1. syamfx2020

    Daily Market Report - Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023

    The price of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) has increased by more than 7% in the past 24 hours to $28,100 as the US court ruled in favor of Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, in regard to the application of a spot BTC ETF. The upside momentum was also lifted after the social media...
  2. syamfx2020

    Daily Market Report - Friday, Aug 18, 2023

    The largest cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTCUSD) plummets after the crypto pair failed to hold above the major diagonal trendline. The price of Bitcoin fell by 7.5% in 24 hours and in a flash crash, BTC temporarily fell towards the $25,000 mark. The fall leads to a cascade of liquidations in the...
  3. Zforex

    Pre-Open US

    US INDICES: Stock futures were higher Friday as traders assessed the latest corporate earnings results, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average tried to stretch its winning streak to 10 sessions. S&P 500 futures gained 0.3%, and Nasdaq-100 futures ticked up 0.5%. Corporate earnings have been...
  4. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin Cash 05.04.23

    Bitcoin Cash 05.04.23
  5. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin is making a U-turn

    Bitcoin is making a U-turn
  6. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin - Smashing a wall of resistance

    Bitcoin - Smashing a wall of resistance
  7. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin Cash - Sniping technical correction bottom

    Bitcoin Cash - Sniping technical correction bottom
  8. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin is facing a wall of resistance

    Bitcoin is facing a wall of resistance
  9. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin is on the backfoot - Increasing position size

    Bitcoin is on the backfoot - Increasing position size
  10. TradeLikeAPro

    Bitcoin swings in a tight cage

    Bitcoin continues its wild swings between $29-31.5K. By the end of the day on Tuesday, it had moved sharply back to the upper end of the range, but Wednesday began with a new dip, temporarily falling below 30K. Overall, bitcoin adds 2.7% over the day and has lost 4% in seven days, all well below...
  11. disappointed#

    does bitcoin have rollover dates?

    hi all I was wondering if bitcoin has a rollover date. if trading cfds on bitcoin.
  12. Scam Reporters

    Problem Investor warning -the BITCOIN UP affiliate marketing scam

    There are indeed hundreds of different websites offering all sorts of investment scams. Chasing each one of them is useless. It is much better to identify the structure behind such websites. Although it's often hard. The so-called Affiliates are people and companies that engage in promotion of a...
  13. R

    Hamster Powered Bitcoin Trader "UP 20%"!

    Meet Mr Goxx the Buttc0in trading hamster... As per: and ... Mr Goxx is up "+19.41 per cent, although before the Bitcoin collapse in early September Mr Goxx's hodlings were as high as +50 per cent." Finally!!! a bitcoin tipster I...
  14. top1 markets

    Bitcoin keeps plummeting. A chance to buy or leave?

    At present, the proportion of Bitcoin used for daily transactions is still very small, but investors are curious and afraid of missing money-making opportunities, so that their transaction amount continues to rise. Under COVID-19, market news stimulated a record high of about 64,000 US dollars...
  15. Sive Morten

    BNY Mellon concede mistake to bet on gold instead of Bitcoin

    BNY Mellon provides regular SEC report where it explains the performance lag comparing to Russel 2000 index benchmark. The financial holding Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) with $ 2 trillion in assets under management explained the unsatisfactory dynamics of the BNY Mellon Opportunistic...
  16. S

    Bitcoin investment SCAM -

    Satoshi Ethan (that is probably a fake name) offered a BTC investment for $300. After I sent the money he told I have to send another $4700 otherwise I'll lose my funds. When I wanted to withdraw my money he told it is not possible. It should be a trading account only but it is only a SCAM...
  17. CA S. Lambert

    FX Bitcoin Investment. Has anyone heard of this company?

    I invested with them and ow they keep asking me more money before they can release my profit.
  18. Inyang

    Bitcoin investment club is pure scammed.

    I don't know how they got my mobile contact, they have been disturbing my line to come and invest in their company in Nigeria, Please, run away from this group of internet fraudster.
  19. C scam

    SCAM ALERT !! SCAM ALERT!! SCAM ALERT!! is a big scam . all reviews on trust piolet about this website is fake ...... NEW WAYS OF SCAM IN MARKET BTC! " I profited up to 400% this last year. My 2.5BTC gave me a return back of up to 9BTC" (these are scammers ) "There’s no...
  20. S

    Services Offered Why You Should Systematically Buy Bitcoin In 2020

    Since Bitcoin started way back in 2009, a lot of investors invested huge sums of money. While some investors had a reason to smile to the bank, others had their fingers burnt, even as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed over the years. At the moment, it is risky to invest a lump sum amount in...