1. S

    Problem My profit is taken away by InstaForex

    my profit is taken away by instaforex
  2. M

    InstaForex - Keeps blocking my withdrawal

    In the InstaForex organised "Bangla Forex Forum" I'm Abdullah Al Mamun made a real trade with bonus funds every month in exchange for a regular post, and in my three real trading accounts, I had a good profit. 1558731, with the bonus fund, I had profiled $ 5,600 net profit, but when I asked to...
  3. A

    Problem InstaForex new $8000 Scam

    Hello, I want to tell you about my account (39302) in InstaForex. they have deleted all the history of my account containing $8000 profit. I have opened this account on Monday, November 10 2008, and deposited $100. at the same day, the first order was opened and aftar that I have opened and...
  4. M

    Problem INSTA Forex doesn't process the requested withdrawal

    Since the end of May I try to get my deposited money from INSTA. Many emails have been sent and the only thing I can see is the incompetence of the support. Ekaterina Surkova was the only person who at least tried to solve the problem. But now I don't even get an answer anymore. It's been...
  5. Candlelight Vigil

    Problem Instaforex - another scam "CANCEL ERROR ORDERS"

    Hello FPA, It's a pleasure to meet you!!! This is my first post in and it is about an update on Instaforex' trustworthiness as a broker choice. During the month of August I have made a deposit of 50$ with Instaforex in order to test their trustworthiness. At the end of the month I've had...
  6. N

    Problem Instaforex are scammers!

    Today i entered a trade and after a while, I was profiting so I wanted to exit my trade. To my surprise, I was disconnected from my trading platform. I couldn't exit my trade. My account no is 50231132.
  7. L

    Problem Instaforex converted all my balance to their bonus fund

    I received an email from Instaforex Antifraud department, saying that my equity was crossed below the bonus fund that I received, since that moment all funds are considered as bonus funds. In other word, all my balance, all my profit has became their funds now. Instaforex want me to deposit...
  8. T

    Problem InstaForex Steals, Scam, Fraud

    On thursday they released a press statement at the link below Cooperation with Liberty Reserve terminated Here is the message on the link: ====================================== Dear customers, We have to inform you that cooperation with Liberty Reserve has been terminated as the...
  9. T

    Problem Instaforex Have Stolen My Bonus And Disabled My Account

    Dear Fellows, I Made Account In Which Is Platform Of Instaforex And Then I made Account Of Insta Forex Through After Posting I Got Bonus in Second Month Which Was 180 dollars. I Started trading And in First 24 Hours I earned 62 dollars. And I...
  10. B

    Problem INSTA FOREX a BIG SCAM !!!

    Please Reply all who experienced this ! Opened account on September 12, 2014 and start trading with my EA. at end of 3 day Insta Forex Cancelled all my trades and profit of $9986.64 ! I have all proves, Journal from MT4, Statements . Contacted support, but got transferred to antifraud...
  11. W

    Problem Instaforex Problems?

    Does anyone have any experience with Instaforex? We have had multiple accounts with them for several years and were able to liquidate most of those accounts back in 2012 after moderately successful trading on a managed account with TradeGainer. We have some small amount of funds remaining...
  12. S

    Problem Instaforex scam with me i'm in massive pain and tension

    What happened with me I start trading few weeks ago and give it full attention and due to my this trading activity i leave my other important works i continue my trading several weeks and take too much pressure and finally my hard work bring reward and i had earned 49$ with total 12 or may be...
  13. amr4han

    Problem InstaForex Scam

    Gents, please be informed that InstaForex company has cancelled all my Profits obtained from legal transactions with Bitcoin as shown in the attached pdf file. this make a big question mark on this company and i will ask for an investigation through an international litigation and...
  14. A

    Problem Instaforex withdrawal problem

    Sir! I am using instaforex since 3 months and now they also desable my 2nd account butt i am not making any mistake. plz help me my account no is 8141290.
  15. B

    Problem INSTAFOREX - more than 70k USD stolen

    I am desperate in looking for any kind of help or assistance. Living in the EU and cannot find a single regulating body that can protect my interests as an individual. InstaForex stole my money - more than 70,000 USD (seventy thousands) deducted from my account. All gone. I can post all the...
  16. N

    Problem instaforex scam exposed

    instaforex have been hard for me to belief the sudden scam they engage with my account lately for the past two weeks now and yet to receive a reply from them. i have in my forex accounts $562 (1098880) and $53 (1006991) with instaforex, all of a sudden the platform sign me out stating my...
  17. A

    Problem instaforex + long wait withdrawal

    Hello I was a patient of LR.I use neteller withdrawal date 2013/12/9.Today I have not been withdrawn. I tried to contact the financial. The answer is(Finance Consultant (26.12.2013 19:55) :If you want to get it to your wallet, we are kindly ask you to wait.) I waited so long to withdraw.I had...
  18. A

    Problem InstaForex + Their IB = Bull**** (Scam)

    Halo.. I'm from Indonesia, I'm sorry if my text not good.. :p Insta forex hacked my account in Friday 13---> Uuu.. Scaryy.... Friday, 13 Dec 2013... My account got hacked + My email too.. My balance become 0, in account history I made an investment to PAMM account and then my...
  19. F

    Problem Instaforex scandalized - rumors or truth?

    Dear employees, partners and customers of InstaForex! I am really sorry to inform you that since 9 May 2013 I have been trying to make all possible diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation. However, all of them, due to persistence of the President of the group of companies InstaForex...
  20. C

    Problem instaforex already scam fraud?

    until now my withdraw winning in instaforex not pay, when i request they reject. Since 28 september 2011 they not pay me with many reason. So i think instaforex is fraudulent play money client. Please help me FPA for clearing this issue, or instaforex ready to scam not pay customer?