XM Refuse to give my deposit balance .

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Rafiq Ahmed

I start trading with XM less than month ago i deposit 200$ in micro account #49077605 ,i opened 50 Lot micro ( i create this account for Risk) so they suddenly closed my trade intentionally on loss of 67$ and they send me email your account put in hold ,and they send another email that you cant withdraw your balance deposit and asking me the below.
Dear Sir/Madam,

As per our Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, please note that we will require the following original documentation to be sent to us:

Notarised copy of passport
Certified true copy of recent utility bill (no more than three months old)
Original Bank Reference Letter including your passport/ID number, full address and date of bank account opening
Please note that the above should be certified as true copies of the originals by any of the following:

· Notary public

· Qualified practicing lawyers

· Bank

The above documents shall need to be sent until 25/12/2020 to the following address:

XM Compliance Department
12 Richard & Verengaria Street
Araouzos Castle Court, 3rd Floor
3042 Limassol, Cyprus

In addition to our documentation request, please provide a response to the following questions:

Please confirm and explain the trading strategy that you employed when trading (i.e. the rationale behind your decisions to trade and take the particular positions that you entered into).
Please confirm if you were acting in concert with any other client of XM Group when carrying out any trading activity (i.e. where you have been discussing trading strategies or activity with any other client and, if so, was your trading activity linked with theirs/were you taking equal positions without any genuine directional positions?).
Please explain if any other related party with you traded on your behalf and the reason behind this action.
Please note that any withdrawal requests will remain pending until we will receive the above requested documentation and information.

We hope you can appreciate that as a regulated entity we must follow procedures set down by the Company so that we abide by the directives and laws of our Regulator.

Kind Regards,

This silly &funny request and stalling to steal my money ,to attest my identity papers with lawer and sending true physical copy to their office in Cyprus will cost me more than my deposit . and why asking this and my account already validated .
i send them my ID again and still not reply to me ,

be carful all if you join XM and your account is validated this not the end once you deposit they will block your money and they request from you the above same me . if you in profit they will do the same .

i am waiting reply from them regard my withdraw that on hold


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Hello there!How xm is a scam? Just asking coz Im a newly trader by xm brokers and have'nt yet deposit money in my accnt hope for reply FPA☺️
I sent all what they required and the account manager speak to me and did what he required (selfi ,ID ) but no reply from them and still blocked my moeny and they not refund the loses that they caused , tried the top company invitation option on the top but not work ?any help @4evermaat
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I sent all what they required and the account manager speak to me and did what he required (selfi ,ID ) but no reply from them and still blocked my moeny and they not refund the loses that they caused ,

This is a common stall tactic. Pure BS. Your account is already verified. In fact, i would recommend that you put a temporary freeze on any credit cards that you have used with them.
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