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  1. I

    Problem Can't get a refund £20,000 from Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker

    Hi I am writing about my recent experience (not even 1 week old ) with Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker. I am a total beginner in Forex trading and bought a 3-day (£3,069) course from Learn to Trade/Smartcharts/Greg Secker people. At the end of this course, instead of getting 3...
  2. V

    Problem Class Action- Learn to Trade, Australia

    Hi, For information, I have been in touch with lawyers gathering information for a possible Learn to Trade Class Action in Australia, led by Frank Law law firm. They have asked me to help by identifying additional people in the UK who have been duped by Secker and may have paid money into an...
  3. Alister996

    Problem Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER

    Greg Secker Learn To Trade CONFIRMED FRAUDSTER One word. RUN! Greg Secker Learn to Trade and his cronies such as Gurdas Singh Sidhu are just scammers. Never made a penny trading in their lives. Very poor training/educational experience; basically just want you to subscribe to their expensive...