1. K

    OCTA FX & Metatrader System Error

    On the 15th July 2024, AVGO.NAS did a 10-1 stock split. In all honestly, I feel stock split are so common and that OCTA and Metatrader should already have a system in place to navigate through this. Unfortunately, imagine my horror when I open my account and saw 10 of my trades closed up for...
  2. P

    MetaTrader programming language?

    What is the language that scripted MetaTrader? Are MQL4 and 5 the languages that created MetaTrader4 & 5 apps or are they just scripting EAs?
  3. shanmugapradeep

    What is Volumes in Metatrader

    Hello, I know, the Volume generally mean Lot size in MT4 when we are opening new orders. But what is Volume in chart? What kind of information or data it shows?. And how it is useful?
  4. shanmugapradeep

    Discuss EA Makes MetaTrader slow after sometime

    Hello, I engage in algo trading with the assistance of an EA using Metatrader 4. However, I've encountered an issue where my MT4 becomes extremely slow after a few weeks due to the accumulation of temporary files from Metrader 4 and the EA. The EA consistently places a large number of objects...
  5. Siuko

    New Forex Stuff Free Zyra Bronze EA for MetaTrader 5 - Limited Time Offer!

    Dear Traders, I am delighted to announce a special offer! To celebrate the launch of my company, Zyra Trading, I am providing free access to Zyra Bronze EA on MetaTrader 5 until November 1st, 2023. Zyra Bronze EA is a powerful Expert Advisor specifically designed for MetaTrader 5, offering...
  6. Vadym1

    New Forex Stuff Новый советника M5 scalping для Metatrader 4

    I saw a new robot. I am testing on the strategy tester. Today the market is closed, I put the ether on the chart, it opens trades brilliantly. Tomorrow I'll look at the pound / dollar. Who has already tested write your review.
  7. zebrafx

    Lessons from legendary traders: “the master of macro trading” paul tudor jones

    “I believe that great success is possible in any field – from music to mathematics to macro trading.” – Paul Tudor Jones Paul Tudor Jones is a founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, a leading asset management firm headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Tudor Group is involved in...
  8. R

    What do you dislike most about MT4?

    MT4 is the most popular trading platform among retail traders and every forex broker offers it as demand is high. I think it is not a bad platform (depending on how you modified it), but there are things that should be improved, at least in my opinion. One of my biggest problems is navigation...
  9. EcnJesus

    Problem MetaQuotes

    Who am I: I have been working for various brokers in the past in various positions, gaining lots and lots of inside knowledge of the inner kitchen. I've seen people who put millions and ones who put their last 25 dollars in their accounts, only to loose everything in an unfair fight. It has...