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Problem I need help dealing with a situation - Ariol Investment Group

I am having an issue with a company
Hi there everyone, I could really use some advice on how to manage my situation where I have lost a significant amount of money since setting up a trading account with Ariol Investment Group ariolinv-gr.com, who, FYI are an unregulated broker and despite the info on the website, are very difficult to contact unless you do this directly via your 'account manager' who provides you with a number that you can WhatsApp them on. I'm very aware of how foolish I have been so please be kind in the comments....
My case is similar to yours but I don’t blame myself because it can happen to anyone, what I realized is that Scammers like are skilled at manipulating individuals and exploiting their trust. By avoiding fake offers of help like mine, you can increase the chances of not losing even more money.
High Fore St SCam yOu aGAin. SC u M got me out this mess and I promise I'm not really a lying sleazebag.