fake fees

  1. M

    Problem Payout problem from Gold Machine trading company

    It has come to my concern that a telegram group called Gold machine is trying to scam my father for $500. He initially invested $500 in a trader who claimed he could get a payout of $5000 after a days trade but now they sent an email to him asking for more money for insurance and Miscellaneous...
  2. naturing123

    Problem Clientzone.bitrade-market.com says I need to pay "security deposit" of $19000 to Atomic wallet in order to be able to withdraw my funds.

    I joined Clientzone.bitrade-market.com or is it actually called bitrade-market.com as both names were used around 3 months ago where I had done my research in ensuring this company was legit and couldn't find anything discriminating and so I joined. Finally I received a call from an "Account...
  3. Hebamm

    Problem Deactivating coinstackprofit.com account asking for insurance higher than the trading minimum limit

    I have been referred to open an account at coinstackprofit (coinstackprofit.com/home/with.php) After I deposited the money before I start trading they deactivated the account asking for insurance higher than the value that I have invested. They are not claiming my refund for the deposit unless I...
  4. TinyBaozi

    Problem I can't withdraw from penzo limited

    Hi, I was trying to withdraw from the broker named Penzo Limited, they declined and said I need to pay the capital gain tax before I can withdraw anything. Then they send me the crypto wallet address for IRS, claimed that make the payment and send the transfer vouncher to them, after they...
  5. J

    Problem It happened again!!! I can't withdraw from updatedfxtrade.com

    I am sad to report that once again I was taken by a scammer. I invested money on Updatedfxtrade.com through a “coach” named Supreme and when it came time to withdraw my profits, I was told that I needed a leverage code. Since I did not have a code, I needed to pay $2000 to get a new one...
  6. L

    Problem Radianlcd wants fees for me to withdraw my money

    Hi everyone . I got approached by this guy name Mr. Marty from Thailand on instagram under nick name : z_y_y_forever . So he approached me about he Radianlcd.com exchanges where he normally trades. And I opened the account with them with all the id verification done. First I only traded with 100...
  7. Tomas8

    Problem afxcapitalgroup.com - wanted taxes before a withdrawal and still no withdrawal

    Scam stay away from this **** whey take your money and disappear I put 1k broker woman made 9k from it and from the start she wanted more 3k I sad I don't have so she sad you can withdraw 5k but you need pay 500 for tax she waited all months I transfered money to this platform through binance...
  8. T

    Problem Coidell-btc - They said I needed to pay tax. I paid and I still can't withdraw.

    Hi everyone The scammer is cheated me a few hundred thousand .he said he wants to help me make me and then They said need to pay tax before I can withdraw it.but when I pay tax I can’t withdraw my money.I’m feel so bad .and I don’t want he cheated anyone else,this is his Facebook,
  9. K

    Problem Unlicensed Cang Limited and/or Elderton Capital Limited - want fees before withdrawals

    Hello everybody, if someone can help me on the subject, it will be helfull... I know that I could be naive, or stupid, but I have been scammed in august - september this year. The scam is based on Forex trading, using Metatrader 5 as support. However, having the app installed on a mobile or on a...
  10. D

    Scammed by a fake bitcoin trading platform (https://bitcointransaction.net)

    I was contacted by a person called Anny and after some time she proposed to start trading on a platform bitcointransaction.net. The proposed "2-way-trading" was supposed to bet on the rise or decline of the price of a cryptocurrency e.g. BTC. The trading was happening by using USDT, which were...
  11. L

    Problem Hota Exchange www.hotaex.net/wap#

    Hi All, I think probably most of people might know that this platform uses dating websites or private messages to get the person contacted to invest on their platform, that was also my case. I have invested $45000 USD transfering the crypto currency through binance.com to the scam platform. I...
  12. joemart

    Potential scammer Target-FinancialFX?

    I met this person through a dating called Hinge. I started commenting to her of how interested I am in investing and crypto. We later switched to texting and started using google chat as our main source of texting place. She helped me set up my broker (Target-FinancialFX) and the trading...
  13. K

    Problem Not able to withdraw - wealthsailing forex limited

    hi, I have been scammed by wealthsailing forex limited (wealthsailingforex.com) with not able to withdrawal my funds with paying 15% tax prior. please advise
  14. Sofitrader

    SCAMMERS. OttoFxTrading asked more money to be deposited in order to proceed with my withdrawal

    Otto Forex is a SCAM broker, dont ever deposit there. I have place a deposit via BTC and when i requested the withdrawal at first they approved, sent an email with the confirmation of withdrawal, took the money from my account and then i notice that was taking to long for a BTC transaction and...
  15. C

    Problem Antrush.com Wire Fraud Scam - Shuqin

    I recently was approach by a person calling them selves Shuqin who encouraged me to trade BTC USD on an exchanged called Antrush.com .. When I tried to remove my funds from the exchange, I was told that I was involved in a crime ring and my funds were "frozen" aka stolen. I don't see any way of...
  16. tomparn168

    ZANK (Zank International Ltd) wants multiple fees to withdraw my money

    I would like to share my scam broker to public. I invest money with Zank (Zank International Ltd) as a broker for MT4 trading. Now my account is making profits and I want to withdraw funds then this broker keep asking me to pay extra money to them for tax in advance in order to make my...
  17. BROKE

    SpectroCoin and Base-Connect

    Can you please help me to refund my money from the following trading companies please:
  18. S

    HBVest Scam

    HBVest is a scam broker. Investors beware. They require investors to pay a fee in order to make a withdrawl.
  19. Exoticbear

    Problem Meta7trader.online

    This site is refusing to allow me to withdraw my trading profits or account capital unless I pay a 10% tax clearing fee ? I had an account manager Angel Jackson who has now deleted her FB page and does not reply on WhatsApp. Meta7 does not reply to emails or support tickets.
  20. B

    Scam by cryptofxtrades.ltd

    They asked to deposit as low as $ 200 -1000 after some trades profit shot up. when I asked for withdrawal they said ok, later asked me to deposit $1300 withdrawal fees. Later I asked what for this huge amount they said the withdrawal fee was $ 800 and $500 for clearance fees. Trusting their...