1. B

    Problem Greg Secker Learn to Trade Dishonest

    I hope someone reads this and it saves them from losing a lot of money like I did. The shame and embarrassment of being conned is unbearable, and it is very hard to admit. I am currently completely broke and facing eviction. I signed up with Gurdas in July 2023. I spent since then trading...
  2. Geofft66

    Problem SmartCharts and Learn to Trade

    I can see some others have already shared their view of Greg Secker and his nasty tactics in here but I know the vast majority of those affected and who have lost large sums of money to fund his empire have not stepped forward into this particular arena, so I feel it’s important to add my bit...
  3. K

    Problem SEGRO TRADE The Company is not honoring their refund guarantee the subject is as follow

    "I can't withdraw my money Inbox Search for all messages with label Inbox Hello ,I ASKED Segro trade to explain the urge for me to "upgrade to the s9 Anti Miner" ,you didn't give a reason with a full explanation. S9 anti miner or antminer was found no full internet coveragé was You...
  4. C

    unforgettable trade story!

    What's the craziest thing you've ever done in trading? From wild bets to unconventional strategies, we've all had those moments. Share your most unforgettable trade story!
  5. acmediagroup

    Forex Affiliate Links Take SabioTrade money and trade (Almost a No Deposit Bonus), and keep 80% of the profit for yourself. You trade, SabioTrade take the risks

    Take SabioTrade money and trade (Almost a No Deposit Bonus), and keep 80% of the profit for yourself. You trade, SabioTrade take the risks Trade with SabioTrade Money 100000 USD SabioTrade company offers clients the opportunity to trade and receive large amounts of money from the broker. First...
  6. ExnessOfficial

    Daily Charts

    ⚡️Gold (XAUUSD) Daily chart 19/9/2023 Are you buying or selling? Trading is risky.
  7. ExnessOfficial


    Dear Forum Members! Here you can stay ahead of the Market with Real-Time News and Comprehensive Market Analysis Risk Warning: CFDs are risky, complex derivatives traded off-exchange. They carry a high risk due to leverage and are not suitable for all investors. Exness holds no liability for...
  8. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs 10 Example Forex Trade Entries

    Here are 10 example forex trade entries for various pairs and currencies using our trading system. Includes various chart setups, news trading, etc. Technical indicators do not work!
  9. syamfx2020

    India and UAE agreed to trade in local currencies for cross-border transactions

    India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have agreed to use their respective local currencies for cross-border transactions. On Saturday, India and the UAE signed an agreement enabling the settlement of bilateral trade in rupees and dirhams instead of dollars. The UAE is one of India's top three...
  10. Aleksey_Ivanov

    New Forex Stuff Scientific trade indicator

    Scientific trade An extremely convenient indicator that truly makes the process of making money on the exchange easy. It is based on the scientifically rigorous theory of the market developed by the author, the beginning of which is presented here...
  11. ahmad0A

    Problem My money has been stolen before olymp trade

    حسابي تم ايقافه بدون سبب وانصحك باختراع اكاذيب ولكن ابتعد عنهم فهم كذابون لا يريدون ان يربح احد هم فقط يريدون سرقة اموالك اريد ان اخذ نقودي منهم. هل يوجد اي مساعدة؟ لقد سئمت كثيرا من هذه الأموال وأحتاجها من فضلك كيف أحصل على أموالي منها 4500 دولار
  12. Mark Mc Donnell

    Forex Blogs Forex Reversals, How To Identify and Trade

    In this illustrated article we will discuss 3 types of forex reversals, how news, trends and choppy markets impact trend reversals, how to trade a reversal, and how many lots to trade.
  13. S

    My trade on GBPUSD during FPI news

    my trades last week during the news wasn't really good for me exaptation of gbpusd and cadjpy :) does anyone else had same experience?
  14. I

    losing positions in the Sydney window.

    Recently I entered into a trade with my primary broker. My broker is a subsidiary of a larger capital group. While I have subsequently closed my account, I have a lingering question concerning Forex and brokers that no one has been able to answer and it seems like a legal Achilles Heel to this...
  15. Alkarin

    New Forex Stuff Trade The Forex Master Pattern Method

    The Forex Master Pattern is an alternative form of technical analysis that provides a framework which will help you to find and follow the hidden price pattern that reveals the true intentions of financial markets. This algorithm here does a good job detecting the Phase 1 of the Forex Master...
  16. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Fine Tuning Your Forex Trade Entries ( Youtube Video)

    We have two new videos on our Youtube library. These two videos will show traders how to set up the smaller and larger time frames by individual currency using the Metatrader profiles, and how to navigate the charts. This setup will match The Forex Heatmap® configurations to monitor trade...
  17. bigbax699

    GBPUSD Trade Idea's

    Good morning all, had people ask about adding in GBPUSD to the portfolio of pairs. So today I have taken a buy from this demand zone . Price has been bearish of late, but we have seen some buying pressure come in on this pair at this weekly demand zone where price sits. We got two 50% candles...
  18. S


  19. sebking1986

    So who attempted to trade FOMC last night?

    I imagine quite a few people felt positive on the back of last night but were still slapped by the price reaction. Personally it falls outside my active trading hours so I am always out the market for it and don't look for opportnities until the following London open. How did everyone get on?
  20. MisterGrail999

    Magic Trade from Mr. Grail

    Greetings Dear Forum Members! Introducing My Trading Using the Secret Knowledge of the Market Profile Indicator! All the best!