investment strategy copying. Help needed with AI portfolio.


I know there are lot more experienced traders here, so I wanna ask for some help here, guys.
Long enough I've been stocked with an idea to invest long-term. I don't think that investing in indices can be a good idea. Thematic portfolios sound better, yet I've ran into another trouble at this stage.
How to get a balanced thematic portfolio? I don't have that much knowledge and understanding of finance to make a professional list of the companies that should be invested to represent some interesting niche, i.e AI.
Searching for more info made me ran into thematic portfolios. They post an incomplete lists of stocks they include portfolios, but this is the most precise information that I've found among a number of investment managers/companies. Here is what it looks like: AI portfolio.png

My current ideas are:
1. Copy the stocks they've mentioned in according ratio based on the info available as it is
2. Try to complete the list of the stocks for this thematic portfolio based on own understanding and with the help of respected community
Does anyone have some comments on the idea overall? or maybe I'm lucky enough to meet someone here who can help me complete the list of the companies that are blured on website? Thanks in advance for all the help and advice. Critics are welcomed too!
p.s I'm not posting any links here as I don't know whether its allowed by the frum rules. Yet, the company's name makes it easy to figure out the link with the full overview of portfolios :)