1. MisterGrail999

    Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

    Greetings Dear Forum Members! Introducing My Trading Using the Secret Knowledge of the Market Profile Indicator! All the best!
  2. TrinitySaint

    Services Offered I am looking for a sales manager of trade advisors

    I am looking for a sales manager of trade advisors. I offer a good percentage of the sale! Skype: Trinity-Saint Corp.
  3. S

    Trade closed in negative even it touch Take profit

    Hi, Many trade which touch Take profit (TP) closed in negative. My TP is 30 pips. Trade screenshot : Please explain me, TP trade must be in positive but these are closed in negative.
  4. Kelly Yeung

    What is Online Trading & How to Trade Online?

    Online trading is the process of buying and selling currency pairs, stocks, commodities and digital currencies via a trading platform. Trading platforms are provided by financial brokerage companies that make money when traders use their platforms. The goal of online trading is to take advantage...
  5. G

    Hi , im Gez. Can anyone tell me the best way to learn to trade? Especially in commodities and Forex. Cheers.

    Hi everyone I have been looking at trading in Forex for a little while. I'm particularly interested in Gold. Can anyone suggest the best way to learn? Is a mentor from a brokerage a good way to go? They all seem to want me to invest large amounts without knowing what I'm doing.
  6. The Oil & Gas Trader

    Why I only trade oil and gas

    I find oil and gas trading easier and less stressful than Forex, and a lot less frustrating than trying to trade manipulated Gold and Silver markets. From a fundamentals point of view, data is readily available, and narrow in nature. What I mean by this is best explained with a couple of...
  7. WaveRider

    WaveRider Trade Journal

    Journaling keeps you honest with yourself. My old journal was a lot of noise so I'm abandoning it. I trade a lot differently than I did 10 years ago when I joined FPA. I'll be posting my trade set ups and wins and losses. Was busy for a bit but I should be able to post regularly. Don't give up...
  8. M

    Account size to trade full time?

    What account size do you consider appropriate to be a full time trader on? Obviously personal factors influence the monthly income you would need, but beyond that what size cushion would you give yourself for the leaner periods in trading?
  9. A

    Anyone knows about this Trade Apps from China?

    Hi, Anyone knows about this Trade Apps from China? Thanks fy help. 28.03.2021
  10. I

    Hedging and Direct Hedge strats. I live Outside America. what is allowed/not allowed on mt4.

    Hi Ive been Learning to trade for a few months now. I have tried various Strategies but I was curious about the Hedging strategies. Ive heard you can take a position on a short and long but are there any rules and can we keep a trade open indefinately. Also are there chances of a penalty if...
  11. S

    Close Multiple trade at onces

    Hi, How to close multiple position based on symbol, profit etc. Like : Close all GBPUSD Position/Trade Close All GBPUSD Sell Position/Trade Close All negative trades/positions Any EA/Script to close trades based on filter?. I have a script with close all open trade but not based on...
  12. Zulbahri_GB

    Intraday Forex Thursday, December 31 (EURUSD, USDJPY, etc.) Sterling & euro extended gains, while dollar weakened as demand for safe-havens flagging.

    Hi everyone. This observation is made around 4:30 UTC today, with 30 minutes time frames. The Resistance and Support Line were constructed according to Fibonacci retrenchment. Any discussion is welcomed. Asian shares entered the final trading day of 2020 by hovering near record highs, as...
  13. M

    CTP Copy Trade Profit scam

    CTP a signal provider took my 75 pounds for a months worth of signals ( VIP) package . On 29/12/2020 they sent out a message saying that if you don't join their broker you will not receive any more signals even though I paid for a full months worth of signals on the 07/12/ 2020. They have...
  14. S

    Looking for cloud copy trade services

    Hi, I'm shangmuga from India, i am bit experienced in trading. i am looking for cloud copier trade to copy my own trade to different brokers account. I keep my money divided into multiple broker to keep my capital safe, so i can't trade in all account at ones, so i am looking for best copier...
  15. The Punisher

    UK Trade Online (Potential Scam)

    UK Trade Online is using Wechat and WhatsApp accounts to try and lure investors from Malaysia, Indonesia and other SE Asian countries to sign up for trading. When I pressed this individual for why they use Wechat to contact individuals they explained marketing should occur across all digital...
  16. davwattsg

    Fxalphabeta upgrade: don't let me trade, don't let me withdraw

    I paid a service for learning and signals with Nick Shawn, he adviced me to open an account with, so I did that, I opened a standard account with $3.6Kusd, next day Fxalfabeta says that the minimum was $9Kusd to trade. I funded the account to reach $9Kusd, the next day they...
  17. S

    Services Offered How Forex Signal System Can Help You Trade Like A Professional

    The forex markets is amongst the most popular and fast-paced and dynamic financial markets in the world. The daily FX market average turnover is reported to be around $5 trillion. With the right trading tools and knowledge, the forex market could be a money-spinner that guarantees a source of...
  18. P

    After Spike Trade Plans for Week 38, Sep 13 – Sep 19 2020

    How does after spike forex news trading work? Forex News Trading can be extremely profitable if you have an understanding of fundamental analysis and have good trade plans to benefit from price action as they unfold after an economic release. Do not worry, Forex Peace Army analyst will help you...
  19. C

    Hi, newbie here, need help identifying if this pamm trade history is legit or a fraud

    Hi, Can anyone explain the attached imaged? a. open and close times are the same, but price is different. b. trade was closed on the same day yet there are swap charges.
  20. L

    trade copy?

    Hello all, is there anywhere that discuss available trade copy systems strategies and more? I am keen to review more systems to compare them with what I am delivering, to be nosy and see if I am as attarctive as I think I am :) Any help is appreciated