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Updated: Aug 16, 2018
3.281 · 445 REVIEWS
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Former websites of this broker include Trading-Point.com.

XM Group is a group of online brokers. XM Group offers the MT4, MT5 and WebTrader currency trading platforms. XM.com offers over 50 currency pairs and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, commodities, equity indices, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.

XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com)

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XM.com (formerly Trading-Point.com) profile provided by Chris Zacharia, Mar 28, 2017

XM is a forex broker. XM offers the MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and Mobile global forex trading top platforms. XM.com offers over 55+ forex pairs, stocks,cfds, equities, indices, metals, and energies for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.281 · 445 REVIEWS
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Aug 11, 2018,
Registered user

Withdrawal not found.

Withdrawal not found.
On July 19 I made a refund to my debit card, they said it would take 5 days but it did not happen, then they said 10 days but it did not happen either, then they gave me the ARN number, I gave it to the specialized department of my bank, and a week After I have been told that they have not been able to verify these funds, even with the ARN code, they suggest that the return of funds never happened. I hope everything is a mistake. Account number: 34018846
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Aug 14, 2018:
Dear usualmexican,

I have checked your case with our backoffice,

Our records show that you requested a withdrawal for USD 203.00 on 19/07 from which USD 200.00 was sent back to the card you used to deposit.

The withdrawal was made directly back to your card and the ARN for this refund is 75135508197000066477162.

From what we can see the ARN is exactly the same for the deposit you made on 16/07 for the same amount which in our experience means that the original 200 you deposited was blocked on your card but was not credited by the bank so when you requested a withdrawal on 19/07 the bank cancelled out the first transaction and matched it with the withdrawal resulting to NO charge on your card.

It is impossible for the cards section of your bank to not be able to locate this ARN number.

Depending on how your bank works either you will eventually see a Credit & a Debit transaction on your Bank Statement of the same amount or (most probably) you were never even charged for the deposit you made since you requested a withdrawal in such a short period.

If your bank is not helpful we can further investigate the case with our payment providers and provide official paperwork from them, however you will need to give us an up to date Bank statement (starting July 1st) linked with the Card you used, showing the charge of the deposit you made as proof of non receipt of funds.

Let me know if you need further information.

Thank you,

Jul 31, 2018,


I've traded with xm past 1 years..everything works fine.

The only concern i have is their slippage. I'm currently planning to get back with XM but need to first check if their slippage issues has been fixed.
Jul 8, 2018,
Registered user

So far so good.

Trading with XM with no problem untill now...so far is so good.

Note : Initial deposit was 500€.
I have made +200% profit, and no problem with withdrawal.
kuala lumpur, Malaysia,
Jul 5, 2018,
Registered user

fraud broker , stole my deposit

fraud broker , stole my deposit and winning. claim to have negative balance protection but scam. during news announcement , server wont take order. i just close my account because of fraud 12046935
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Aug 1, 2018:
Dear joevelyn,

There is no reason to come up with labels like "fraud broker" without any real claims, additionally our line of business is not to "steal deposits".

Anyhow in line with our policy to solve queries and reviews please note the following:

On a simple checking of the account you have provided above I cannot find any occurrence of negative balance which was pending clearance, moreover I cannot find any logs of what you described above.

What I see is that you have been trading during news announcements and followed up with a successful withdrawal of funds.

Please follow up with more details and I would be more than happy to assist you in a professional manner but please refrain of labelling XM as a scam and not being fair as it will not expedite any query you have to being solved faster.

As noted many times in the past to other FPA members which engage in the same behavior the reason we reply to user reviews is to make sure that problems are solved and that a community feeling is built and rushing to label a company like XM a scam or a thieve does no serve any real purpose.

I will be expecting more details on your end so I can help you resolve your queries.

Thank you,
saudi arabia, Saudi Arabia,
Jul 1, 2018,
Registered user

I'm worried about my future with them

4 month ago i would rate the 5 Stars, but last month i started to get worried about the company performance.
I trade with XM 3 years ago and all thigs went perfect from deposit - good service and withdraw the money except last month when I tired to Renew my XM Card and they relaxing told me that they didn't issue that kind of card anymore!! for a trader like me living in KSA it is a disaster because the card was consider the most secure and easy way to control my money at them. but why they didn't worn me earlier?
second thing happened after cancelling my XM card is that they remove the option of bank transfer from my account !!!! why ??
a contact the support who shortly, carelessness replied me that we don't provide bank transfer to KSA, I told them I can transfer to another bank outside KSA, they told me this also can not be available for you as you registered under KSA Trader!!!
this is not my fault?
why they didn't worn me earlier?
as a conclusion; I'm worried about my future with them
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted Jul 31, 2018:

Dear abdelfattah1983,

I understand your frustration however please note the following:

The reason you cannot renew your XM Branded Mastercard is because XM Branded Mastercards are no longer available to clients living outside the EU.

This is a decision coming directly from Mastercard and we have no power to change or influence their decision.

As noted in the email you must have received by XM you will have until the 13th of August to withdraw or use the remaining balance of your card as this card will no longer be renewed.

For convenience to the rest of the members here I am copy pasting the email sent which was sent to holder of XM Branded Mastercards which will be affected by this change.

Dear Valued Client,

As you are a holder of an XM Card offered by Mastercard we would like to inform you that in the case that you have a remaining balance in your card, you will need to withdraw the
balance before the 13th of August 2018.

After the 13 th of August 2018 your card will unfortunately no longer function in the same way it functions today.

How can I withdraw the Balance before the 13th of August 2018?

1. You can withdraw the balance at your nearest ATM
2. You can use the remaining balance to deposit the funds in your XM Account.
3. You can use the remaining balance on your card for purchases at any sales point
accepting Mastercard.

We once again would like to apologize for this inconvenience, but it is a decision coming directly from Mastercard which we cannot affect in any way.

Additional Information

Between today and the 13th of August 2018, you will also be receiving an email from CSC24seven which is the issuer of the card you are holding which will be informing you about
the same information. Since the email which will be sent by CSC24seven will be in English we are informing you beforehand in your local language in order to avoid any confusion.

In regards to the available deposit or withdraw options for the KSA this is something that I recommend you discuss directly with your account manager as we are constantly enhancing payment options for different jurisdictions.

Riffa, Bahrain,
Jun 12, 2018,

My case is Closed

My name is tariq idrees my XM account number 17160705 , honestly im extremely sorry for my behave against the company due to i misunderstood and i dont have any demand against the company ,

Jun 4, 2018 - No Rating My name is tariq and this is my xm account number 17160705 ,

From 13 may 2018 till today i have withdrawal of 1287 usd i didnt get it in my account !! The call centre and customer service is the worst ever you must call them more than 20 times and you will be lucky if they answer your call !! Also some of withdrawal trans had been rejected in reason which they said they transfer from uk to australia and previous deposit history is not valid and you dhould deposit again to your profit !! Is that logic !!!

The customer service is extremely rude they dont have any respect to their clients ,

I explain to customer service and my manager account my issue and they provide dor me ARN number of transactions which is not an offical document and once i contacted my bank they reject this number even i contacted the visa company which also they said this number is useless ,i request from xm to provide me an offical document of my withdrawal transactions but till now i didnt get any reply ,

I lost more 10k usd beacause of this fraud company ,

Stay away from this fraud company ...

I will work hard to share my experience to protect to people from this company and to be suspended from my country and the gcc country ,

If i lost 10k usd , they will lose milions ,

I got all the evidence of what i mentioned above ,
Osijek, Croatia,
Jun 2, 2018,
Registered user

Overall I'm satisfied with them. They don't allow to put TP and SL close to current market price and have slippage during news.
Athens, Greece,
May 30, 2018,
Registered user

Stay away untill they get better "liquidity providers"

My account number is 17178304. I have been trading with xm for around a year now. Overall low spreads but the slippage in news is huge. I made the last trade with them today right before the interests of Canada came out. I got long at 1.30082, setting my SL at 1.29865. News came out, the price went the opposite direction and my stop loss got filled at 1.2948 If someone does the math is 38 pips slippage. I know that some representative will come out and say that "During news the volatility is high and the prices are filled according to the prices given by our liquidity providers " but in my point of view if your liquidity provider can not fill my order within a normal range during those news, then why stay with xm and not try my luck with an other broker, who maybe has better liquidity providers. The path of trading is fundamentally hard and requires a lot things. If your broker cant help with this, then there is no reason to stay with him at all. Good thing for traders is that there are a bunch of brokers out there that can help us out. The id of my trade in case you try to dispute it is 26628986.
Chittagong, Bangladesh,
May 23, 2018,
Registered user

Discriminating regulation

XM has a very co-operative and helpful customer service. Their terms and conditions are also well clarified. It may be a good forex broker for the beginners to trade. Well, I am giving a bad review of their discriminating rules and regulation. They run their affiliate marketing with alluring no deposit bonus. In practice, Bangladeshi people have no eligibility to attain their no deposit bonus programme! I don't know what are the reasons behind it, only I know, it's a discriminating regulation for the company towards the second largest country of South-Asia. I want to confirm XM broker that human not only lives in Europe, America but also lives in Asia, Africa! This discriminating regulation should be taken as an alarm by all traders. I wanted to make a deposit if XM could keep their words.
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted May 24, 2018:

Dear Mirza,

Thank you for the first part of your review.

Now as far as the second part of your review, XM offers different promotions to different parts of the world and these promotions change periodically and it has nothing to do with discrimination.

A promotion that might be running in Bangladesh might not be running in Germany and a promotion that might be available in Spain might not be available in Australia.

Promotions are run and held based on feedback, interest and seasonal events and surely not based on “discrimination” as you noted.

Your suggestion to offering a seasonal no deposit bonus to traders from Bangladesh is something which I will pass on to our marketing department.

I hope this solves your concerns.

Thank you,
May 15, 2018,
Registered user


[quote=XM;11060213]{quote} Dear seher63, I would firstly recommend you refrain from using the word “stealing your profit”. XM did not steal your profit. For the final time. Your account and your device has been used to trade on various accounts belonging to various individuals which all have related trades. To be more exact “opposite trades” as you mentioned. And to be more exact 4 accounts in total. You and your sister as you claimed together with another 2 individuals (total 4 accounts) were initially using XM’s bonus promotion to take opposite trades during news. So essentially you were not trading, you were abusing a promotion with what you thought was an opportunity of “theft” or arbitrage. After you got blocked by receiving any additional promotions you continued to try and do this with both the first 2 accounts and the other 2 accounts. You once again got “caught” and once again got blocked. During this process you managed to withdraw 3873 USD before you got caught which was the profit from this activity. So let’s say although XM should have not paid you those “non-legimitate” profits, you managed to slip through before you got caught having related activity. After you got caught we nullified all the further profits from your account. Your claim here is that: Although you were caught “abusing a promotion with ultimate goal to make non-legitimate” profits AND Although you already managed to withdraw 3873 which you did not deserve to receive, XM should also cancel your sister’s loss and award you for your non ethical behavior. Seher63, I have been helping people on Forexfactory for many, many years now but truly it’s the first time I hear someone with so much nerve, coming to a public forum saying yes I am an abuser, yes I have tried to perform manipulative trading but now that you caught me it’s not fair. Do you truly understand what you are saying on a public forum while labelling a World Class broker like XM to be “stealing your profits”? If you wish for us to nullify your sisters losses from this arbitrage behavior you might want to reconsider returning the 3873USD which you withdrew before you got caught in the act. I will not further reply to any of your un-real claims. Your case reminds me of a burglar coming into someone's house and then suing the house owner because he tripped over and broke his leg on the way out with the stolen goods. From this point on you will be reported to the moderators of Forex Factory or any other forum you post and your account will be blocked on the forums too. I will leave this to the public to judge upon. Thank you, @Liovannix -> Your answer is above. @londonboy -> Thank you for being supportive and fair.[/quote]

Firstly, I recommend you to be very carefull when using the words "theft, burglar, abuser..."

We both know all the things that you wrote are lies. Neither me or my sister made any single opposite trades when we had bonus. That is why in my first message I mentioned that "we were not using bonus when we made opposite trades". We just did it ONE TIME WITHOUT BONUS and you closed our accounts. Becouse we know that it wouldnt be right to do that when we had bonus. If we made any opposite trades before (especially with your bonus), you would closed our accounts before logically , isnt it?.

So I couldnt check my account to see how much I withdraw and how much I deposited. But I hell know that If I could make that much profit I wouldnt be here to ask 300-400 usd Actually what you are talking is not logical. If people make opposite trade the one side should lose, so if you claim withdraw amount from people who really made opposite trades with your bonus, you should also send them how much they deposited. Just a recomendation.

ONCE AGAIN WE NEVER MADE OPPOSITE TRADES WITH YOUR BONUS. I AM SMART ENOUGH TO NOT TO DO THAT. We made it one time with our funds and that was becouse I did not know that it is forbiden. For me I am taking the spread risk and volatility risk, and my sister too.for me that is a trade. If your company is thinking that is a fraud. Than XM should behave according to its TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You are not a beauty shop at the corner, you are a licenced broker company and should oobey your own rules.

Be honest, and if you can show here on public and prove that I made any opposite trade with my sister or any one other than my last trade which you canceled or I made any opposite trade (not a fake proof) I will accept on public that I am a theft.

May 10, 2018 - 1 Star Today after I made a withdraw request I got an email which tells me that my account (account number 12001689) closed and all my profits nullified. They call it arbitrage trading(!?) . I just made news trading and earned around 600 usd. You can close my account if you dont want to work with me but you can not steal my money!. I want to believe that you just made a mistake and hope that you ll solve that issue.

Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted May 14, 2018 Dear seher,

As noted on a seperate post you have made on Forexfactory:

The reason your account was blocked is not related to bonuses and moreover not related to making profits and moreover not related to news trading.

To be even more clear XM is not "stealing" your money. You attempted to abuse the good terms of XM which resulted in your account being blocked and nullified.

Your account has related trading activity with 3 other accounts belonging to other individuals.

Thank you,
Reply by Chris Zacharia submitted May 17, 2018:
Dear Seher,

As I have previously noted to you, I will NOT further reply to any of your un-real claims.

Our final response has been posted on the thread you have opened on Forexfactory at this link -> https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?p=11060213#post11060213

Recycling my answer will not change something.

Thank you,