1. A


    I was trading on XTIUSD I made some profitable trades then I was surprised today all these trades were converted to $0
  2. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Connect Awarded the “Best Institutional Business Broker 2022”

    Recently, the “Global Forex Awards 2022”, a leading industry award ceremony that attracts significant attention from investors globally, announced the list of winning companies. Given the excellent performance of ATFX’s institutional business this year, it was no surprise that ATFX Connect, the...
  3. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Awarded the “Best Global Broker” in 2022

    As the world’s largest financial EXPO, the iFX International EXPO held in Cyprus from June 8th to 9th has gained the trust of thousands of brands worldwide. The exhibition has not only built a bridge for global investors to communicate with brokers but also announced the winners of the 2022...
  4. A

    Forex cfd broker affiliate program

    Hello,we are looking to start working as affiliate partner on investing(forex,cfd) industry and are valuting some brokers to decide witch to start.Has anyone experience on working as affiliate partner with any regulated broker?Have you had problems as not getting paid(shaving from broker...
  5. F

    How to NOT piss off the broker ?

    Let's assume that the trader finds a good and trustworthy broker. How can this trader stay in good terms with the broker? For example, i heard that the brokers get pissed off if you decided to withdraw a large amount of money ( for example 10,000$) from your dashboard on the broker's website and...
  6. F

    Documents requested by a Forex broker ?

    I am currently looking to trade with a broker but the broker is asking for proof of residence documents such as utility bills , bank statements , tax certificates or any other documents which show an address and money transactions. So my question is : is this normal for a broker to ask for ...
  7. M

    Question about broker scam and a blog to alert about them

    Hello, I have a question, I hope you can help me. I was scammed by a SCAM broker, maybe you know him, it's very big in Latin America, called "ortrader", well, in Latin America is well known. A relative recommended the broker to me, he told me wonders about the company and how you earn money...
  8. F

    Fraud action from ENCLAVEFX Broker

    I had a live account with ENClavefx broker with website link I funded my account with 2500$ and started trading I made profit on my account and my balance reached 11500$ after few days when I had open orders on my account , my trading was blocked my client area blocked my...
  9. X

    Forex Broker: legit or scam

    Hello I am thinking of investing with a Broker Called "". They have a website, and the company is based in Australia. Is anyone using this broker? I searched the Internet but found nothing about it. If anyone can share any useful information about this broker I will be...
  10. J

    Be Alert: Outsmart Global Limited( is a scam forex/digital currency broker!!!

    Please be careful with the company name on Meta Trader 5: Outsmart Global Limited ( You Always are rejected the withdrawal of your funds with many absurd reasons. They always start from Romance Dating on Facebook/ Dating apps with Chinese/Twainese beauty girl.
  11. D

    Forex Broker: legit or scam

    Hello I have registered with a Broker Called at "" . Ownered by a company called Topology Financial Services Limited. They have a website, and the company is based in UK. As anyone using this broker ? since I registered with them, I searched the Internet then found out that...
  12. S

    JuneBowes Scam broker

    I was mislead into believing JuneBowes was a registered broker. From Sept to Oct 2021, I deposited $35,000 in crypto and wire transfers. Oct 18th, the so called analyst at the broker stopped responding to my requests to withdraw. November 2021, the MT5 was disconnected and the JuneBowes...
  13. autotrading

    Recommend me broker that accept BTC deposits

    Hello guys, Do you have list with Forex Brokers which accept deposits in BTC? Does the broker you will suggest me support withdraw of the profits in fiat money? Best regards!
  14. D

    Oggi Equity unregulated scam broker

    Lots of shady unregulated investment companies online, and advertising on YouTube, Facebook etc. Oggi Equity is one small unregulated scam company actively promising huge profits. They have several webdomains, typical scam characteristics. They claim to have 35 yrs.experience with domains...
  15. S

    MT4 Broker with lots of U.S. CFD's/Stocks?

    Hello all... would anyone know of an MT4 broker that carries a good amount of USA stocks (CFD's)? Particularly, I'm interested in the ones that have the most options volume, as listed here: Thanks! Shawn
  16. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Forex Broker Selection, List of 19 Criteria

    This article will discuss things like spreads, immediate executions, guaranteed stops, safety of funds, regulation, customer service options, etc. and assist all forex traders with criteria for selecting a good forex broker.
  17. S

    Which is best forex broker with low spread

    Hi, 1. Can anyone suggest me best A book broker with Low spread 2. Can anyone suggest me truly zero spread broker with low commission charge Note : Suggest only regulated broker. please do not suggest non-regulated broker. A Book :- STP, Non dealing desk, Non market maker, ECN
  18. Jmtaylor518

    Suggestions for US Brokers

    I was recently scammed, I lost my $3k investment. I was investing in Bitcoin but my trade account also let me track Forex on my pretty little graph...I honestly didn’t know what I was looking at. The attorney general has gotten involved, I’ll be reporting to a few other agencies and I’m hoping...
  19. S

    Which is best forex broker for USA?

    Hi, I am searching for good forex broker for USA. can anyone help me. 1. Which is the best USA forex broker for currency trading? 2. Which is USA best A Book (STP, ECN, Non market maker, Non dealing desk) forex? 3. USA Forex broker which provide Cents Account? Thanks
  20. F

    UK / FCA regulated brokers

    Hello, I am looking for a safe broker regulated by FCA as I am based in UK ( or any other non-FCA safe options, if any). I am fairly new to the forex world and I have being practicing on demo for some time now. I am aware of my naivety and delusion in this world so any suggestion that may help...