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  1. L

    I got scammed by

    Hello, I don't know if is the right place to report a cryptocurrency trading platform scam. I don't expect them to return my equity , but if i can worn any future clients about dealing with them then i am happy. Is it the right place to post this?
  2. H

    Resolved: OctaFx stolen profit from my trades

    hi my name is muhammad jamal.I have been trading with octafx since july account no is 4058880.yesterday i traded nzd news and made over 1175 $ but my broker ate almost all my profit when i closed my trades i got only 149 $. i was was so unbeleivable i thought it was a good...
  3. M

    Resolved: scam refuse to grant me full access to my account after I have made profit. I was ask to bring my birth certificate, national ID card and any document with my home address I gave them for over two months this suckers don't want to still grant me access to my account somebody pls tell me...
  4. A

    Resolved Issue - Withdrawal Issues with ICMarkets

    Hello Guys! I’ve been having issues with getting my money from IC markets! I withdrew money on 23rd September using swift transfer. They are claiming that money has left their bank account but it’s been more than a month now and my bank can’t even trace using the swift confirmation they sent...
  5. B

    Resolved: ICMarkets does not allow me to withdraw my profits, it is horrible, the worst !!!

    I think ICMarkets scammed me with a withdrawal of 250 USD via Debit Card!! ICmarkets dont me make withdrawals, Horrible.!! rigged delays for my withdrawals,IS a real refusal to send my Profits to my local bank. At the beginning when I started three years ago with a small investment of 700usd...
  6. Oche A


    First of all they slipped my trades consistently , the slippage ranged from 5pips to 15pip, i stole -$600 from my account by doing this. I have been trading since 2005, i am an engineer, a forex tutor and have organised several forex seminars round the globe, i have a network of over 40,000...
  7. RickMTB

    ETFinance - RESOLVED

    Around a week and a half ago I saw an advert for forex and decided to look into it further, which led to me opening a trading account with a broker (ETFinance: in Cyprus. I deposited £250 and started watching videos etc and I was getting contacted by one of ETFinances agents...
  8. K

    Resolved: Liteforex Profits and Account Removed !

    I earned money around $1198 with FX pairs and due to high volatility GBP and EURO i made good money.when i 2nd day login my backoffice for withdraw some money . there my account not showing and they removed my profits as well. When i checked my email there i got notification my account blocked...
  9. Gayanlakshantha

    Resolved: liteforex SCAM 100%

    warning liteforex broker is big scam ... today i request withdrawal my profit. ( small amount 3800 $ ) next second liteforex team is deleted my all tradings accounts.
  10. Poundtrader

    Resolved: Coinexx Don't Pay Withdrawal

    coinexx has always process withdrawals within 48hrs, so on 10-7-2019 i started my withdrawal and after 48hrs i did not recive my money so i contact them and for the last two days they been promising me the withdrawal will be process on that day but i never got my money so im still waiting. as...
  11. Miltonairefx

    Resolved: Octafx is a scam

    they don't want to give my profits and keep on rejecting my request even though im a verified account holder. now i made another withdrawal request for $150 you'll see how they reject it
  12. D

    Resolved: ICMARKETS neteller withdrawal stop working

    Hello everyone, very good night. My name is Debora, I'm new here. I'm having trouble withdraw funds from broker ICMarket to my neteller account. Importantly, the deposits at the brokerage were made via neteller and worked without problems. I had also done withdrawals before, but the last one I...
  13. Manzi Berry

    Resolved: are scammers

    Hello, My name is Berry. I've registered and started to trade with XM broker and after some time I made a withdraw request since last week. They sent me an email saying they approved my request but to this day I've no sign of the money to my bank account. So I keep emailing them my problem but...
  14. S

    ABANDONED by OP - Fort FS Withdrawal Problems

    These are the details of my completed withdrawal which was never received. My account details are correct because I have received a previous withdrawal for a smaller amount. 28 June 2019 01:34 Me : Hi, it's been over 7 business days since my latest bank withdrawal, is this normal as my first...
  15. K

    Resolved: IC Markets: An Outright Scam

    I'll have never thought I'll have to resort to the likes of FPA one day to resolve such unexpected occurrences. I'm happy that this site exists to help traders out. So, the nightmare begins. Story: One day, as I was walking to a different bank to make some unaltered changes to my monthly F/D...
  16. T

    Exness a broker that damaged my operation it from the beginning.

    thats is a broker a broker that damaged my operation complicating it from the beginning, I freeze my operations panel and server crashes. Account. 3047910 CLP MT5$ 150 USD return to my credit cardHello I want to ask for all the money deposited in this company, because I lost everything thanks...
  17. S

    Resolved: Etoro trading platform problem

    Hello I had a long position on Eur/Jpy with take profit 123.73 On 21 of May Etoro platform was down for 2 hours!!! During this time nothing could be done - opening, closing or modifying positions and during this period my position hit take profit 123.73, but after recovering their platfor...
  18. Stefx News


    Hi, my account is 17078085. Indicatively from 3-4 weeks every time that i try do a trade an offquotes error happen and other this is not possible to see my old (before June) history from mt4. I have asked them an explanation (15 times, by chat, by email) and every time their answer is '' Dear...
  19. S

    IC Markets removed my stop loss resulting in $4000 of extra losses

    Ice market removed and manipulated a trade on 08/05/2019,they adjusted my stop loss and my trade closed in loss. I immediatelly alerted them about this issue and was told its normal that stop loss does adjust itself and close a trade,firtsly that was not true and secondly it weas illegal to...