pocket option

  1. Hristo

    Pocketoption.com Is scaming their clients

    Hello all, my name is Hristo Libchev, more about me you can find in LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/hristo-l-l-363a30130 Do not try to trade with pocketoptions.com Why - becouse if you lose you are more then welcome, but if you win more than few hundred $ your account will be Blocked and won't get...
  2. B

    pocket option ( Gembell Limited) is scam company. i lose USD 7000

    My account number is 100031301.email is benjaminngsiu@outlook.com. I have received Pocket option (Gembell Limited) company financial department to cancel my trading result because I speculated on vulnerabilities of system on Nov 5, 2019. But it is not a fact. My investment strategy is simple...
  3. J

    pocket option delay problem

    good morning, im posting here because i am having problems with pocket option.... unfortunately even if i sent a video of having delay of 10 SECONDS they don't wanna give me a refund.... and this is not the first time that im having delay ... after i sent them the video here is the answer...
  4. C

    Pocketoption unauthorized trade and reset balance

    Hello, sorry by errors of english, i speak portuguese. The site pocketoption declined my last withdrawal as was me. i request withdrawal in amount of 1046,20. They declined last withdrawal and make false operations in my account until reset ( zero balance) THis was all my operations in site...