1. L

    Problem Uobe FX - I paid fees and still can't get my withdrawal

    Hello. I have an issue with uobefx.com. I met a guy on Tinder end of June who stated that he is working in currency market strategies. He recommended after some time that he could teach me how to correctly trade with gold and forex on the UOBE FX platform. (uobefx.com/index.html). I have also...
  2. rileypot26

    Problem I can't withdraw my money from UOBE FX

    I met a guy on Tinder who introduced me to cryptocurrency. I have always been interested on crypto and so I was engaged when he told me he could teach me how to trade. He taught me how to setup the account in crypto.com and asked me to install Ubsarov FX6 from the Apple store and search UOBE FX...