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  1. S

    Resolved: I also faced a problem with XM

    I also faced a problem with XM. I too from India Deposited 5000 INR on 5-11-2020 but not added to my account.They told the transaction is failed and they will refund but till now no refund. I have send all proofs. But again and again they ask for proofs without refunding money.
  2. I

    Resolved: USGFX Global not processing withdrawals anymore?

    Im waiting for my withdrawal for over 3 months, They use the same generic excuse since the beginning: I am done with accepting this stupid generic answer. I encourage all traders in the same situation to gather here under my post with their stories so we can take a group action against therm...
  3. Kenny soh

    Resolved: Hotforex withdrawal problem

    I am having withdrawal issue. Money is in my bank account and money get stuck under hold status for 4days since 13oct. I can't touch that money. I send email to hotforex their withdrawal dept service for assistance and they are pretty lousy take long time to reply. This morning I send email...
  4. abhinandanadike

    Resolved: What is the current situation of

    Dear Sir my withdrawals are pending since a week nearly. I need to know the situation of that company. They have kept my withdrawal pending.
  5. anthonydavalos

    Denuncia Contra Avatrade por Supuesta Estafa - RESOLVED

    El 1 de Octubre de 2017 participe en el concurso de de con (¹) con el sobrenombre Softhony el cual quedé en el primer lugar según la Tabla de Posiciones (²), acreditándome como ganador del premio de $5000 dolares americanos, conforme el reglamento del concurso (³)...
  6. G

    Resolved: Bdswiss not paying withdrawals that I requested a month ago - Scam!!!

    It's been more than a month since I requested 2 withdrawals from 2 MT accounts and they are not paying me nor saying anything! At the begining, they requested me a lot of information (documents, proof of deposits, etc.) and once everything was verified they approved both withdrawals. After this...
  7. F


    I have been hearing that fraud do exist in fbs and they manipulate trades to make their clients lose trades and I never believed, but just now, I have just witnessed it. My xagusd buy position opened since 28/07/2020 just got forcibly closed by fbs now when fbs dragged its price down to $18.667...
  8. B

    Resolved: - help needed.

    I am hoping forex peace army can help assist me. I recently began using and was able to make withdrawals successfully ( nothing greater than $100). When I tried to make a big withdrawal after making some nice profit I suddenly needed to verify my profile. I sent the required documents...
  9. Malaksen

    Resolved: - price manipulations detected

    I really considered this broker for CFD trading and registered a demo here. But even at this stage these guys managed to screw up. The several things I was checking were licensing, regulations and the quality of the market data. All seemed to be fine with the first two points, but the quality...
  10. F

    Resolved: Altra Scalper Premium By Oliver Murphy,

    Total Scam!! Took my money and Provided NOTHING! Won't respond to emails!! RANDOLPH BROOKS FCU x-6250Transaction ID7XW74673N8365114S Seller infoДарья Родченковаaltraforex@gmail.comInvoice IDAltra Scalper Premium (1592953374) Purchase details Purchase amount $95.00 Total $95.00
  11. Leomord

    Resolved: is a scam !

    This service provider offers a 2 months trade copier service trial that he charges 97USD/month with an offer of your capital protected which means that by the end of the trial if your accounts are in losses he will refund you the losses . My trial had already finished 1 month ago and till now...
  12. andyonandy


    I am currently facing this issue and they keep changing their terms. I have IB/affiliate commissions of a little over $5800 stuck with them. Today this, tomorrow that, they once said to bring 5 clients before i'll be paid, i did and still no pay, now they say the clients I brought only made $100...
  13. M

    Resolved: Plus 500 - Account is being reviewed

    I have apr 15K USD in my Plus 500 account and out of the blue I received a message that my account is under review (since May 13th). I have tried to communicate my problems towards Plus 500 support but all I receive is canned messages that they will get back to me soon. I have uploaded all...
  14. I

    Resolved: XM Scam - my deposit gone Account: 55056676

    I deposited 180 USD in XM after validating my account ,i doing some trades but they closed my trades on lose and they close the account and they send email business relation termination email i accept that and i am going to withdraw my remaining deposit once i did they send another email and...
  15. Todoimaginario

    Resolved - Plus500 blocked my account after profits

    I am looking for help online about what Plus500 is doing with my account. I hope you guys can help me. I have been trading with Plus500 for over a year now. I never had any issues with them. I had larger losses than profits during this time, but last week I managed to make some really big...
  16. edisondanielmv

    Resolved: Pepperstone increasing marging requirements from 0.5 to 15% in oil pairs

    Hello guys. I had really bad experiences with pepperstone. They didn't respect my stop losses orders they said it is the slippage and this is part of the game so they didnt take responsability of the contract that we do when we set a stop loss. And I lost nearly 2% of my account. Then I was...
  17. S

    icmarkets oil trade scam - Resolved

    icmarkets fault i now trade on xtiusd sell when my trade is one profit i am enable to close the trades in profit its shiw mesge the quotes suddenly after some minute my account wash plz check screenshot and refund my account with profit
  18. K

    Resolved - Beware Blueberry Markets

    Thursday (12-03-2020) going to friday (13-03-2020) i had 3 positions open, one on SP500 and two on Dow Jones. At the time 00.43 i put an order on US30 at the price 20550.00 i was almost 1000€ in profit at that time. I was tracking that order live, right then i noticed that the market wasn't...
  19. M

    Resolved: Dow500 Pending withdrawal from Problem

    I am dealing with Dow500 broker I tried to withdraw money from my account in the begging of April 2020 which I did not receive till now and the keep giving me excuses. Anyone have any idea about this broker or how can I get my money back??
  20. M

    Resolved: Amana capital delete my pending order

    I have deposit a 1000 usd on Amana capital to trade . Last week I have open trades and put a pending orders in case of market goes against my trade ( hadge). Then I found my pending orders deleted and market goes against my trades which lead to margin out my account and let lost it totally. I...