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I am having an issue with a company


I can see some others have already shared their view of Greg Secker and his nasty tactics in here but I know the vast majority of those affected and who have lost large sums of money to fund his empire have not stepped forward into this particular arena, so I feel it’s important to add my bit.
Likely there are thousands of victims of this company. They want to make anyone losing money feel like it’s their own fault, that they are alone in their failure, and that they have acted in an exemplary fashion when ‘selling’ you their Unlimited Wealth programme.
However the truth is this company is totally a sales oriented one. It and it’s employees have no other focus than achieving their target of getting their grubby hands on your savings.
Their contract is worded such that whatever you pay into your fund is 100% theirs as soon as you access even a second of their electronic content. Their extremely restrictive trading rules and terms are also designed to get you out very easily, with everything you put in, gone. They won’t reply to any pleas. They have no regard for you, your family, your financial situation - even though when you first start a discussion with them their salesmen will appear totally concerned and supportive of your goals to create an income from trading.
They talk about the risk of losing your investment when trading, but your money is far, far more at risk from the people at SmartCharts themselves.
Not exhaustive at all, but they breach 3 of the core Consumer Rights Act (2015) elements, too many of Trading Standards‘ regulations to list, the Unfair Trading Regulations Act (2008) and the Misrepresentation Act (1967) to name but a few.
AVOID. AVOID. AVOID. And moreover, spread and share the word to protect others from becoming victims.