obo hfx

  1. F

    Problem Obohfx.com or OBO Holding ltd, took my profits

    Obohfx.com or OBO Holding ltd, dont trade with them, they looted me at the end, i deposit 100 usd and on win win trade it goes to 900 usd but suddenly they removed my trade closing rights and i loose 600 usd hit to my SL, no refund no claim was provided with zero customer services, after tht i...
  2. maoik sb

    ABANDONED obohfx.com , OBO Holding Ltd. broker

    Don't trade with obohfx.com, OBO Holding Ltd. broker, once you are in profit they remove the trade closing rights till you go in to losses and trade close with 0 account amount. no customer service of this brooker, no one answer to support you, today i loose my 600 usd of 02 trade till it hit...