1. N

    Problem Can't get £5064 refund from Smart Charts

    Greg Secker is a big scammer, false promises of £10 trading fund (they provided me a demo account) with many terms and conditions that they didn't mention on the live webinar. Reporting them to the regulator and will take legal action.
  2. Geofft66

    Problem SmartCharts and Learn to Trade

    I can see some others have already shared their view of Greg Secker and his nasty tactics in here but I know the vast majority of those affected and who have lost large sums of money to fund his empire have not stepped forward into this particular arena, so I feel it’s important to add my bit...
  3. I

    Problem Can't get a refund £20,000 from Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker

    Hi I am writing about my recent experience (not even 1 week old ) with Smartcharts, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker. I am a total beginner in Forex trading and bought a 3-day (£3,069) course from Learn to Trade/Smartcharts/Greg Secker people. At the end of this course, instead of getting 3...