1. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: Week 9, 2024

    This week, we look to China and the automobile manufacturer Nio Inc. as well as Chinese e-commerce giant NIO Limited NIO Limited's (NIO) share price managed to cover the downward move through the quarter and closed at almost 0% change. The company’s earnings report for the fiscal...
  2. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: Week 8, 2024

    Week eight is underway. Here are two stocks to monitor just days before their earnings. Putting the spotlight on Li Auto and Baidu. Li Auto Inc. Li Auto Inc. (LI) saw its share price undergo significant volatility last quarter, with frequent gaps appearing on its chart. However, it managed to...
  3. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: Week 7, 2024

    Two retail giants are dominating in week 7. Let's see why Home Depot and Walmart stocks are on traders' watchlists. Home Depot, Inc. Home Depot, Inc. (HD) share price has seen spectacular steady growth in the latest quarter, managing to rise by around 25%. The company's earnings report for the...
  4. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: week 5, 2024

    Week 5 is presenting a very animated stock market, and two huge companies are showing unmatched opportunities. Let’s Explore MCD and BABA. McDonald's Corporation (MCD) Shares in McDonald's Corporation (symbol ‘MCD’) gained around 14% in the last quarter of 2023 and managed to cover the losses...
  5. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: week 4, 2024

    As week 4 gets underway, two stocks stand out with brimming potential. Here’s a technical breakdown of GOOGL and AMD. Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) Shares of Alphabet Inc. rose by around 4% in the last quarter of the year. The company’s earnings report for the fiscal quarter ending December 2023 is...
  6. ExnessOfficial

    Two stocks to watch: week 3, 2024

    As week 3 progresses, two huge tech companies are already showing opportunities for stock traders. Let’s take a deep dive into Microsoft Corporation and Netflix, Inc. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Microsoft Corporation saw its share price experience some gains in the last quarter of the year...
  7. ExnessOfficial

    Market updates

    Dear Forum Members! Here you can stay ahead of the Market with Real-Time News and Comprehensive Market Analysis Risk Warning: CFDs are risky, complex derivatives traded off-exchange. They carry a high risk due to leverage and are not suitable for all investors. Exness holds no liability for...
  8. syamfx2020

    Salesforce and Okta stocks jump on solid Q2 earnings beat

    Shares of the giant provider of CRM solutions, Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) and identity management software firm Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA) bounced last week after both the companies topped expectations in Q2 and provided an upbeat outlook. Salesforce (CRM) shares surged more than 10% last week as the...
  9. syamfx2020

    Vaccine stocks gaining attention as the new COVID variants spreading fast

    Vaccine stocks regained momentum nowadays after the new variants of covid EG.5.1, known as "Eris" and XBB.1.16.6 are emerging in the U.S. As per the latest report, Covid hospitalizations have surged around 22% over the last week in the U.S. Meantime, a new coronavirus variant has been detected...
  10. syamfx2020

    3 stocks signaling a potential upside

    In this article, we have listed the 3 stocks that can look for a potential move to the upside in the coming days. For the detailed technical outlook of these 3 stocks please visit our Website, page or the YouTube channel -
  11. C

    Info trading on stocks.

    hey, how you doing guys? I want to start trading on Gold and stocks any advice?:cool:
  12. fullertonmarkets

    Stocks To Be Tested As First NFP Data In 2022 Will Arrive Soon!

    After a stellar 2021, stocks head into 2022 with a tailwind. However, the course of the market in the new year will depend more on solid earnings growth and a strong economy than a super easy Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 rose 27% to 4,766 last year, notching 70 record closing highs. The...
  13. fullertonmarkets

    You May Need To Short Stocks To Earn Some Profit In 2022

    US stocks are on track to end 2021 with another year of outsize gains. Many investors aren’t expecting a repeat in 2022. The S&P 500 has climbed 26% so far in 2021, after rising 16% in 2020. Rip-roaring corporate profits and easy monetary policy have fuelled the run. Earnings growth is expected...
  14. fullertonmarkets

    Important Notice: Assets To Outperform in Higher Rates, Inflation Environment

    A string of central bank meetings in recent days saw policymakers overlook economic risks from the Omicron strain in favour of damping price pressures that they had brushed off as temporary in the past few months. That led traders to price in more interest-rate hikes, sending ripples through...
  15. fullertonmarkets

    If History Is a Guide, Black Friday’s Stocks Rout May Not Last

    Investors have spent the past year learning to relax about the pandemic, lulled by abundant stimulus and expectations that vaccines would keep the virus in check. That sense of calm was shattered on Friday. Global stock markets tumbled by the most in a year, shaken by the discovery of a new...
  16. fullertonmarkets

    Investors Shouldn't Dump Risk Assets Now as Headwinds Are Manageable

    Stocks finished mixed recently, the S&P 500 and Dow finished in the red while the Nasdaq Composite closed at a record high, although all three posted a gain for the week. The Dow registered its fifth positive week in six while the S&P posted its third positive week in four. The Nasdaq advanced...
  17. fullertonmarkets

    U.S. Election May Offer Opportunity To Buy Stocks At Better Levels

    Stock futures fell amid rising concerns over the increasing number of Covid-19 cases. The losses came as England adopted a stay-at-home order and as traders braced for Tuesday’s U.S. presidential election, where a contested fight for president or the Senate could delay a much-needed fiscal...
  18. Anzo Capital

    Anzo Capital Expands CFD Offering With the Launch of Stocks From NASDAQ, NYSE, HKEX

    Anzo Capital, the leading online CFD and Forex broker, is pleased to announce the launch of Stocks CFD. With this new product offering, clients now have the opportunity to participate in the stock market and invest in top corporations spanning across numerous sectors such as technology, finance...
  19. D

    New Forex Stuff Free eBooks for Stock, Forex and Options Trading

    Hi Traders, I have updated my trading ebooks page. You can download most of the free trading ebooks directly. Here is the link: Free Trading eBooks for Stock, Forex and Option Traders
  20. Forexminute Stock Market Report: U.S. Stocks Soar on Forecast of Further Stimulus

    U.SThere è stato un importante raduno di Wall Street ieri. I commercianti hanno deciso di prendere più rischi il Martedì, contribuendo scorte degli Stati Uniti si estendono una manifestazione che ha avuto inizio durante la metà settimana scorsa. I dati sulla fiducia dei consumatori tedeschi è...