investment strategy copying. Help needed with AI portfolio.

Depends on a long-term plan. When I started copying this AI protfolio based on idea, I knew that stocks may go up and down significantly and I gave myself a promise I will invest and not tough the investmetn for at least a year. I've got a few months left till I can set myself free on the promise :)
Yet, I need to mention the fact that so far most of the times I was rather pleased that I managed to resist the temptation to close the positions.
That's good that you can be that disciplined and follow the initial plan. Not many traders can boast the ability to do so. That's why investing with some wealth management program/portfolio is a better solution for most of the people. If I were you, I would have invested with without trying to copy the portfolio individually.
LOL, I wish you could see the whiteboard above my desk. It's written in capital letters there: "Investor or a sucker?"
That question is the only reason why I'm still in, no excuses.
Ahahah, well done. So far that seemed a good idea to reamin an investor. Both NVIDIA and AMD gained pretty much during the last couple days.
Yeap, NVIDIA added +7% since June 4th, when I said I wanted to drop it badly but didn't. This is totally out of my logical capacities scope why it did so. Nevertheless, the plan to remain an investor works thanks goodness!
Congratulations! You've done well! I guess it's all about consistency and sticking to the plan. Doing the same thing day after day works well fro both investors and day traders.