1. GiangVanChieu

    Resolved: Can't Withdraw Money From Honorfx (Honorfx.com)

    This is Giang from VietNam and below is my true experience about Honorfx.com. Here is my story: I have been trading with honorfx for 2 months from first of August. At first everything was fine, my deposit and withdraw was proceed normally. But thing was happened. On 25-August/2022, I try to...
  2. N

    Sàn HonorFX Broker SCAM

    Sàn honorFX chuyên lừa đảo bằng cách không cho người chơi rút tiền và khóa tài khoản của người chơi Tài khoản MT5 của tôi là 920046, tôi đã tham gia từ ngày 2/6/2022. Khi có lời bên trong để rút ra một vài lần để làm vui lòng tin cho các nhà đầu tư. Tuy nhiên, sau đó tôi rút tiền 5000 USD và...
  3. L

    Resolved: Can't withdraw Money from HonorFx (www.honorfx.com)

    Hi Everyone, Who have been trade and who are going to trade with HonorFX, Please read this before making a decision. And here is my story ! : My Name is Pham Thi Lan. MT5 ID: 921093 I have been traded with honorfx (Honorfx.com) for 3 months. At first everything was be fine. I Deposit and...
  4. Traitimthuytinh0309

    Resolved: Honor FX - www.honorfx.com is a Scam Broker - Deposit Succeed but money not to come to account

    Hi Everyone. This is Trang from VietNam. Today I'm writing this thread to let everyone who has already traded or who is going to trade with Honor FX know the other Evil black side of Honorfx- www.honorfx.com. The story is very simple. On 31/Jan/2021 I deposited about 2817 USD to my account ID...
  5. C

    Resolved: Honor FX - www.honorfx.com is a Scam - cannot withdraw money

    Hi i just wanted to warn some traders with smaller and bigger funds to avoid a broker named Honor FX - honorfx.com The story is simple. From time to time I test brokers with free bonuses and this is how I found many good brokers during the last 5 years but now many good companies cannot offer...
  6. G

    Withdrawal Pending Account 900206 Honorfx.com

    I requested a withdrawal on 10th of Jan 2020. This company Termination my account , when i talked on Support Skype , the person name is Kuldeep he said my account under investigation and support response me soon. after few hrs when i try to asked about my withdrawal they blocked me and my...