octa fx

  1. Muhammad siddique

    Octafx eat my 22000$+ trading profits

    Sir my octafx mt4 account number 4000888 I deposited 2000$ on 5/8/2019 and with my 13 years experience I grow my 2000$ to 22000$ profits but on 5/9/2019 octafx disabled all real servers 2 account and said our server crush and will solve soon on 5/15/2019 octafx delete my all account history and...
  2. H

    Resolved: OctaFx stolen profit from my trades

    hi my name is muhammad jamal.I have been trading with octafx since july 2019.my account no is 4058880.yesterday i traded nzd news and made over 1175 $ but my broker ate almost all my profit when i closed my trades i got only 149 $. i was stunned.it was so unbeleivable i thought it was a good...
  3. Miltonairefx

    Resolved: Octafx is a scam

    they don't want to give my profits and keep on rejecting my request even though im a verified account holder. now i made another withdrawal request for $150 you'll see how they reject it
  4. H

    Octafx.com is scam.

    Octafx.com is scam. They adjust the server. And, they are a theft. I had trade. And I had theft my money. I recommend anyone don't sign up and trading in Octafx.com. because it is scam.
  5. H

    Execution of trades with about 19 pips difference on octafx

    I was watching the Eur USD pair when trading was opened on monday and also i checked option ot show bid and ask both lines on chart. Today when markets started in market watch spread was 3.8 pips. Todays EUR USD starting price is 1.11731 +3.8 pips = ask price 1.11769. i checked with...
  6. M

    Abandoned Complaint - Octafx New scam 2019 !!!!

    @OctaFX Rep I tried to withdraw my profit and the transaction was smooth until it got to my bank account where the octafx company stole money in my account,they are supposed to be paying me for my withdrawal but the money is stating on my statement that it is a purchase instead of deposit...
  7. entire3d

    I'm being scammed by OctaFx!

    Scammer Alerts I am being scammed by OctaFx! Please stay away from OctaFx, they are scammer. I just lost my deposit. Yesterday i made a deposit, and today i made a withdraw, but they declined!! Please do not open an account on OctaFx, they're scammer, stay away from OctaFx. Also they banned me...
  8. I

    stay away from this broker octafx

    Helo , Just want to share with you guys , do not invest with octa fx , they are hunting trader stop loss........ First case , I placed order AUD/NZD buy at 1.09342 , dd:31/01/2018 , time17:14:54 , stop loss at 1.09142. Please see attaced chart from Octa and Insta. Octa chart low at 31/01/2018 ...
  9. F

    Resolved - OCTAFX - Maxi Fraud 105.000€

    Good Afternoon, my name is Paolo F., I'm an Italian professional Forex Trader (sorry for my poor English). I want to report that OctaFx is a Scam Broker that forcibly closes the account to winning clients and after that, blocks clients profit withdrawal requests. For some months I have traded...
  10. A

    OctaFX SCAM he steal my documents

    My account 387714. I made a deposit on this broker $ 350, but at the Canadian rate I earned $ 3,400. After that they blocked my account and demanded to send hard copies of my documents with goverment notarial assurance, I did so. I thought that spending $ 50 and getting $ 3400 for that would be...
  11. vontogr

    http://www.octafx.com/ Scam

    Do not trust these morons! As long as I just make a profit with them everything was OK. I was even allowed to withdraw like $30 via Skrill. Today I made withdrawal $100 via Skrill and it was rejected for no reason, twice. I got reply I should use bank account for withdrawal, while I...
  12. M

    Octafx is a big scam

    Traders: be careful!!! Registered in a island called (ST. Vincent)!!!! You will get @ first a plattform with normal Setups, after that they will manipulate this one , and there is no Chance to get the so called ECN conditions on your plattform no TP again, and its take 5-9 sec to open...
  13. F

    Cheating by Octafx in trade Execution.

    Dear Sir, I have an ECN account with Octafx where i have been trading in last couple of days, and my account number with them is 347038, i have been trading with them and i can say they they are not ECN they just a MARKET MAKER in the name of ECN. This is what i have experienced and i have...
  14. T

    Difficult Withdraw and Complicated in Octa FX

    withdraw difficult and complicated in OctaFX 10-12-2014 09:54 Please, I need help and advice from the others traders. I have a problem in Broker Octa. I have a problem to get my withdraw in this broker without a clear reason. The Octa dont want to pay my profit. email from octa ...
  15. F

    Octa fx

    I opened an account with Octafx.com , account no 203195 , funded and started trading on 06/18/2014 , i made some profit in some days and when i see they are trying to cheat in execution and closing my profitable trades in loss i ask them to make a withdrawal no W122026 . second day i received...
  16. S

    OctaFx. I lost $3356.51 in a hacking incident.

    OCTAFX cheated my $3356.51. My account hacked on 10th November by hacker and I communicate with them but they never help. I can't recover my account due to their no cooperation. I informed one of the support staff named Ian for locked my account but the support staff always cooperate hacker for...
  17. N

    Octafx scam IB commisson

    If you are partner of octafx, you refer for my family, all IB money commsion will not paid, and will be delete
  18. O

    Scam Alert : OCTAFX BROKER

    Octafx scam alert Be careful OCTAFX cheats their customers on Micro accounts (i did not test ECN accounts) ! Please contact the NFA i have proofs ! When you open a NEW account you NEVER get slippage. Then when you win, or after 1/2 weeks you get everytime about 2 pips slippage for SL and TP...
  19. majid92

    OctaFX Is Group Of Scammers

    hello, trader,s stay away from octafx.... mostly news time trader........ i trade with octafx from last 3 months there execution is fast but on news time they are working like market maker,s......... they are doing scam 3 times but i am not take any action....... but on BoE interest rate...