1. syamfx2020

    Tesla or Bitcoin? Two ground-breaking assets of the “Covid-era”

    Both Tesla and Bitcoin (BTC) price has had a strong rally, making it one of the best-performing assets in 2020. Tesla joined the prestigious Standard & Poor's 500 stock index on December 21 after posting five consecutive quarters of profit. $TSLA surpassed Facebook in terms of market value...
  2. S

    Bitcoin investment SCAM -

    Satoshi Ethan (that is probably a fake name) offered a BTC investment for $300. After I sent the money he told I have to send another $4700 otherwise I'll lose my funds. When I wanted to withdraw my money he told it is not possible. It should be a trading account only but it is only a SCAM...
  3. syamfx2020

    DAILY MARKET REPORT - Monday, Jan 04, 2021

    Bitcoin (BTC) hits a new all-time high of $34000 over the weekend. The cryptocurrency rose more than 300% in 2020 and rallied by 50% in December alone. Bitcoin has more than tripled its value since 2020. EQUITIES Global stocks jumped higher on the first trading day of the year. Meanwhile...
  4. syamfx2020

    DAILY MARKET REPORT - Monday, Oct 12, 2020

    Bitcoin (BTC) started the week on a Positive note and trades steady above $11000 supported by the weaker dollar and payments company Square announced a $50 million investment in Bitcoin. At the time writing, BTC trades around $11380 the highest level since Sept. 2, and the next important level...
  5. CA S. Lambert

    FX Bitcoin Investment. Has anyone heard of this company?

    I invested with them and ow they keep asking me more money before they can release my profit.
  6. Inyang

    Bitcoin investment club is pure scammed.

    I don't know how they got my mobile contact, they have been disturbing my line to come and invest in their company in Nigeria, Please, run away from this group of internet fraudster.
  7. C scam

    SCAM ALERT !! SCAM ALERT!! SCAM ALERT!! is a big scam . all reviews on trust piolet about this website is fake ...... NEW WAYS OF SCAM IN MARKET BTC! " I profited up to 400% this last year. My 2.5BTC gave me a return back of up to 9BTC" (these are scammers ) "There’s no...
  8. S

    Services Offered Why You Should Systematically Buy Bitcoin In 2020

    Since Bitcoin started way back in 2009, a lot of investors invested huge sums of money. While some investors had a reason to smile to the bank, others had their fingers burnt, even as the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed over the years. At the moment, it is risky to invest a lump sum amount in...
  9. S

    Services Offered Simple way to buy Bitcoin

    When it comes to buying Cryptos and that in particular Bitcoin, it often turns into a major challenge. The basic problem is that a lot of top and trustworthy sites have far too tough system for the beginner to proceed with. This is where Rocketbit is a site that will be useful to Buy Bitcoin...
  10. bigbax699

    Bitcoin Analysis

    Looks like BTC is in a range at the moment. We got a nice push up to the top of the range, so to me it voids the H+S that people said they could see. We have since seen a drop but it has rejected right off the .236 fib level. Its most likely we will see another bear candle when this closes. Im...
  11. howiswale

    Bitcoin Exchange convert Bitcoin to USD Instantly

    Bitroz exchange allows you to conveniently exchange your Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin for cash and receive the funds almost instantly in your PayPal Skrill And Bank account. The best part? Its Easy Secure And Fast non custodial exchange You dont need to submit any documents kyc to exchange your...
  12. N

    Future of Bitcoin

    What do u think is more likely at this stage: Bitcoin price to go to zero or to 20k again (or even more)?
  13. A

    Find a owner of a bitcoin wallet!!!

    I have the bitcoin address and the bitcoin wallet ID of the company that I have been scam. I am wondering if can anyone give me some advice in how can I found them by this address and ID if it is possible. Any information will help.Thanks
  14. R

    Forex Affiliate Links CryptoBO - Bitcoin Trading Made Easy

    CryptoBO 2019 Review - 10.000 Satoshi Free For New Registered Members Broker Review! Crypto Binary Options Trading! CryptoBO is the first binary options broker in the world that offers trading in cryptocurrency pairs using Bitcoin! An important thing is that all your sensitive information is...
  15. I

    Unfolding the mystery behind Instaforex real owners and activities

    Everyone knows Instaforex, the infamous, two-sided, Forex company. Heads : a forex website, in business since 2007, boasting hundreds of thousands, sometimes several million customers, a worldwide presence through offices and partners, prestigious sports sponsorship contracts, luxury cars and...
  16. sararashid

    What is Better Cryptocurrency or Forex?

    Need some suggestions in choosing Cryptocurrency investment or Forex investment, I want to invest some amount so it will be very helpful if I get some good suggestions here from experts. Thanks in advance!!
  17. cryptorocket

    Trade in BTC to benefit from valuate fluctuations with Cryptorocket

    BTC moves drastically - and if you want to trade but not miss out on that movement, use BITS With the launch of our new customer dashboard, one of the facets of the system that we offer is allowing users to store their balances in bitcoin rather than a USD value only. We use the BIT format...

    FiboGroup Market Analysis 2018

    The gold price has pulled back slightly in today’s trading session after having its best bull run since 2011 and some predict we may not have seen the last of gold’s gains. After moving sideways for most of November then suddenly dropping at the beginning of December, the precious metal surged...
  19. Day_Trade_Ideas

    Bitcoin holding below 7600 confirms failure

    Bitcoin holding below 7600 confirms failure, targeting 7500/7495 (now hit), perhaps as far as 7330/10 today. On further losses look for 7200/7190 before the May low at 7035/25. Minor resistance at 7500 with stronger resistance at 7600/7620. Above 7650 meets a selling opportunity at 7720/40...
  20. C

    ** SCAM ALERT!!!! *** Bitcoin Holding / BTCM miner - FAKE! - - btcmminer@yahoo.

    HI ALL! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS M***********! HE IS A SCAMMER! 1. His name/alias is : FEBRIAN WAHYU ARBITHOVEN Also calls himself, DAVID or KAUT or RYAN!! skype: ryan.forex1 SCAM EMAILS: Bitcoin <> 2. He is from INDONESIA not CHINA Here are his...