1. I

    losing positions in the Sydney window.

    Recently I entered into a trade with my primary broker. My broker is a subsidiary of a larger capital group. While I have subsequently closed my account, I have a lingering question concerning Forex and brokers that no one has been able to answer and it seems like a legal Achilles Heel to this...
  2. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss Launches Trade Companion: A New Trader Mentoring Tool

    BDSwiss is pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to its trader’s toolkit, Trade Companion. Designed to collect individual trading data and create a comprehensive view of one’s trading history and patterns, the tool offers traders unique insights into their personal trading...
  3. Alkarin

    New Forex Stuff Trade The Forex Master Pattern Method

    The Forex Master Pattern is an alternative form of technical analysis that provides a framework which will help you to find and follow the hidden price pattern that reveals the true intentions of financial markets. This algorithm here does a good job detecting the Phase 1 of the Forex Master...
  4. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Press Release 2022

    ATFX officially launched its “Trader Magazine” for the first quarter of 2022 recently. ATFX’s analyst team did a comprehensive analysis of core markets such as the US and European stock markets, the monetary policies of various countries, commodities and crude oil prices, bringing investors the...
  5. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Fine Tuning Your Forex Trade Entries ( Youtube Video)

    We have two new videos on our Youtube library. These two videos will show traders how to set up the smaller and larger time frames by individual currency using the Metatrader profiles, and how to navigate the charts. This setup will match The Forex Heatmap® configurations to monitor trade...
  6. P scammed my $44000 with manipulated trade execution

    Hello, All Masters and Traders, Today I am revelling the truth of how they claim in there website and how actual they execute trades. If you are small trader then they try small manipulation but when you have deposited a big amount then they will make big manipulation in...
  7. bigbax699

    GBPUSD Trade Idea's

    Good morning all, had people ask about adding in GBPUSD to the portfolio of pairs. So today I have taken a buy from this demand zone . Price has been bearish of late, but we have seen some buying pressure come in on this pair at this weekly demand zone where price sits. We got two 50% candles...
  8. S


  9. sebking1986

    So who attempted to trade FOMC last night?

    I imagine quite a few people felt positive on the back of last night but were still slapped by the price reaction. Personally it falls outside my active trading hours so I am always out the market for it and don't look for opportnities until the following London open. How did everyone get on?
  10. S

    Forex speed up trade manager

    Hi, guys! I’ve tried several trade managers (specific software). One of them was forex speed up. I would like to share my impressions of it. You can: Open multiple trades generating custom shortcuts. Calculate a lot and manage risks. Move an undocked window outside the platform and control...
  11. MisterGrail999

    Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

    Greetings Dear Forum Members! Introducing My Trading Using the Secret Knowledge of the Market Profile Indicator! All the best!
  12. TrinitySaint

    Services Offered I am looking for a sales manager of trade advisors

    I am looking for a sales manager of trade advisors. I offer a good percentage of the sale! Skype: Trinity-Saint Corp.
  13. S

    Trade closed in negative even it touch Take profit

    Hi, Many trade which touch Take profit (TP) closed in negative. My TP is 30 pips. Trade screenshot : Please explain me, TP trade must be in positive but these are closed in negative.
  14. The Oil & Gas Trader

    Why I only trade oil and gas

    I find oil and gas trading easier and less stressful than Forex, and a lot less frustrating than trying to trade manipulated Gold and Silver markets. From a fundamentals point of view, data is readily available, and narrow in nature. What I mean by this is best explained with a couple of...
  15. WaveRider

    WaveRider Trade Journal

    Journaling keeps you honest with yourself. My old journal was a lot of noise so I'm abandoning it. I trade a lot differently than I did 10 years ago when I joined FPA. I'll be posting my trade set ups and wins and losses. Was busy for a bit but I should be able to post regularly. Don't give up...
  16. M

    Account size to trade full time?

    What account size do you consider appropriate to be a full time trader on? Obviously personal factors influence the monthly income you would need, but beyond that what size cushion would you give yourself for the leaner periods in trading?
  17. A

    Anyone knows about this Trade Apps from China?

    Hi, Anyone knows about this Trade Apps from China? Thanks fy help. 28.03.2021
  18. I

    Hedging and Direct Hedge strats. I live Outside America. what is allowed/not allowed on mt4.

    Hi Ive been Learning to trade for a few months now. I have tried various Strategies but I was curious about the Hedging strategies. Ive heard you can take a position on a short and long but are there any rules and can we keep a trade open indefinately. Also are there chances of a penalty if...
  19. S

    Close Multiple trade at onces

    Hi, How to close multiple position based on symbol, profit etc. Like : Close all GBPUSD Position/Trade Close All GBPUSD Sell Position/Trade Close All negative trades/positions Any EA/Script to close trades based on filter?. I have a script with close all open trade but not based on...
  20. Zulbahri_GB

    Intraday Forex Thursday, December 31 (EURUSD, USDJPY, etc.) Sterling & euro extended gains, while dollar weakened as demand for safe-havens flagging.

    Hi everyone. This observation is made around 4:30 UTC today, with 30 minutes time frames. The Resistance and Support Line were constructed according to Fibonacci retrenchment. Any discussion is welcomed. Asian shares entered the final trading day of 2020 by hovering near record highs, as...