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  1. D

    Problem Resolved: EasyMarkets Problem

    Approximately three months (28/08/2023) I transferred 1,698.65 USD to easymarkets but the funds have still not been credited to my account due to a mistake made by the payments processor used by easymarkets (see attachment below). Has anyone had this problem before and did you take further...
  2. Jo_johny

    Resolved:FBS chart anomalies

    Guys, just now my account in FBS got MC-ed, but if I'm looking at the chart, it's very odd. The price suddenly drop from 1940is to 1917is, and it only happen with FBS. Have compared it woth other broker's chart and there's no such price drop. Is this a scam @FBS Official Manager ?
  3. B

    Resolved: ACY is charging retroactive swaps in an unfair manner, effectively abusing consumer

    From june to september, I had 20 open lots of instrument VIX. In october, ACY removed 11414.70 EUR from my account, saying that the swaps were supposed to be 100 times higher on the platform for those trades. Even though the total P&L was only 5169.59 EUR, they refuse to budge and admit that I...
  4. S

    Resolved: OctaFX - Placed withdrawal request on Oct 9 2023, still money not credited

    Hi, I placed a Withdrawal request in OctaFX on 9th Oct 2023. Status is showing as processed but money not credited. I am following up OctaFX representative every day and I am getting same message that their financial team looking into the issue. There is no progress or any other update. Also...
  5. R

    Resolved: OctaFX don't refund me my deposit by payment problem

    Hi, my name is Jang Soo Young. I'm continuing my unpleasant experience at octafx. I made a deposit to them in cryptocurrency and I informed them of it and was waiting for my deposit to be reflected, but they said it was a wrong deposit and told me that they would refund it But this problem has...
  6. thussain313

    Resolved: Vantage markets stole my profits of £34895.20 and £4000 deposit

    Hi i am making a Complaint against who have stolen my profits of £34895.20 along with £4000 of my deposit which is a total of £38895.20 as a cash adjustment pl excuse and are failing to respond to my emails and explain why they have done this to me. I have seen numerous...
  7. Trading.Angel881

    Resolved:❗️ serious issue "what exactly is this!?" -> (a sell below the Bid Candles)

    Hello Community I am running into an issue with Eightcap. A sell below the bid candles? If the arrows are correctly drawn, that seems a serious broker issue. A sell deal (which closed my trade) is executed at Bid price. The chart for XAUJPY is using bid prices, sell deals should ALWAYS being...
  8. J


    Before April 22, 2022, I contacted MONETAMARKETS to open an account, i told them i want a confirmation to know when my account has been FULLY VERIFIED and APPROVED because i did not want to deposit, trade and have withdrawal problems in future. However, this is what i am currently facing now...
  9. B

    Resolved: ICMarkets is not a fair broker...when they do a mistake, you are the one they charge!

    During the debacle of regional US banks of may 23, I traded instrument US2000 that had a very nice swap rate (I assumed it was coming from future/CFD adjustment in volatile times) but unfortunately even with those good swaps rates I ended globally negative on those trades for -932.23 EUR. I was...
  10. Satya Narayan Mahato

    Resolved: Can't withdraw from fxtm broker

    I have an account in FXTM Broker Login ID: Satya Narayan Mahato MyFXTM ID: 64095604 , I had request my withdrawal on 24th May 2023 But FXTM broker doesn't give us my withdrawal in my bank account yet .I have still request to support department they delaying to response my queries why not sending...
  11. F

    Resolved - FXGLORY PROBLEM

    We are two traders in a single home and we thought to use FxGlory as our broker to trade since they were offering deposit bonus. We deposited 1000$ each to different accounts with no intention or purpose to abuse the bonus or use it for hedging. I could manage to make 3000$ profits on one...
  12. Texaco14

    Resolved: No Withdrawal FXTM (

    I am having trouble withdrawing $100 from FXTM. First I was allowed to withdraw from my GBP Funding source £50. Now, whenever I try to withdraw from my USD Funding source, I am told it is declined and request funds in USD, which is exactly what I do, only to be declined again. I don't know what...
  13. AhmedMo

    Resolved: ForexTime withdrawal taking much longer than it should.

    First, I'd like to thank FxMaster and FPA for helping others get their money back. While growing my account with FXTM, I used to withdraw a small amount of my profits like $5 to $16 and withdrawal never took more than 2 minutes to reach my PM wallet. Now I want to withdraw my entire balance of...
  14. Loocai

    Resolved - XM closed my account and refuses to give me my deposit back

    Hello dear members, My situation is the following: I opened an account last year on the trading platform XM. Eventually, I made a deposit of 1,000 USD and started to trade, taking the risks I desired to take. XM promptly closed my account and sent me this message: " Dear Sir/Madam, We are...
  15. W

    Resolved: scam , cannot withdraw 62EUR

    Here is the case. I deposited in 2021 52EUR and made some profits around 10EUR :) Now from 17 days they cannot process my withdrawal because i provided different bank account (I no longer use my old account). They say every day that they will push my case to finance department and bla bla bla ...
  16. R

    Resolved: Global Prime: Withdrawal denied by AfterPrime

    I'm trying to request a withdrawal, but the broker has taken down their customer portal, changed their name to Afterprime and refuses to process my withdrawal request.
  17. zafar_ali_777

    Problem Resolved: is not giving me withdraw of my capital with profit

    Hi Respected @Administrator I Need Your Special Help Because 10tradefx is not giving me withdraw . I (Zafar Ali) recently traded a US share on 10 March 2023, but I'm not sure why Tentrade Support team thought that I was trading a gap. Tentrade broker provided high leverage for US shares...
  18. AbhiJ

    Resolved: Moneta Markets Price Manipulation

    Their system manipulates PROFIT and LOSS and show the wrong price at the Order Execution Level for both opening and closing prices. I have incurred a loss of more than several thousand euros because of this. I have already raised a complaint and concern for this . I hope they will resolve it if...
  19. Aru90215

    Resolved - Nayra Capital Review

    Hi Guys I would like to post my bad experience with Nayra Capital which is run by a guy called Aryan. He offers a prop fund management service for a fee and in addition also provides VIP signals for forex trading. He claims he has passed over 85 prop fund challenges and claims his signals has a...
  20. ad9033

    RESOLVED - Fake slippage by exness blows my account

    Hello I just got scammed by exness fake slippage The nfp news just came this friday and my sl was already hit i was watching the spread too they were normal 2 pips at first when my sl was hit but they didnt closed them and later closed them 50 pips later and blown my 55 dollar trading account i...