1. Inyang

    Bitcoin investment club is pure scammed.

    I don't know how they got my mobile contact, they have been disturbing my line to come and invest in their company in Nigeria, Please, run away from this group of internet fraudster.
  2. syamfx2020

    Stocks making the biggest moves

    Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) pre-market -1% $GOOGL shares reached a new 52-week high and closed almost 4% higher on Wednesday after the company announced plans to develop a self-sufficient new town-like tech hub in the Mountain View area. Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) pre-market +6% The stock surged...
  3. syamfx2020

    Airbnb IPO: Why it is one of the most anticipated IPO in 2020

    “When the market is ready, we will be ready,”- CEO, Brian Chesky Even though 2020 has been impeccably bad timing for IPOs the Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said to be still considering an IPO in 2020. While after the stock market rebounded back many companies are now rushing to go public including...
  4. syamfx2020

    GOLD price this year ⬆️ 30%

    GOLD price this year ⬆️ 30%, the yellow metal has broken the previous all-time high of $1921 and touched $1944 per ounce today. Moving ahead this week’s movements are crucial for future directions.
  5. M

    Reliable Investment services

    Hey guys! can any one tell me about a reliable forex investment group or compnay, where i can invest some money..
  6. Tahntaman investment strategy copying. Help needed with AI portfolio.

    I know there are lot more experienced traders here, so I wanna ask for some help here, guys. Long enough I've been stocked with an idea to invest long-term. I don't think that investing in indices can be a good idea. Thematic portfolios sound better, yet I've ran into another trouble at this...
  7. syamfx2020

    Food Delivery giants competition through M&A

    toc The food delivery industry is set to benefit largely from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has boosted sales of food delivery companies, with restaurants shuttered, more people staying home and ordering takeout food. Many food delivery companies which are in a boom, now faces further...
  8. Vicneedhelp - RESET INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT is Dangerous

    I truly understand that Forex market is complex and consists of multiple participants and liquidity providers. The forex price is dynamically created by all participants across the world and so it is universal. But it can be little bit different at different liquidity providers who might have...
  9. A

    Useful links - Where to report investment fraud

    Investor complain Europol - cybercrime Netherland Germany UK...
  10. mindya101

    Are there really any real mining companies that give high rate of return on investment?

    I see them all over the internet - invest and get super high rate in return in a day or two, etc. I have out a bit of money in two and they keep wanting more money. Are there any real companies that do this? Or is the whole thing a scam? I am new to this (super new) and want to learn. Thanks...
  11. S

    Telegram Forex Investment Scam

    Just to inform you all that FX Pips Action runs a scam investment pool. Admins Jacob Hemison and Maite Ackermann will take your money then block you from the group and private chat. Be cautious and report if you can.
  12. S

    Beware of using ERIC EDWARD as your investment trader

    Beware of Eric Edward, supposedly a respected trader, on the surface seeming like a nice guy, and he was vouched for by multiple other traders, but he took me for a devastating ride. First he promised weekly payouts, but that only happened maybe once or twice in fall 2019, no payouts since...