1. tanrui1994

    Resolved: I feel like a scam is happening soon(AxiTrader)

    Hi Everyone, I am relatively new toward Forex. Recently, I registered a broker, AxiTrader and i did my research before choosing them. They have hired actual hometown people working in that company. I am from Singapore btw. I did research on their companies in LinkedIn and realize they are...
  2. dchronos

    Resolved: Blueberry Markets withdrawal problem

    After a week of trying to make my withdrawal, I still don't have a clear position from Blueberry... On February 12th, I made a withdrawal request for 219 USD in the crypto trc20 transfer format (note that on the website it is specified that it takes 24 hours ). After 24 hours I opened a ticket...
  3. M

    Problem Problem withdrawing money from my trading platform

    I have been trading with and have been trying to withdraw my funds, but have been told it has been flagged by Blockchain, and I need to transfer money into my account as a Security Deposit.
  4. Hrvoje

    Problem Ich habe ein Problem mit Firma

    ich habe ein Problem mit der Firma Mein Rechnung hat sich schon 3. mal geschlossen, ich habe viel Geld verloren, von Fortrade haben extra Zinsen eingefügt bei offenen Positionen, dann die verlangen von mir das Geld, das man wieder die geschlossenen Positionen reaktivieren kann. Es...
  5. I

    Problem Can't get a refund £20,000 from Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker

    Hi I am writing about my recent experience (not even 1 week old ) with Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker. I am a total beginner in Forex trading and bought a 3-day (£3,069) course from Learn to Trade/Smartcharts/Greg Secker people. At the end of this course, instead of getting 3...