signals even though I paid for a full months worth of signals on the 07/12/ 2020. They have...
  20. M

    beforex capital scammers!

    Hello, don't use beforex capital, they are scammers!! They are reported in consob website (italian institution).