1. R

    XM didn't pay my last withdrawal

    I didn't have problems with XM before, they were processing my withdrawals normally. I've been using them since 2016. My problem with XM started this month, when I requested a withdrawal which was approved and, according to them, sent on March 3 (see below), but today March 23 it's still not...
  2. A

    XM steals deposits and causes loss on purpose

    Keep your money. Do not deposit your money with this company . This company closed my deals without any warning and caused the loss and prevented me from withdrawing the rest of my money. They asked me to send additional documents and i uploaded the documents and they have not responded to...
  3. Piusmakor21

    XM should be avoided

    Regrettably, I wish to inform the public that XM has changed,,they now manipulate trades and adjust orders, ,,,XM seems to be having issues,,I placed a pending sell stop order on gold with 0.2 lot size at 1658.45 and take profit was 1655.48. This order was manipulated ,and entry adjusted to...
  4. R

    XM - Refusing to give back my deposit 500 USD.

    My account #55001560 I deposit 500 USD on my account ,i opened trades but they suddenly close my trades on lose 109 $ and received email from them that my account under investigation and they mention that they will not process any withdraw till further notice , after approx 4 hours the send me...
  5. M

    XM Cancel my account for trading patterns

    Hi, I open this thread to alert against xm. I opened a trading account and requested the 25 e bonus, my first operation made a profit of 50 e. From then on, I placed a strong order for an operation the result is that they closed my account. The sense of presenting this alert is that they...
  6. Delicious

    XM Global MT

    XM Global is no longer a safe blocker. There are HACKERS which hack you money ,when you deposit and they can even hack your account.
  7. anouartrader

    Broker XM scandal after scandal

    The XM scandals include its subsidiary MyFxBook.com Closure of operations, obstacles in cash withdrawals, "audited" accounts that can be erased, are just some problems that traders have to deal with, and it is not for less, because we have already commented previously that XM is a broker...
  8. R

    XM Forex Please Don't Trust Them

    Hi All, Good morning. Just want to tell you all, that I experience with XM forex last week. I deposited to my account total of 179.92$. see attached file below. on February 6, 2020 I noticed that all my orders position are automatic closed, then I asking myself is why? I want to check my...
  9. LoobenSoo

    XM trading is scamming real hard

    I have deposited 100$ which is around RM422 ( currency of my country ). On 6th of February. I decided to withdraw it on 7th of February. I wanted to withdrew 100$ back out. Leaving just the earnings. It did say to wait 24 hour for the withdrawal but its been 3 days. I've tried calling their...
  10. R

    Xm cheating

    hi thank you so much FPA for been around i have request a withdrawal from xm of my profit and my deposit some 75 dollar i contact the chat service at xm website about my problem and he explain that this arbitrage activities mean that i use accounts to hegde my position . i only have 1 account...
  11. Manzi Berry

    Resolved: XM.com are scammers

    Hello, My name is Berry. I've registered and started to trade with XM broker and after some time I made a withdraw request since last week. They sent me an email saying they approved my request but to this day I've no sign of the money to my bank account. So I keep emailing them my problem but...
  12. L

    XM Bonus profit NOT WITHDRAWABLE

    I opened a new account with XM and opted for the £20 trading bonus. Made profit of £30. Tried to withdraw the profit but I got an email stating they will not be processing the withdrawal claiming I had contravened some of their laws and that I would forfeit it-and that NO further correspondence...
  13. T

    tladitladi xm problem

    scammed by xm they took 360 credit from my account which did not reflect a negative balance
  14. A

    Resolved Xemarkets withdrawal issue

    I sent my withdrawal request about 2 weeks ago to Xemarkets as 27000$. After following a lot and complaining, they paid just 12918$ last week and promised to pay the rest within 48-72 hours but is remained for 7 days and they refuse to pay. Even I have complained against it to Cysec about this...
  15. A

    Xemarkets rejecting my deposit which result in my account go margin call!!!

  16. M

    XM Global not complying to their regulations

    I would like to file a case against XM they don't follow their regulations I deposited 1000USD and traded and made a profit of 1340 USD and further placed a withdrawal, this happened on the 16th January and so they did not process my withdrawal and said my account was under investigation they...
  17. K

    Scam Thread VS XM, they taking out my money $1376 USD

    they will close your account if you are profitable and take your hard earned money and efforts. My account # 1007156, I started making good money in IB. the employees of the broker decively and intentionally closed my account. I live in SA, residence not citizen and have my passport and Saudi...
  18. FeederXII

    XM force me to close EA due to high frequency of position

    I just receive a call and email receive from XM that request me to close my EA due to lot of position that open make their server issue. I dont know is their VPS problem or really their MT4 server issue. This is not fair to me I hope XM represent will help to solve this. I will post the email to...
  19. L

    XM broker stop server for more than 90 minutes

    Hello, i am trading for the past so many years,recently i open an account of $4500 with the XM,on 5 october 2018 when non-farm data release at 5:30 PM pak.time XM server stopped at 5:22 till more than 90 minutes its remained stopped i have more than 1.6 standard lots opened in GBP/AUD when the...
  20. H


    Dear sir my name is Johnson maotoe i am current trader to XM Trader when made a withdrawal of my profits to bank my money is still not being send to my bank account i wrote to the XM support for a complain about my money being not being deposited into my bank account till now i did not...