1. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Awarded Best LATAM Region Broker at ADVFN Awards 2021

    ATFX announced that they had been named the Best LATAM Region Broker at the seventh annual ADVFN International Financial Awards. ATFX was awarded by a panel of judges from ADVFN, a leading global stocks and shares information website. The broker was among 56 companies and individuals who...
  2. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Institutional business continues to expand: Adding a new Prime Broker into their portfolio

    ATFX Connect intro Back in 2019, ATFX stepped into the Institutional arena with the launch of their Multi Access platform ATFX Connect. The vision from management was to expand and promote the company’s global presence and continue to provide award-winning liquidity and customer service to...
  3. S

    Thetradersdomain stole my money and disable my account!!!

    This situation happened a few days ago, when i decided to withdraw my money they rejected few times then they simply didn't pay me, disabled my account so i could not get access anymore to my mt5 account and back office. That's criminal! I start to look on the internet for ways to complain...
  4. F

    UK / FCA regulated brokers

    Hello, I am looking for a safe broker regulated by FCA as I am based in UK ( or any other non-FCA safe options, if any). I am fairly new to the forex world and I have being practicing on demo for some time now. I am aware of my naivety and delusion in this world so any suggestion that may help...
  5. syamfx2020

    Gulf Brokers Winning Best FX Broker Asia at Forex Expo in Dubai 2020

    Gulf Brokers has thus fruitified its exceptional results in terms of a number of accounts opened (5,000+), the volume of trades (USD 24+ bn)*, and 700 % growth in a number of clients this year in YoY comparison. The Forex Expo is an event for forex professionals to learn and explore in FX...
  6. notzen

    A good broker that use ctrader platform

    Hello, I have currently a demo account witch IC markets and in general I use ctrader for my trades. I asking the community if you are aware of a good broker that use ctrader platform. For good broker I mean: no price /spread manipulation and similar, no issues when you request money from your...
  7. E

    Tate Prime-Live on MT4, fake Forex broker, a big scam

    I have been scammed recently, by the fake broker Tate Prime, they are well-organized, well-trained and professional crime group, they can provide you trade information help you make easy money, BUT, UNAVALIABLE TO WITHDRAW. Upon you withdraw, they asked you to pay security bond, to pay tax to...
  8. MetaBeep

    New Forex Stuff Remote Monitoring Tool

    MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker's uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full...
  9. D

    What if I give my broker a fake Address?

    Hello everyone The suitable broker I trust does not work in my country I am asking what is the consequences of giving the broker a fake address and a fake utility bill as a proof. It is a lie not intended to harm any one I will be giving my real identity ,of course, to be able to withdraw. what...
  10. Hong Son

    Aximtrade, a scam broker, deleted profit of clients

    My name is Nguyen Hong Son, I have a mt4 (2131811414) at I deposit 1550$ into my account, then Aximtrade invited me to get 697$ bonus. Then I made a profit of 1011$, but they informed me logged into account from the same device with other accounts. They didn't accept the trades...
  11. M

    ECN Brokers which accept USA clients

    Hello all, I am seeking your help to find an ECN forex broker which is regulated and accepts USA clients. Can you anybody please help me find one?
  12. JayJones

    Best Broker?

    What is the best broker?
  13. ele020

    Has any one heard of any new European broker?

    I am looking for some new brokers in the market specially in the European region. My focus is only and only on regulated brokers.
  14. Fondex

    Fondex Recognized as “Best cTrader Broker Cyprus 2020” by IBM

    We are pleased to announce that Fondex has been recognized as the “Best cTrader Broker Cyprus 2020” by the reputable International Business Magazine Awards body. Developed with the purpose of acknowledging achievement and contribution to the global Business and Finance industry, International...
  15. Iraira

    Broker who offers IPO?

    Hey all, I'm new to all the forex stuff, but I'm interested in IPO shares. I chose one broker, because of its simplicity at the beginning, but unfortunately they don't have this option. I am looking for a European broker that offers IPO shares, preferably American, but also easy for a new...
  16. A

    Most Essential Social Media Tricks For Every Forex Broker

    If you thrive to be the best in the market the best thing to follow is the social media marketing technique. Every business in today’s era follows social media marketing to boost up their business. Social media marketing is the most convenient way to make your business reach more customers and...
  17. L

    Large Shadown only in my broker

    Hello folks, sorry for my newbie question, but I have some Fx accounts and only in one of that appear a big shadow (19 pips) in a 15 minute candle, that's normal?
  18. A

    Broker details

    I want to know is and is same broker or two different brokers. Because there is no detail of
  19. A

    Things TO Keep In Mind While Choosing A Good Liquidity Provider

    Liquidity is the common term used in the Financial market. We all know that in the Forex industry Liquidity is the prime thing to be concerned about as more deep liquidity is more efficient your transactions will be and you will be one among the top brokers. Lets here discuss some of the...
  20. A

    Things to remember when obtaining a Forex Broker License

    Many Forex brokers tend to opt for a service provider that assists in the process of Forex solutions. I.e. They assist in business creation, license acquisition, forex CRM etc.The criteria for obtaining a Forex Broker License are: payment, application fees, office setup, staffing, providing...