1. Manzi Berry

    Resolved: XM.com are scammers

    Hello, My name is Berry. I've registered and started to trade with XM broker and after some time I made a withdraw request since last week. They sent me an email saying they approved my request but to this day I've no sign of the money to my bank account. So I keep emailing them my problem but...
  2. L

    XM Bonus profit NOT WITHDRAWABLE

    I opened a new account with XM and opted for the £20 trading bonus. Made profit of £30. Tried to withdraw the profit but I got an email stating they will not be processing the withdrawal claiming I had contravened some of their laws and that I would forfeit it-and that NO further correspondence...
  3. T

    tladitladi xm problem

    scammed by xm they took 360 credit from my account which did not reflect a negative balance
  4. A

    Resolved Xemarkets withdrawal issue

    I sent my withdrawal request about 2 weeks ago to Xemarkets as 27000$. After following a lot and complaining, they paid just 12918$ last week and promised to pay the rest within 48-72 hours but is remained for 7 days and they refuse to pay. Even I have complained against it to Cysec about this...
  5. A

    Xemarkets rejecting my deposit which result in my account go margin call!!!

  6. M

    XM Global not complying to their regulations

    I would like to file a case against XM they don't follow their regulations I deposited 1000USD and traded and made a profit of 1340 USD and further placed a withdrawal, this happened on the 16th January and so they did not process my withdrawal and said my account was under investigation they...
  7. K

    Scam Thread VS XM, they taking out my money $1376 USD

    they will close your account if you are profitable and take your hard earned money and efforts. My account # 1007156, I started making good money in IB. the employees of the broker decively and intentionally closed my account. I live in SA, residence not citizen and have my passport and Saudi...
  8. FeederXII

    XM force me to close EA due to high frequency of position

    I just receive a call and email receive from XM that request me to close my EA due to lot of position that open make their server issue. I dont know is their VPS problem or really their MT4 server issue. This is not fair to me I hope XM represent will help to solve this. I will post the email to...
  9. L

    XM broker stop server for more than 90 minutes

    Hello, i am trading for the past so many years,recently i open an account of $4500 with the XM,on 5 october 2018 when non-farm data release at 5:30 PM pak.time XM server stopped at 5:22 till more than 90 minutes its remained stopped i have more than 1.6 standard lots opened in GBP/AUD when the...
  10. H


    Dear sir my name is Johnson maotoe i am current trader to XM Trader when made a withdrawal of my profits to bank my money is still not being send to my bank account i wrote to the XM support for a complain about my money being not being deposited into my bank account till now i did not...
  11. Z

    Resolved: xm cancel my profit and claim im using ‘arbitrage’ activities.

    hi thank you so much FPA for been around i have request a withdrawal from xm of my profit and my deposit some 2092 dollar i contact the chat service at xm website about my problem and he explain that this arbitrage activities mean that i use accounts to hegde my position . i only have 1...
  12. J

    About XM

    This company are scammers, they offer the prices on their convenience at their platforms to rob you all your positions. I did a test with them in front of Key to markets. Key to Markets is a clean ECN broker that you can trade with security .... I open 1 position with each one of them and at the...
  13. M

    Broker (XM) doesn't allow volatile pair...

    Hi all, Totally new to forex, so I installed some Demos (AvaTrade and XM). USDTRY looks fun at the moment, so I made some trades on Ava and it works fine (I'm in the money :) ) XM doesn't allow trading in USDTRY atm, because it's too volatile. Chat tells me it's to protect the client and the...
  14. S


    l placed an order on my broker which is XM. I placed them on GBP/CAD and on USD/CAD and during news my price was trigged and it went in my favour...After some time l checked and l found that l was on a loss. When l asked them the account manager called me and she said that it could not give me...
  15. T

    XM Scam Broker Trade All Profit Cannot be Withdraw

    yesterday 5may2018, i have make withdraw the profit, but xm broker is reject the withdraw, the xm sent me this message then my all profit have be canceled i have attach all proof receive the email and acc history
  16. martinlamarque

    COMPLAINT about XM

    Client Terminal Build and Version: MARTIN LAMARQUE, 4005935, XM.COM-MT5, MQ ID: 1ED80A5B, MetaTrader 5 build 1649, iPhone (iPhone10,6) iOS 11.2.5 Problem description Hello XM, Following the first decision of the department (closing my account), which is unaccountable since I did nothing (about...
  17. M

    My Withdrawal from XM

    Good day , I'm trading with XM.com I thought it was the best broker until they scammed me I couldn't believe it ..here is the story I requested a withdrawal on 20/12/2017 after 24 hours they sent an email saying the money was processed I then checked on my account of skrill the balance was...
  18. O

    Resolved: XM Scam???

    Today I Was make witdhrawal 250$ to My Account 21002521. My balance trading was reduce 250$. But XM only Pay My withdrawal 200$. XM Will Scam???
  19. vickor

    XM scam!

    I enter a buy stop position slightly above the open price at around 2030 Hong Kong time. Which is around 1.2496. Then when it move beyond that point, I got into buy position 6 pips above the high(1.2564) which is 1.2570. I've talked to them but they're giving me shitty reply that are not making...
  20. Turkkiendez

    XM have there own chart, the changes the candles.. Stay away

    Hi, I wish all the people here have a good day. ** Keep away from this broker, they make there own candles ** First this is not a problem that happened just to me, it's happened to serval people in the same time with XM. First we got a closed order ( NZDUSD ) ( Buy ) and no one touch the...