1. D

    xm deleted my profit

    xm deleted my profit, I entered the transaction risking my money, and when I wanted to withdraw the money I earned, it was deleted. If I lost this money I invested, would it pay back? robbed me of my much needed money during this pandemic time, please help me, back office screenshots and mt4...
  2. N

    Resolved: XM.com is charging me deposit fees please help

    hi how are you doing? i have deposited 14049.78 to my xm account number : 18218804 i got credit 13641.64 usd i contacted xm support about that and why i got credit less amount of my original deposit via this email support@xm.com today they reply me with Please note that you have been...
  3. Rafiq Ahmed

    XM Refuse to give my deposit balance .

    I start trading with XM less than month ago i deposit 200$ in micro account #49077605 ,i opened 50 Lot micro ( i create this account for Risk) so they suddenly closed my trade intentionally on loss of 67$ and they send me email your account put in hold ,and they send another email that you...
  4. S

    Resolved: I also faced a problem with XM

    I also faced a problem with XM. I too from India Deposited 5000 INR on 5-11-2020 but not added to my account.They told the transaction is failed and they will refund but till now no refund. I have send all proofs. But again and again they ask for proofs without refunding money.
  5. X

    Forex Affiliate Links XM Rebates

    XM Rebates Affiliate iD A60506 ( You can verify with XM on claims) Cash Back Rates Cash back rebates are paid per closed position unless otherwise specified. 1 Lot = 100,000 base currency units traded. Get upto $22.5 per lot traded. *Notes Account availability depends on the client’s...
  6. Deepak Sharma

    Xm global stole my money

    Hello sir. My name is deepak sharma from India. my xm account number is 60894181. I added my first deposit amount 6500rupees on 24th June 2020 via NetBanking. Transaction was successful but not update in my xm account. I sent many emails but they not gave me any resolution. I deposit 5500...
  7. Wakes561

    XM rating needs to go down

    Hi, I would like for you guys to assist me in anyway possible,not the only one that had to overcome a loss. I recently started trading with xm whereby my account was managed by a mentor. I've tried to withdraw and that lead to my account being blocked and all my funds taken away..
  8. ferdia moh

    XM Global closed my order tooked my deposit and bocked my account

    Hello I am ferdia former client in the xm and owner of account number 54036529 , i read many posts here about xm and realized im not the only victim of xm so i came here to share my case , first i traded with xm for almost 2 months i started to trade on 09 march and i was trading normally with...
  9. I

    Resolved: XM Scam - my deposit gone Account: 55056676

    I deposited 180 USD in XM after validating my account ,i doing some trades but they closed my trades on lose and they close the account and they send email business relation termination email i accept that and i am going to withdraw my remaining deposit once i did they send another email and...
  10. C

    WARNING! XM Has stopped accepting visa credit cards, and i learned about it the hard way

    I Had a S&P 500 Short, opened at about 2750, and, it went up to 2850, then back to 2730, but in the process, i lost all my money, because, when i tried to deposit some money to hold the Short, twice, it did not work, and it automatically closed the operation, i was left with 14$ and nothing...
  11. H

    XM stole 80% from my balance one day after they blocked my trading for NO REASON !!

    first of all i wrote a review on xm page but i need to wait 3 days for it to be published my account balance was 553.94 $ i requested a withdrawal of 255.44 . And xm sent me a msg that my request was processed though i'm still waiting for the money to appear in my account, i believe that. for...
  12. Manzi Berry

    XM global warning: unprofessional company

    Hello guys, I've been trading with XM GLOBAL for a year & a half now but I completely feel ashamed and regretful for working with them. Last week, I made a withdraw via an alternative method & after few hours later they sent me an email saying that the money is being sent to the original...
  13. R

    Resolved: XM didn't pay my last withdrawal

    I didn't have problems with XM before, they were processing my withdrawals normally. I've been using them since 2016. My problem with XM started this month, when I requested a withdrawal which was approved and, according to them, sent on March 3 (see below), but today March 23 it's still not...
  14. A

    XM steals deposits and causes loss on purpose

    Keep your money. Do not deposit your money with this company . This company closed my deals without any warning and caused the loss and prevented me from withdrawing the rest of my money. They asked me to send additional documents and i uploaded the documents and they have not responded to...
  15. Piusmakor21

    XM should be avoided

    Regrettably, I wish to inform the public that XM has changed,,they now manipulate trades and adjust orders, ,,,XM seems to be having issues,,I placed a pending sell stop order on gold with 0.2 lot size at 1658.45 and take profit was 1655.48. This order was manipulated ,and entry adjusted to...
  16. R

    XM - Refusing to give back my deposit 500 USD.

    My account #55001560 I deposit 500 USD on my account ,i opened trades but they suddenly close my trades on lose 109 $ and received email from them that my account under investigation and they mention that they will not process any withdraw till further notice , after approx 4 hours the send me...
  17. M

    XM Cancel my account for trading patterns

    Hi, I open this thread to alert against xm. I opened a trading account and requested the 25 e bonus, my first operation made a profit of 50 e. From then on, I placed a strong order for an operation the result is that they closed my account. The sense of presenting this alert is that they...
  18. Delicious

    XM Global MT

    XM Global is no longer a safe blocker. There are HACKERS which hack you money ,when you deposit and they can even hack your account.
  19. anouartrader

    Broker XM scandal after scandal

    The XM scandals include its subsidiary MyFxBook.com Closure of operations, obstacles in cash withdrawals, "audited" accounts that can be erased, are just some problems that traders have to deal with, and it is not for less, because we have already commented previously that XM is a broker...
  20. R

    XM Forex Please Don't Trust Them

    Hi All, Good morning. Just want to tell you all, that I experience with XM forex last week. I deposited to my account total of 179.92$. see attached file below. on February 6, 2020 I noticed that all my orders position are automatic closed, then I asking myself is why? I want to check my...