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    Problem Alpari huge swap amount!!!

    Hi Guys See alpari broker swap in the attached pic. Lot size is: 0.3 and its Wednesday to Thursday (triple swap), swap amount is more than 42 $ And compare to another broker, here lot size is 1 and Thursday to Friday and the swap amount is 17 & So if in this other broker I had a 0.3 size...
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    ABANDONED - Not closing position at tp price in

    Hey guys I had a xauusd short position today as you see in the pic below. (Real ECN Account) While gold price had reached the tp and even 11 pips further, unfortunately Alpari broker had not closed my position with profit and finally after 2 minutes, my stop loss.... After 2 minutes...
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    Compare Comparison - vs

    Between and is the legitimate broker.
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    Alpari Limited is Scaming Clients by hidden Spread

    This case is about using a plugin on Alpari limited accounts that will cause "Hidden Spread" on clients that are doing scalping to prevent them from making profits I attached two videos in this post in these two videos I opened buy order several times and we all know buy orders will open at...
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    Alpari Cut Off My Profit After Few Hours

    Good day, I am Ogunwale Alex by name. On Wednesday 6,September I made a profit of $372.34 but later removed from my account after 4 hours 45min. A message was sent without considering my past huge losses" Dear Client! Please note that the Liquidity Provider didn't accept the orders at the...
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    Alpari nz: An unprofessional/cunny response from a rep

    Our company representative will be with you in a moment. Meanwhile you can submit your question. 14:56 Tigran has joined the chat. Tigran | 14:56 Good afternoon! How can I help you? Abdulwakeel | 14:56 any reason why my accounts were disconnected prior to NFP news....none of...
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    Problem Alpari UK - another possible scam

    More than a year ago I've reported here, with a full account with video clips, on how Alpari UK used the MT4 Virtual Dealer Plugin(VDP) to cheat me of my otherwise winning trades in several consecutive days - it was like hell broke loose out of nowhere, when their system flagged to their VDP...
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    Alpari UK

    Hi my name is Eddy, I’ve been trading with Alpari uk for about a year and a half now, they are a very good broker and I haven’t had any problems with them till now. Recently I lost two trades, the problem I have is this: I use a lot of methods to trade the market, one of them being before...
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    Alpari reject my deposit but no refund my money

    8 sept 2016 make deposit alpari with skrill., But my deposit was reject with reason "Transfers from/to the third parties are not accepted by the Company. " And alpari say was refund my money, but until now i'm not received my money. i was contact alpari support by phone and email but alpari say...