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  1. Finni

    Resolved: My forex funds Scam

    5 days later. No log in credentials for and just excuse after excuse to stall the process. Customer service is none existent.. beware. Scam
  2. H

    RESOLVED - Need Help : HOTFOREX withdrawal problem

    Hi there I have a problem with hotforex withdrawal I requested a withdrawal for 131.28USD and received email confirmation of successful withdrawal of 131.28 on 27 Aug 2021 When I checked with my local bank back office told me only received 72.28USD. The local bank also informed they do not...
  3. I

    Resolved: IC Markets thinks 20pips spread on EURUSD is perfectly OK

    I considered IC Markets as a fair and trustworthy broker until a scam event I experienced on EURUSD trade. In a perfectly calm market, they teleported the price right above my SL with unbelievable spread of... wait for it... 20 pips. I really recommend you all to look at the screenshots so...
  4. R


    STAY AWAY FROM THIS SVG SCAM BROKER THAT HOLDS AN FCA LICENSE. I have a rolling basis rev share deal of 30% with Tiomarkets and my IB commissions as at end of July 2020 as stated in my IB portal was 9,338.29 USD (minus swaps). I waited for 3 working days for the payment to be effected to my...
  5. S

    Resolved: Octafx just wont give me back my money. outright theft of my 5700$ deposit + 115$ profit.

    So i deposited 5755$ for trading into octafx. withdrew 55$ , i received that. i felt ok with trading now. traded with $5700, opened 3 trades gained around 115$ profit. when i go to withdraw the 5815$ amount, after a hour or so, they give a confirmation email stating that your withdrawal is...
  6. L

    Resolved -

    Scam broker beware , my money 2500$ disappear from my account without any reason
  7. V

    Resolved: Hotforex manipulating my entry price and exit price.

    Hotforex is manipulating my trades. When I open a buy order AUDUSD, the entry price is hell 15 pips above the current market price, the spread is 1 pip only when I was trading. Same goes to my many others trades (I'm only listing a few here), I placed a sell order with instant execution and it...
  8. D

    Resolved: FxOpen- Did not execute my stoploss

    my account number is 14500317. MT5 account the market has hit my stop loss twice and it did not execute, i have same order on other 3 different brokers and FxOpen MT4 accounts and all executed my stoploss, and FxOpen hedged my sell order with a counter buy order (same lot as my un-executed sell...
  9. S

    RESOLVED - Beware BlueberryMarkets scam. All who lost money with them pls gather here

    Hi, This is going to be a long post, but I promise you guys its worth reading till the end. I have been a victim of a scam broker with the name: BlueberryMarkets. When I had wanted to open an account, I spoke to an employee on their live chat and was explicitly told they were an ECN broker...
  10. N

    Resolved: is charging me deposit fees please help

    hi how are you doing? i have deposited 14049.78 to my xm account number : 18218804 i got credit 13641.64 usd i contacted xm support about that and why i got credit less amount of my original deposit via this email today they reply me with Please note that you have been...
  11. Usmanshah08

    Resolved: Octafx not crediting my deposit from two weeks

    Hi my name is Syed usman Shah. I am trading on octafx from more than 6 months. On april 12 i deposited Rs40000 which is equivalent to $261 but they have added only 32.75$ which is only Rs5000 i told this issue to support many time they always says our finance team is working on this issue and As...
  12. M

    Resolved: Hotforex asking me to provide criminal record for getting withdraw.

    I open hotforex account 3 years ago. I deposit many time and lost money but now I am trying to withdraw my remaining funds from last month but the refuse and comes with lame excuses . Now they are asking me to provide clean criminal record. Its been one month now they are not returning my money.
  13. K

    Resolved: does not payback my money

    I have traded with this broker for few months and made withdrawn several times. That was fine for few times of withdrawal, so I deposit more and trade. On 08 April 2021, I tried to withdraw $300, but the broker did not process the request. On 13 April 2021, I made the request for withdraw the...
  14. C

    Resolved: BDSWISS won't give money back SCAM

    Hello is anyone been in trouble with bdswiss to get their money back here ? because us yes ! My husband just put money in bdswiss like 2 weeks ago and then wants to get the money back but now they don’t want to give the money back and want us to send them a plenty of papers and everything ( we...
  15. K


    Since 22nd december i made withdrawal request to avatrade of my 2088usd and till date i have not got my money. They keep posting me to left right and centre. See full details here

    Resolved: Icmarkets refund issue

    Since last year I've been trying to refund my credit card. They tried, even sent a receipt showing this, after couple days of several emails they finally saw a problem with Worldpay and suggested other way to withdraw. This year i tried to withdraw to my Bank account, they refused, i showed the...
  17. viktop


    I applied for a withdrawal of $34.59 from my trading account on 8th February, 2021 and up to this moment I have not received the money in my account. I contacted my fxtm account manager, Mr. Ahmed on Tuesday and he assured me that the money will surely reflect in my account before the end of...
  18. E


  19. Gholis

    Resolved: executions scam! cheats with stop loss executions! I've noticed this today, but who knows how many times they've done it before. I normally trade with bracket orders attached. Today I've seen it clearly that my stop loss order has been executed by but the price had not reached the stop loss...
  20. I

    Umarkets doesnt process withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for almost 3 months for my 1400 USD withdrawal. The process of withdrawing is incredibly frustrating. I click "Submit" in my user area, a confirmation appears but I dont see it in my pending withdrawals, no email confirmation etc. They have a rule that first you account manager must...