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Updated: Dec 14, 2018
3.324 · 467 REVIEWS
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Former websites of this broker include Trading-Point.com.

Other websites of this company include www.XMTrading.com.


XM Group is a group of online brokers. XM Group offers the MT4, MT5 and WebTrader currency trading platforms. XM.com offers over 50 currency pairs and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, commodities, equity indices, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.

XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com)

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XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com) profile provided by Chris Zacharia, Mar 28, 2017

XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and Mobile global forex trading top platforms. XM.com offers over 55+ forex pairs, stocks,cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.324 · 467 REVIEWS
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Dec 7, 2018,

XM is for IntroDay and Day Traders Only!

I'm giving XM 3 stars because I don't like three features that I came across. Would have given 5 if it weren't for these three.

Issue #1. The spread is quite wide compared to other brokers that I've trade with. I did a comparison it's like 2 to 3 times wider. Even on major pairs. I haven't seen a spread as low as "Zero" like they advertised on their site.

Issue #2. In one occasion I left my trades over night to the next day and the swap charge was 19TIMES my initial lot for one pair while other pairs was around 2.5times my initial lot. Good thing it was a small lot.

Issue #3. There are times I left my trade over night and without SL but this time I did with a good 30pips SL from current price. Once it hit 00:00UTC I went to go check on the chart, the spread asking price jump so high close to 40pips and knock out my trades that I put SL on it.

In conclusion: in XM don't leave your chart open over night, close it every end of day and if you do make sure you dont put SL or make sure your SL is at least 50pips from current price. Xm seems to be Good for introday and day traders.
And for those that complain about their TP not being reach that's because XM spreads is so wide apart you will have to put your TP 5-10pips in from your initial TP.
Davao, Philippines,
Dec 6, 2018,
Registered user

I have problem in withdrawal

Mam I withdrawal 508 USD , xm approved on Nov 29 but I didn't receive my money can u check my account otherwise can u provide me a ARN number
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Dec 11, 2018:
Dear Kaba007,

If you wish to receive an ARN number of your withdrawal transaction, I kindly ask you to contact your personal account manager or send an email directly to the BackOffice Department at backoffice@xm.com.

Kind regards,
Brebes 52273, Indonesia,
Nov 25, 2018,
Registered user

Recomended broker

as long as I became a client xm I have never encountered problems like failed wd.
Xm is good broker
meknes, Morocco,
Nov 22, 2018,
Registered user

scame brockre alert

XM Is a market maker type .sometime they trick clients by cancelling trade or making fake candle to lose your money .plzz stop puting your money with those brocker that provide you bonus .always search ecn or stp type brockers
best regard
Nov 21, 2018,
Registered user

This is the broker I dont want to leave , the speed of processing orders is the fastest i have experienced ever!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 21, 2018,

thank you.. best broker

So far the best broker i have seen. really transparent.

All other brokers claim to offer islamic swap free accounts but charge other fees or commissions instead. But XM doesn't and it's true Islamic account.

Thank you and i wish you can link Zulu trader as well.
South Africa,
Nov 21, 2018,

Insert the askline on your mt4 and download xm and other four brokers and compare where your price get filled!!!!!!

At Chris Zacharia,

Since you seem to be a guru in Forex why then don't you let traders download your platform and see for themselves. You can noise allegation fact of the matter is XM prices are filled higher when one compares them with other brokers even with pairs that has no wide spread when one compares with other brokers. Before you scream allegations do encourage traders to see this for themselves. This happens to other brokers too, but xm it seem to be happening in an alarming rate. Do it yourself before coming with forex guru phrases here. all traders here do know that brokers you suppose to be there and offer services is not like you doing favors for us. I edge traders to do this comparison. Put your askline on your meta 4 the bid is there by default and you will see this broker for what it is. And just to Forex traders do insert the askline price line you will thank me. This helps to see currencies with wide spread and this can help how you play your risk ratio. But to this xm broker something is up with them. and just remember brokers are not serving your interest here but theirs. i have a prove of this i careless how xm feels about it.

Nov 15, 2018 - 1 Star Following my other post, what this also lead to is people's T/P ended-up not being triggered and you why? If you read on the complains here the issue of a T/P not being triggered it was raised by another trader. sadly he didn't know what was the issue. The "ask line" would have helped him to see where this broker is reaping him off as it is doing with many people. I talked to one of their customer staff. Paula, doubt its even her real name. She try to talk me out using all script they been told such as, spread varies from broker to broker, i quoted her, her company spread and City Index which i was using as an example and i congratulate XM for reasonable spread. She pull another trick, price turn to jump on impacting news during pick hour times. Again, told her this has not been the case though with your competitor and i send her photos of XM "ask line" fluctuations disadvantaging traders. This cause one, your trade being executed late even though the price on the chart has long pass your entry point and yet you still on losing trade. In most cases it can even return the price action without you ever make money even though the trade went the way your analysis has suggested

Nov 15, 2018 - 1 Star I've been using them for some time and never had issues with them. Anyone reading this given the fact that their youtube reviews are disconnected you'd wonder why? This is what i ask traders to do, on your MT4/5 with XM Trading download it to your machine and at the same time download another broker MT4. Insert what is known as "askline" then compare the two. You'd notice XM askline are so wide, what this mean is you get filled your trade by XM at higher price than other brokers meaning, someone or if you had use another broker your price would have been filled long time ago and already profiting. This devil way is so smart since many traders are not aware of the importance of the askline. A trade that you could have made money on you can likely endup losing in that trade. Before they reply with their smooth broker talk just do what i told you and watch.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Nov 19, 2018 Dear thando,

I would kindly urge you to refrain from misleading other traders with false allegations.

Your last message clearly shows that you have some trouble understanding the most basic principles of forex.

Before you continue posting allegations that are not correct please note:

1. BUY orders are opened at the ASK price and closed at the BID price.

2. SELL orders are opened at the BID price and closed at the ASK price.

3. Difference between the BID price and the ASK price is called "spread".

XM offers competitive spreads as low as 0 pips.

As for difference in prices between brokers, different brokers have different Liquidity Providers and since the FX market is not centralized, prices may slightly differ between brokers.

Kind regards,
Nov 18, 2018,
Registered user

This is good broker, withdraw a money without problem only when trading a news there is a lag on price, sometimes you got a gap ( missing candle) but after news the candle show up.
But overall this broker is good.
sandeep kumar,
Nov 15, 2018,

hello, friends I am giving you my experience with this broker. usually, I deposit money through skrill and facing no issues but when I deposit money through debit card they do not pay me. my payment is pending since aug. and I ask many time with customer support. they provide me ARN number but when i ask to bank they said no such funds allocate in your account. actually i am using sbi and sbi provide facility to instant withdrawal instead skrill funds can easily reach out to the bank.
i need to complain with regulating authorities but i havent any knowlege about how to complain.
i give conversation details to you. you can understand how forex brokers scam with us.
From: Dharlene Dominguez <ddominguez@xm.com>
Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 12:32 PM
To: sandeep kumar
Subject: Re: Fw: ARN NUMBER - xxxxxxx - 100 USD

Dear Valued Client,

Good day!

Apologies for the wrong ARN I have provided you. Kindly see the correct ARN below.

Please find to follow ARN numbers received today from our payment provider as for your withdrawal of 100 USD.

USD 100 - **9659 // xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

confidention information i hide with xxxx.
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Nov 19, 2018:
Dear sandeep,

I am sorry to hear that you have not received your funds yet.

You have not provided any information about your account. I kindly ask you to reply to this post with your account number, after that I will initiate an investigation and will make sure that you receive your funds.

Kind regards,
Stephane Wixx,
Nov 13, 2018,
Registered user

XM is an excellent broker. Customer service is available and helps to solve our difficulties. Deposits and withdrawals are done without problems. I advise this broker to all

XM est un excellent courtier. Le service à la clientèle est disponible et aide a résoudre nos difficultés. Les dépôts et retraits se fonts sans problèmes.