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  • I am sending trading history in excel (4 templates), 21.04.2020 at 5.49 pm two lots were closed and the margin was 150, after two minutes they closed all
    I am interested in how I can prove that my margin was above 150% at the time of closing the account
    please help me


    • Trading History Tamara Plestina 23759441-converted.xlsx
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    You need to share this in your thread.
    Hi, I contacted them before about my funding situation with BMFN, but they just didn't respond to my emails. I don't know what to do now, can you help me, thank you again.
    I was scammed by Tropical Trade (TT) linked to Grey Mountain Management (GMM).. several payments I made to TT was shown as GMM on my credit card statements.

    GMM has filed for liquidation but the liquidator says I’m not a creditor cos they were only acting as a payment processing company for TT, hence no direct legal dealings with them.

    Is there any way to prove TT was an arm of GMM. I’m to revert by 10 Dec.
    Open a new thread in scam folder with the full details of your problem with the broker.
    Dear Sir, I,m awaiting your advice for next step against prestige.fm I invited them even yesterday but no responds should I file a case ? or what is your advice ? Thnaks,
    Fx Master I invited them and I requested several times trough on line welcome to the prestige. fm client massage but they are ignoring , please what is your next advice ?
    Thanks for all the help master , updating on the stocksm case those guys are ignoring us and giving us the silent treatment, my friend went and posted an invite to them but they just blocked him on social media. Scumbags!
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