1. P

    Reliable Broker Offering Cent Accounts

    Hello fellow traders can anyone recommend a reliable broker to open a cent account. Thank you as you respond
  2. forexbet

    Discuss Keeping position for long term in a swap free broker

    In my location, I saw OctaFX is only choice for swap free broker. Every brokers except OctaFX charge swap big. If there is true swap free (non religion related), I can long some stock CFDs, EURUSD and short USDJPY and "hodl" for 100 days while don't pay swap for 100 days. Did anyone use the...
  3. L

    Problem fpmarkets (FP Markets) terminated my account and took my money.

    My accounts are # 80010632 and # 80016066 at fp markets. On Feb 19 2024 I suddenly received an email from informing me that my account is paused due to an ivestigation of abusive trading. A day later I received the next email accusing me of abusive trading and therefor...
  4. ExnessOfficial

    Exness takes its brand to the next level as it marks 15 years of unprecedented growth

    We've taken our brand to the next level Find out how we've turned the spotlight on the values that helped us reach the top! Exness, the world’s largest retail market-maker, has unveiled a significant rebranding initiative, reflecting and reinforcing its...
  5. D

    Problem Broker Logged In To My Account untill margin call

    hello first of all please you guys must know this broker their site is i deposit 1999.7$ there on 13 december 2023 i made profit untill my account become aroung 4.000 USD on 21 December 2023 and this thing happened first of all i trade on ultrafx VPS (my IP is 45.9.159.xx) on 21...
  6. A

    Searching Looking for Trustworthy Regulated Forex Broker outside of Australia with High Leverage

    Looking for a forex broker which can offer high leverage 500x or more, but is also regulated within a developed country but not in Australia. e.g. BlackBull Markets. not interested in any dodgy brokers regulated in never-heard of small random countries. in case you're wondering my issue with...
  7. D

    Searching Pivot plugin

    Hi, I took a break from trading for few months after 1 broker skipped with my cash. Where can I find Pivot plugins for MT4.
  8. E

    Info Bróker FBS

    Tuve una muy mala experiencia con este corredor. Obtuve ganancias y me bloquearon la cuenta y me pidieron datos por temas supuestamente de lavado de dinero. Solo hice un depósito de 100 usd, obtuve 340 usd en ganancias, las ganancias lo borraron. Este corredor es un problema
  9. semsem86

    Searching Any real A-Book Broker?

    Anyone know real A-Book brokers? All of them say they are ECN, TRUE ECN, NDD, or DMA But then you discover they only use these terms for promotions, the only thing they do is to source prices from LPs and reduce spread on the account
  10. G


    Hi dear I am facing a bad problem. 3 days ago I requested withdrawal of profit in my partner account. But he deleted my partner's profit. But he said he would try to solve the problem. (deleted 2 day trading lot profit only) But I can't confirm 100% whether he will solve this problem or not. (He...
  11. Y

    Problem Report a broker

    Hello my name is Yair, how can I report a fraud with the broker "", which refuses to let me make withdrawals, reading the threads I see that I am in the same situation as many people, the amount I deposited is 5000 USD, can someone advise me how fight these fraudsters?
  12. C

    Discuss broker of choice

    I once had an experience with a broker (not for now) that was quite bothersome. they claimed they have low spread and fast execution, I faced issues with slippage and requotes. It became frustrating. My overall trading experience was hampered by the broker's. It serves as a reminder of the need...
  13. C

    Discuss What broker after Oanda? [EU client + REST API]

    I'm wondering if any of you traders is on the same boat as me? I was using Oanda broker until it migrated its EU client to Oanda TMS and REST API is no longer available there, which is a non-negotiable to me. My trading profile: I trade fully algorithmic I used Oanda's REST API v20 -...
  14. K

    Searching Broker with ECN, crypto deposit, not MT4 and tax haven

    Please tell me brokers that satisfies the following conditions. - ECN - Crypt currency deposits and withdrawals enabled - Trading tool is other than MT4 - Financial regulations have been obtained in tax havens
  15. I

    Info Has anyone heard about Fine Capital broker? Is Fine Capital broker legit or not.

    Has anyone heard about Fine Capital broker? Is Fine Capital broker legit or not
  16. K

    Problem Tradeview broker Sqared off account during Year end time

    Hi I was holding the MAM account with tradeview for the past couple of years , i was using hedge orders sometime , same way i was holding the hedge positions in December also , but using this scenario the broker have widened the spread to abnormal level and squared of my account . After that I...
  17. YTMikeGames

    Searching Need high leverage, low spread preferably ctrader broker

    Hi, Im looking for a high leverage, low spread forex broker thats preferably on ctrader. It can be mt4 doesnt matter. Im located in the uk but willing to use ones like icmarkets for the high leverage. Also dont reccomend me icmarkets if i was using them i wouldnt be here and its none of your...
  18. C


    I want to know if anyone have information on a broker call forexdil. They have been behaving funny, there is no place to interact with clients, no phone nnumber, no live chat, no email, no presents on social media. Worst I made a withdrawal from my account, they did not credit my Bank account...
  19. zerotolambor

    Problem LMFX, The first broker to limit trades

    I am a long time trader, have traded in many different exchanges. About 2 years ago, I trust and trade at LMFX broker, recently my account can't place orders or close orders when I have profit or when I have loss, my time is limited. about 1 hour. In other traders, it's usually only when there's...