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  1. M

    Resolved: Hotforex asking me to provide criminal record for getting withdraw.

    I open hotforex account 3 years ago. I deposit many time and lost money but now I am trying to withdraw my remaining funds from last month but the refuse and comes with lame excuses . Now they are asking me to provide clean criminal record. Its been one month now they are not returning my money.
  2. C

    Resolved: BDSWISS won't give money back SCAM

    Hello is anyone been in trouble with bdswiss to get their money back here ? because us yes ! My husband just put money in bdswiss like 2 weeks ago and then wants to get the money back but now they don’t want to give the money back and want us to send them a plenty of papers and everything ( we...
  3. K


    Since 22nd december i made withdrawal request to avatrade of my 2088usd and till date i have not got my money. They keep posting me to left right and centre. See full details here

    Resolved: Icmarkets refund issue

    Since last year I've been trying to refund my credit card. They tried, even sent a receipt showing this, after couple days of several emails they finally saw a problem with Worldpay and suggested other way to withdraw. This year i tried to withdraw to my Bank account, they refused, i showed the...
  5. viktop


    I applied for a withdrawal of $34.59 from my trading account on 8th February, 2021 and up to this moment I have not received the money in my account. I contacted my fxtm account manager, Mr. Ahmed on Tuesday and he assured me that the money will surely reflect in my account before the end of...
  6. E


  7. Gholis

    Resolved: executions scam! cheats with stop loss executions! I've noticed this today, but who knows how many times they've done it before. I normally trade with bracket orders attached. Today I've seen it clearly that my stop loss order has been executed by but the price had not reached the stop loss...
  8. I

    Umarkets doesnt process withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for almost 3 months for my 1400 USD withdrawal. The process of withdrawing is incredibly frustrating. I click "Submit" in my user area, a confirmation appears but I dont see it in my pending withdrawals, no email confirmation etc. They have a rule that first you account manager must...
  9. Adrian92

    Scam by MHICoin - to rich chinese women

    I am looking for people who have been deceived by the website I belong to them myself ... I cannot withdraw funds from this fake cryptocurrency site. I reported the case to Hong Kong police, local police and also here I don't know what else can be done. The...
  10. S

    Resolved: I also faced a problem with XM

    I also faced a problem with XM. I too from India Deposited 5000 INR on 5-11-2020 but not added to my account.They told the transaction is failed and they will refund but till now no refund. I have send all proofs. But again and again they ask for proofs without refunding money.
  11. I

    Resolved: USGFX Global not processing withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for my withdrawal for over 3 months, They use the same generic excuse since the beginning: I am done with accepting this stupid generic answer. I encourage all traders in the same situation to gather here under my post with their stories so we can take a group action against therm...
  12. Kenny soh

    Resolved: Hotforex withdrawal problem

    I am having withdrawal issue. Money is in my bank account and money get stuck under hold status for 4days since 13oct. I can't touch that money. I send email to hotforex their withdrawal dept service for assistance and they are pretty lousy take long time to reply. This morning I send email...
  13. abhinandanadike

    Resolved: What is the current situation of

    Dear Sir my withdrawals are pending since a week nearly. I need to know the situation of that company. They have kept my withdrawal pending.
  14. Muzshura scam regarding thematic portfolios? - Resolved

    I've been saving money to invest in one of thematic portfolios. Artificial Intelligence stocks portfolio to be specific. About a week ago I've monitored the situation on their website and all portfolios have updated info on their returns, all was good. I got even more decisive and was...
  15. anthonydavalos

    Denuncia Contra Avatrade por Supuesta Estafa - RESOLVED

    El 1 de Octubre de 2017 participe en el concurso de de con (¹) con el sobrenombre Softhony el cual quedé en el primer lugar según la Tabla de Posiciones (²), acreditándome como ganador del premio de $5000 dolares americanos, conforme el reglamento del concurso (³)...
  16. G

    Resolved: Bdswiss not paying withdrawals that I requested a month ago - Scam!!!

    It's been more than a month since I requested 2 withdrawals from 2 MT accounts and they are not paying me nor saying anything! At the begining, they requested me a lot of information (documents, proof of deposits, etc.) and once everything was verified they approved both withdrawals. After this...
  17. F


    I have been hearing that fraud do exist in fbs and they manipulate trades to make their clients lose trades and I never believed, but just now, I have just witnessed it. My xagusd buy position opened since 28/07/2020 just got forcibly closed by fbs now when fbs dragged its price down to $18.667...
  18. B

    Resolved: - help needed.

    I am hoping forex peace army can help assist me. I recently began using and was able to make withdrawals successfully ( nothing greater than $100). When I tried to make a big withdrawal after making some nice profit I suddenly needed to verify my profile. I sent the required documents...
  19. Malaksen

    Resolved: - price manipulations detected

    I really considered this broker for CFD trading and registered a demo here. But even at this stage these guys managed to screw up. The several things I was checking were licensing, regulations and the quality of the market data. All seemed to be fine with the first two points, but the quality...
  20. F

    Resolved: Altra Scalper Premium By Oliver Murphy,

    Total Scam!! Took my money and Provided NOTHING! Won't respond to emails!! RANDOLPH BROOKS FCU x-6250Transaction ID7XW74673N8365114S Seller infoДарья Родченковаaltraforex@gmail.comInvoice IDAltra Scalper Premium (1592953374) Purchase details Purchase amount $95.00 Total $95.00